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I will only be a freshman this fall but I already know that the next four years of my life attending this school will be the best years of my life! The staff is extremely friendly, and very helpful. The campus is gorgeous, and the buildings are clean. This is definitely my dream campus! The professors are there for the benefit of the students, and are definitely dedicated to their job. I have had nothing but positive interactions with the entire campus, and I cant wait to call myself an Aggie!
So far, in my two semesters here at Delaware Valley University, I've been welcomed into a dedicated community of welcoming souls. I've grown in mind, heart, and soul. I've found not only a university, but a home away from home. I'm better off now than I've ever been before.
Delval gives a lot of hands on experience that will be handy in your future career. You have many opportunities to create a larger network and they work with you to obtain internships, or career experience that will make a positive difference when applying for a job after graduation
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The small class sizes are great and allow you to create a true connection between the other students as well as the professors. They offer a lot of hands on experience and there are always more opportunities for you to get more involved especially with work relating to your major. Only downsides is parking can sometimes be tricky and the food isn't always the best. But there's plenty of places in Doylestown or that are near by on 611 that provide plenty of other options.
I like how Delval is a smaller school and allows one on one with professors. However, being a business major at an Agriculture school has been hard as it is more difficult to find people with similar majors.
I love the friendly faculty on campus. They do an excellent job making you feel like you are at home. The class sizes are nice if you prefer a High School style learning environment. The athletic events are a huge hit if you are a sports fan. So much to do around campus! The only down fall about this school is the food. It has its good and bad days. Overall, a great school!
My experience at DVU has been exceptional especially with the amount of hands on activities I can participate in.
I don't think it's a problem at this school.
I love and dislike my school equally. My professors are the absolute best. They are very knowledgeable in their field and are very excited to teach. They are just this endless well of resources and have so much experience to share. They get me excited to learn and make me look forward to their classes, no matter how tough the material is. They are not my problem at all. My problem is with the school itself. When I came on the tour, my selling point was that it was a small school with a small student to teacher ratio. That was a lie. They said it would be like 18 to 1 and it's definitely not. I can see my teachers get upset on the first day with how many students they have crammed in a room. It's more like 40+ to 1. My one class now has 68 students crammed into a class meant to hold 30. That also limits the one on one personal interaction. It's quite upsetting and stressful. The parking situation is a joke. If you don't get to school by 7:30am, you will not find ANY parking. You might be lucky to get one like 15 minutes away. They also take in more students than they have living quarters for. Last semester, they had to place students in a hotel. Instead of working on the problem, they keep allowing more and more students in every year. If I was not halfway into my degree and if this were not one of the only animal science schools around, I would transfer out. I am very unhappy with how this school handles things and how they treat their employees, our professors. It's just always about money.
The value of our degree is strong. Many of us are going into a competitive field so it can be difficult to find a job, but our on campus career center is very helpful and will always do what they can to help.
Such a large portion of professors here are so wonderful it's shocking! It's because of them, I love DelVal so much and love my classes.
I have always felt safe while walking around on campus no matter what time of day it is. Except for one time in my nine months of attending DelVal I felt a little unsafe but in the end nothing bad happened to me. In general nothing bad happens on campus, but like any college, something always does happen.
All the dorms/bedrooms are nice. Depending on what hall you reside in the, the bathrooms can be a bit of a disappointment, but not completely unmanageable.
We are a small school with a small Greek Life on campus. Most of the Greek drama is just between the Greeks, not the Non-Greeks.
We are a Division III college, and while sports games are attended the do not carry the same weight and competitiveness as higher division schools.
Based on the quality of the education and the excellence of the professors here at DelVal, it is the best school for me! I am very happy to be here and many of the professors have really helped me find who I am and what I want from college and life. The hardest part about attending this school is the hefty pricetag that comes with it. That was the only reason I considered transferring out of DelVal to another school. But for me, the culture this campus has and the experience I have and gain from DelVal is definitely worth the price.
It's average. Two dorms have A/C, which are also the buildings that have suite-style dorms. The rest have no A/C, just heat, and are regular two-person rooms with shared bathrooms. It was okay, but I'm glad to be living off-campus now (mostly due to the food).
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I am a part of our coed fraternity on campus. I love our Greek life; we are pretty great and there are no rivalries between different fraternities and sororities. There is some tension between the Greek life and administration, though other students have no problems.
Some people love it... I don't. I think that there is too much focus on them sometimes, and the football players (of which there are way more than necessary for a DIII school) get favor by teachers, which is sometimes pushed by coaches if the teacher tries to treat them like a normal student. It feels as if they are not held to the same academic standards as the rest of the students. Our football field is really nice, but the other fields are okay as well as the gym. The biggest facility problem is the weight room. There is hardly enough room for the teams, and there is definitely not enough room for regular students while a team is in there.
I absolutely love my school and if I could do it all over I would not change a thing. The faculty that I have had the honor of working with are passionate about what they teach and about teaching it to students. I have had a great number of opportunities and halfway through my degree I already feel confident in what I have learned and about learning more in the future. There is work that they need to do. The facilities really need to be updated, and I have heard some unfavorable storied about professors who are not as passionate, kind, or approachable as mine have been. While I have met and worked with a great many hard-working and dedicated students, there is a noticeable amount of those that choose to live by the saying "D's get degrees" and only aim for just enough to get through, without much care for learning.
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