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Great staff, instructors are caring and very helpful. A lot of diversity. Friendly campus. They offer free gym to staff and students. They have a fantastic curriculum for the nursing program.

The campus location is close to shopping, great places to eat and other local activities.
The cleanliness and willingness of the staff to communicate with the students. I have to go to the business off multiple times to even get anyone to talk to me and have had to report actions of multiple staff members to the campus president.
Most of the professors at Delaware Tech - Terry Campus are very pleasant to work with and put students first, and it's very clear to see that many of them care immensely about their students. There's not really anything that I would change about this college.
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Del Tech is a smaller community college but the staff and professors are very friendly and treat you like family. The classes aren't normally bigger than 30 people so you have a more interpersonal relationship with the teachers and students, unlike the environment of a large university.
The teachers are very helpful and personal and the class sizes aren't too large. The community is small and personal and with the SEED scholarship, going to school is much more affordable than it would be with a University.
I like how simple and affordable the school is. I'd love to have a real "college experience" if I could stay in dorms and do all those things.
Don't waste your money. Only a few instructors know what they are teaching, the rest are adjunct (substitute teachers) and have no knowledge of the subject. What is the point of saving money if you have to get tutors to teach you because the instructors do not know the material. On-line excel was free u-tube videos, told to google whatever you don't know. This is also a rough college, students are racially abusive to whites. Not a good college experience, no value for your money, incompetent instructors, racist instructors, all around waste of your time and money. Degree is not worth the paper it is printed on.
All of my classes have no more than 20 students and the lessons are interactive; we are not being lecture at the whole time.
In the art program, we are taught by teachers who are actively in the art and design business so they help us through their experience.
The Visual Communication program here is great because of the friendly, personal teachers. The only thing I don't like is that there aren't any painting or sculping classes.
I've just started classes in Deltech and I like the community here. It's small and personal and all of my classes are close to each other so I don't have to ride my bike.
When visiting Del-Tech Terry Campus I was able to notice that the students and staff were very friendly and answered any questions I had. It was noticeable of all the new renovations they had made and that they kept the school looking its finest. They also offer many different major options and do the best they can to help their students and future students.
I was able to work around my hectic schedule to be able to go to class. Being a full time worker, married, having a child and expecting, I would be running around everywhere but I was able to work around my schedule to fit in the classes that I needed to take.
When I took online classes the professors were really helpful. If I did not understand something I would email them and they would respond quickly.
I just recently graduated from the school I went to. They were great and they worked with me throughout the whole thing.
The class are small. The professors will give you one on one time if needed.
The career centers are great and available at any time you need. If you need help with your resume or an interview you can set up an appointment and they will be happy to help you out.
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We were able to intern and get to taste a little of how it will be once we start our career.
The college is great. The teachers are really helpful and they will help you in whatever you need.
Everyone is friendly and respectful to students.
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