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DelVal has been a different experience than most other colleges. I am upset that they are trying to no longer be an agricultural school even though that is why most of the students are here. The campus is beautiful but not kept up well, there are vines choking out many of the trees that the landscaping crew should have been taking care of.
I just started Delaware Valley University, and as soon as I started classes I realized how much the teacher were happy to be able to teach students. Everyone is so helpful with anything that you could possibly need. The students are very friendly and you can join in so many clubs and sports.
I feel very at home here because it is a small university. I did have to move off campus due to there is not enough adequate housing avalable here. Classes are of a smaller size which is good for me due to my add. Professors seem friendly enough for college.
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Delval is a great school with great faculty! It has this great "family" atmosphere and all the teachers are very accessible and laid back. All the faculty are very easy to connect with and it's easy to build lasting relationships with them and get the connections we need to succeed in our individual careers.
So far so good. Some bumps in the road. Parking is awful. But the class sizes are perfect. The kids and professors I have met are great.
It is a very hands on school with a lot of opportunities for students. The professors are friendly and approachable. DelVal has the same problems every other college has (poor wifi, low quality food) but the education and academics are great. I love it here.
I wish the food was better. The university is fantastic but there are minor little things that remind me of a newer institution that hasnt figured out all of the bumps yet. Overall though i would never choose another school over Delval
Overall it is an amazing school. Great professors willing to help you, unique hands on experience, and a gorgeous campus.
DelVal is a great school for anyone interested in agriculture, animals, or the environment. The professors are all extremely experienced and knowledgeable. The campus is beautiful, with our own farm with horses, pigs, sheep, and beef and dairy cattle. There are also two smal animal labs for pre-veterinary practice and learning. DelVal provides the most hands-on experience out of all the other colleges and universities. I visited before choosing my school. I love it there even though the dorms are below average and the food isn't too great. Everything outweighs the few negatives.
Lovely, small campus. Dorms for the most part are good, but some do show their age. Overall it is very easy to feel at home there, and everyone is kind.
It's nice going to a school where most students are getting similar degrees (Ag or Animals). Courses are geared in those directions and it's easy to find other students with similar interests.
I love the small campus community making it easy to reach out to others. I dislike the amount of facility to teach classes.
I like how small the campus is. It allows me to get familiar with different areas of the school very quickly. I would like to have a more diverse student body.
I will only be a freshman this fall but I already know that the next four years of my life attending this school will be the best years of my life! The staff is extremely friendly, and very helpful. The campus is gorgeous, and the buildings are clean. This is definitely my dream campus! The professors are there for the benefit of the students, and are definitely dedicated to their job. I have had nothing but positive interactions with the entire campus, and I cant wait to call myself an Aggie!
So far, in my two semesters here at Delaware Valley University, I've been welcomed into a dedicated community of welcoming souls. I've grown in mind, heart, and soul. I've found not only a university, but a home away from home. I'm better off now than I've ever been before.
Delval gives a lot of hands on experience that will be handy in your future career. You have many opportunities to create a larger network and they work with you to obtain internships, or career experience that will make a positive difference when applying for a job after graduation
The small class sizes are great and allow you to create a true connection between the other students as well as the professors. They offer a lot of hands on experience and there are always more opportunities for you to get more involved especially with work relating to your major. Only downsides is parking can sometimes be tricky and the food isn't always the best. But there's plenty of places in Doylestown or that are near by on 611 that provide plenty of other options.
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I like how Delval is a smaller school and allows one on one with professors. However, being a business major at an Agriculture school has been hard as it is more difficult to find people with similar majors.
I love the friendly faculty on campus. They do an excellent job making you feel like you are at home. The class sizes are nice if you prefer a High School style learning environment. The athletic events are a huge hit if you are a sports fan. So much to do around campus! The only down fall about this school is the food. It has its good and bad days. Overall, a great school!
My experience at DVU has been exceptional especially with the amount of hands on activities I can participate in.
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