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Del tech provides me ample resources in my major. Teachers are super understanding but also do hold their ground like they should. It doesn't feel like a college rather than a second but more mature high school.
This is a pretty good school in my opinion because of the staff and students. They are all very friendly and try to help in any way possible. The instructors looked after me to make sure I get my work done and be successful in their courses. The school is very diverse from staff to students. There's many people from different cultures which is pretty cool. There's four different campuses which is convenient if you need to take a course closer to you, you can so you don't have to travel far for every class. From what I've had, the campus food is good. I would eat from there everyday if I could. The school has everything you're looking for as far as education wise but if you're looking for partying and rooming in dorms, check out Dover.
this is one of best community. its not too crowd and professors are really helpful, everyone always here to help. if you need any help for math , they have math tutoring center which is great also for some major classes!
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I am a current student at Delaware technical community college. I am taking classes toward my associates and love the experience i have had with the teachers and staff members. Every one of the teachers are more involved in their students studies and take time to help those who need it. also the opportunities are endless when knowing the right people.
Staff is extremely friendly i feel as though the whole school curiculum is set up so that you are successful.
Everyone is friendly with each other and the atmosphere is beyond relaxing. Students who come to college here are well aware of what they would like to major in. There is plenty of majors to choose from with help from caring counselors.
It's a community college and you get what you put into it. It is the perfect stepping stone into a better education.
So far I'm liking the college it wasn't anything I was expecting and there are a lot of help . If I have any questions and concerns. They will make sure they answer the question and explain clearly for you to understand. Overall my experience at Delaware tech was good.
As a new student I have experienced nothing but, great help from staff and current students. This alone encouraged me to pursue my college education at Delaware Tech. Community College.
I am not sure if this hasn't already changed, but when I went it was 2014 and I wanted to go into the Nursing program but was highly intimidated by how competitive it was. There were people there because of how cheap it was to get started but didn't want to ACTUALLY attend the school, and people like me that wanted to be there. They didn't have a contingency for those who didn't make it but didn't want to lose out of all those credits. I don't want to forget the reason we do come to the school in the first place, the faculty cares about the students, even if they don't care enough about themselves. We aren't in high school anymore, it isn't free education and it is on us if we learn or don't learn. I love coming to this school.
I really like the small classes, I feel like it's a good feel if you really need the extra attention. Food is ok, it's also in the vicinity of other various food shops around downtown Wilmington. I'm only a freshmen and my major is Culinary Arts and I'm only taking my prerequisites but so far so good. In-state tuition is decent and affordable, they have the SEED scholarship if your a graduating from H.S. They a have a variety of ways to pay for school, just have to e willing to look.
I really appreciated the small school. I was able to connect well with all of my professors and the small class sizes really helped me adjust from homeschool life to college life. I will also be graduating this semester, debt free!
The experience makes you learn to be independent. I would like the school to have a more excited vibe.
Teachers can be very individualistic and sometimes offer little support.
Delaware Tech does not offer many programs after you have earned your degree.
At Delaware Tech, there is many options and opportunities to earn valuable experience. The classes are challenging but informative.
Delaware Technical Community college offers a flexible and expandable schedule to earn your degree quickly and help you achieve the skills necessary to achieve success
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In terms of sign ups, the school notifies you even a month or two before sign ups go up, to remind you to see counselors and get your class schedule straight, so when sign ups go live, you can so quickly go fill out for your semester registration. So students have an ample amount of time to be ready for sign ups. Otherwise, you can really lose out if you just wait around after knowing a long time prior to registration going live, and sign up at the end. They offer a wide range of classes and times, but if you wait until last minute, of course it won't be as flexible. I've been able to schedule the classes I wanted, so I have no complaints. I schedule classes to accommodate what I want.
I love online classes. They really go at your own pace. Of course, there are still deadlines, but you can really take your time. Of course I don't recommend cramming, but if that's a thing you have to do, you have that option. It feels very free and feels as though it gives enough time to actually absorb information if you give it the time of day. Online classes here still enforce communication between students, such as threads to make a discussion entry and then comment on others' responses. The teacher emails frequently to update students on what has changed, what deadlines are coming up, and what has been added to the course workload. Personally, I've emailed the teacher many times to make sure I do things right, and the teacher has a speedy response.
Classes are very laid back. Teachers are there to teach, but a lot of times teaching also comes from watching a video online or just doing it yourself. Some teachers just give little guidance and expect you to find the answers on your own. Something of inconvenience is if there is a class I want, there is a possibility it is not offered at Stanton or Wilmington, and I cannot take that class because the other two campuses are too far away to make it to.
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