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Delaware Technical Community College - Stanton-Wilmington Reviews

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Deltech offers online and hybrid style classes, which are excellent alternatives for those who work or have families and need to maintain balance in their lives. The college uses “Blackboard”, which was a user friendly tool for both online and in person learning.
Deltech offers excellent bang for your buck. I received a top notch education in there Allied Health Department. I highly recommend Deltech for students who want to transition slowly into a 4 year college or for adult students seeking to transition into another career. The Wilmington campus offers decent parking options and excellent security at their campus.
Deltech is a very flexible college for students that are working and busy. I wish the school's nursing program accepted more students at one time to allow an opportunity for more students to excel. It is a very competitive career field.
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Online classes are helpful for when you need to make your own schedule. However some of the more challenging classes should be taken in person that way students can receive more one on one help. If a student feels they can learn on their own and teach themselves then online classes should be just fine.
Very helpful !! The staff at the Wilmington campus are awesome. When I first came to the school I was fresh out of high school I honestly took college as a game at first and I regretted but my teachers I had were very nice to me and always helped me out. I was doing really good in my classes and they made sure to always let me know that I was doing a good job. They encouraged me to do my best and to just keep coming to class. Every teacher and administrator in Delaware Technical Community College are genuinely nice people.
This was my first year ever doing online classes. Summer of 2020. I doubted myself so many times but it wasn’t as hard as I thought. My teachers helped me so much ! It made it so easy for me.
If anything, my experience was great. Except for one of my classes which had a horrible transition to online teaching.
Overrral I had a mix of lectures vs fully online type of classes. If I’m being honest I felt like taking physics was a bit difficult to do since the material is hard and my professor did not do a good job with the material. Personally I preferred looking at lecture videos and working at my own pace since I wasn’t forced to do anything and I could grind all day or chill all day if I wanted to. Having to wake up at 8 am for a lecture meeting for physics was not ideal for me especially with the fact that the teacher did not do a good job with the teaching. This resulted me in skipping the lecture and watching the recording with resulted in better learning for me but it wasn’t ideal.
I didn't take online classes I took classes in campus my Instructor was good.All over good experience.
I took workforce development classes my Instructor was good I have overall good experience and Stafff is so nice , helpful and polite. I enjoyed those time when I was student of Delaware Technical Community college Stanton campus. I love this institute.
The lectures are free youtube videos with no real learning. There are no labs. Everything they provide can be accessed with a google search for free.
I've attended three different community colleges in my life and Del-tech is hands down the worst. My experience has been a nightmare. I have an issue with the business department every semester, and my employer pays for my tuition. The instructors give a string of youtube videos with no real learning. There are always extra fees which noone can give a real explanation for. This really is a terrible school.
I loved this college the teachers were great and cared for you to get great grades. Also, many school events were there which was awesome because the whole school would be involved.
This school has many resources available for students to use. You are able to receive almost any kind of help at Del-Tech as long as you ask for it. Every professor that I have had has been amazing. The staff all throughout the campus is super nice and is always willing to help. You constantly hear about athletes getting recognized and you hear about games happening so you can have a chance to support the college. The campus always remains super clean and I have to say that I've had an amazing experience here so far.
Everyone is very nice and helpful. They are always looking for ways to help you get to where you want to be the easiest and best way possible.
My experience at Delaware Tech, is not over yet but so far so good. The professors at this college work with you in every aspect they can so you can succeed not only in their class, but in life. The campus is organized the bathrooms are clean, so are the cafe tables. Maintenance is very well taken care of in the college.Public safety is always on the lookout, and alert to any suspicious activity that can go on. This a neat, non stressful, and great place to learn.
Delaware Technical Community College is a community college spread across the state of Delaware with four campuses and while there is no housing at the campus the commute is very convinient at each campus. Each campus is beautifully built and surrounded with flower beds, outdoor seating areas, and plenty of student parking. The staff is always willing to be helpful in any way they can to help you become successful as a student at Del Tech. class schedules are very flexible with many options to choose from wether it be online classes, hybrids, or in classroom settings. Teachers are also very understanding and hands on with students with fast communication and answering any concerns you may have. Del Tech is a prime example of how great a community college can be, and puts the stigma of community colleges being deemed as less respectable than universities to shame.
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I just started at Del-tech and my experience so far has been great. They make the process of registering for classes very easy and someone is there to walk you through every step. I met with financial aid, although I felt they could have been more detailed since this is my first time going through this experience, she still did explain everything.
Horrible college. The professors don't have time to show things you don't understand, people that work there are very rude and not understanding, and the grading scale is the most stupidest thing ever. It was so awful, I had to transfer out after my first semester. You don't even feel encouraged academically because of the poor educational quality, no one is there to help, and the lack of resources. Someone even stole an item of mine and campus security did absolutely nothing to help me find it.
The advisors are great! Most of the teachers are very friendly , some more then others . Also if you take an online course you run into issues if the teacher is actually actively grading and or helping . I failed a class because of a teacher not actively helping and then when offered to give me an extension , was unavailable for help when I tried to redo the class.
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