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So far, I have had awesome classes where I feel like I actually learned something. I have had awesome teachers that are dedicated to my education. I have worked one-on-one with my advisor who is able to answer all of my questions and if she can't she knows who to ask. I have only been here a semester but I really feel as though it's an awesome school that cares if I succeed.
I have had a decent experience at Delaware Tech. I went to school here to save money. That is one thing I can't complain about, with the SEED Scholarship, I paid very little to attend this school. Money aside, though, I have had good experiences and I have had not so good experiences. Most of my accounting classes have been good. My english classes, though, could've been a lot better. There is a discordance between campuses with the material they use. All in all, though, it has been great for the money. I would suggest it to students who're trying to save money and to adults who would like to continue to learn.
My experience here has been perfect for the most part, the only bad things that have happened is I've received misinformation from a srtaff member which pushed my degree back a semester. But other than that it has been fantastic. All of the instructors have been very helpful and do everything in their power to ensure youre ready in that class. They ensure that you understand the material before testing on it and give out times for you to come in and talk over the material to prepare you for the tests.
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I would love to see the school get more involved in the student life and work with then to achieve their goal and get more courses that’s enables them to become someone successful in life and get programs that can help create six figure salaries
Very good community college with dedicated professors and staff. The campus is beautiful and open for plenty of outdoor fun and activities. The student center is easy to access and everyone is very accommodating. Curriculums are competitive and will keep you ahead of the competition when looking for a job.
The teachers here are some of the best I've ever had. The small class sizes ensure they know your name and allows students to get a more personalized education. I still keep up with many of them semesters after, and they seem genuinely interested in my future endeavors. In the small classes, the diversity is shown. Not only racial diversity, but age diversity as well. Another great thing about this campus is the walk-ability of it. It's small, so one can walk from one end to other in about ten minutes, and signs make classrooms easy to find.
Delaware Tech provides a low cost, high education program to its students. By choosing to go to DTCC, I was able to work, stay close to family, and obtain my degree in half of the time it would have taken me through a university. The instructors and professors are extremely compassionate with their work and educated on what they are teaching.
Went to DelTech for AAP. Nice campus for being in slower lower and there are a lot of amenities for students including a library, cafeteria, and coffee shop. Not the best area but what do you expect in Sussex County?
I like having smaller classes and being able to have a close relationship with my teachers. I also like the student clubs, I was just voted to be the President of Delaware Tech's Automotive Club.
Since the first day I attended Delaware Tech. It is an amazing experience. First, the teachers are one of the best teachers students can have. They are all engaging teachers. It is never a dull moment with them. They always make the topics enjoyable and easy to learn. Lastly, the students/classmates are sociable. It is easy to get along with other fellow peers which creates a friendly college environment. These two years at Delaware Tech have been an enjoyable and memorable moment of my life.
I've been a couple weeks into the semester and 1st back in school, in a while, and I am pleased with how everything has been so far. My only concern is, I feel it should be more organized when it comes to the first day of class, as in the instructors should know how to maneuver around the websites they need to show you your work...
To cover a benefit of going to Delaware Tech- it has saved me thousands of dollars. Unfortunately that is the only benefit I have found in my two years at the institution. Not only does Delaware Tech offer terrible advisement, but they don't even offer classes you need during the semester they are advised to be taken. Classes and teachers are constantly changing and are unorganized. Moreover, the technology is outdated, labs are not stocked with necessary equipment and the environment is depressing and miserable. If I could go back, I would have spent the money and saved my time and just went to a four year university.
As a first time student in Delaware, I was surprised how helpful, knowledgable and nice the staff are! I wouldn't change a thing about it!
What I love about Delaware Technical in Georgetown, DE is that the professors take the time to go step by step through each learning process, and help with individual needs. The campus is very accommodating to anyone and everyone providing a safe and fun learning environment for all.
In the three and a half years I was there before I had to take a financial break, it was likely one of the greatest experiences after high school I ever had.
I've been in college for a couple years now, it took me a little while to figure out exactly what I wanted to do with my career path. I've recently discovered the field of occupational therapy and I fell in love. The teachers are one of the reasons that I've been drawn to this path. They go above and beyond to make sure that the students are prepared and are competent in what they need to know for fieldwork. Considering that Delaware is so small the staff is very well connected and most of the time knows someone that can give you real life examples or is able to talk to you if you have in depth questions. They really care about the future of their students. I dealt with the school advisors and I feel that they are well educated on how to guide students in the right direction. The tuition is very reasonable, and the finical aid office is always open with questions.
The teachers are very dedicated to the success of their students. They take time to provide help with studying and will help the student look for additional resources, whether it is material to assist with learning material for any class or looking for assistance with issues outside of school or in the workplace. Not only do the teachers help students learn material, but they also understand that many of their students are balancing other classes, work, and family, and will accommodate as best they can. The teachers are also friendly and supportive, so the learning environment is fun and enjoyable. The success of the student is very important, and the teachers go the extra mile.
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The college is very manageable and good for a student living at home and working. The commute is easy and work load isn't too much.
When it comes to flexibility the only thing i did not like about one of my class is that its a four hours causer and i not able to work on other class work since they it takes up the rest of my day.
I prefer face to face course but since i have to interact with them online it is very understandable and students are very respectful
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