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The teachers are very dedicated to the success of their students. They take time to provide help with studying and will help the student look for additional resources, whether it is material to assist with learning material for any class or looking for assistance with issues outside of school or in the workplace. Not only do the teachers help students learn material, but they also understand that many of their students are balancing other classes, work, and family, and will accommodate as best they can. The teachers are also friendly and supportive, so the learning environment is fun and enjoyable. The success of the student is very important, and the teachers go the extra mile.
The college is very manageable and good for a student living at home and working. The commute is easy and work load isn't too much.
When it comes to flexibility the only thing i did not like about one of my class is that its a four hours causer and i not able to work on other class work since they it takes up the rest of my day.
Review Delaware Technical Community College - Owens
I prefer face to face course but since i have to interact with them online it is very understandable and students are very respectful
since this a an accredited college i will be able to transfer to the college i originally intended to go to school for my bachelors degree. Students are well prepared , and trained. Which makes it easy for them to get used to the new environment.
School is very affordable, its near my house, I'm able to save up more money for after i transfer to a four year college. The class sizes are very small. Which makes you able to have a better relationship with professors.
Students are inspired by professors to become better professionals, if they any problems its easily solved with communication. Professors are willing to take their time to make sure students are understanding whats being tough.
i get to do labs and experience things i haven't do in school yet. But since this is my second week i haven't experienced much.
so far i haven't really learned anything since its the second week.
Deltech is very flexible and accommodating when it comes to schedule long and attending classes. No problems.
I did not transfer credits in or out of the school.
My one online course was in medical terminology so there wasn't much interaction between professor and student.
I haven't sought knowledge about post-grad services, as my spare time is helping with my husband who has Alzheimer's and my 3 yr granddaughter whom I have custody.
My experience has been that the professors are really on top of things, make it easy for you to approach them, and are willing to help when you get stuck. Since I hadn't been to school in 40 years, I was scared of failing, but they and the students put me at ease.
I hadn't been to school in 40 years, and one of the things that impressed me was how easy the school made it to apply and get financial aid.
My major is in nursing. The workload is appropriate for being part-time. The classes are such that you can understand them. The Facilities are wonder - well ordered and well-prepared. And there are many job opportunities available.
Professors go out of their way to help you as best as they can. All you have to do is ask for help.
Review Delaware Technical Community College - Owens
The online class workload is reasonable. The professor interacts with the students whenever needed, and discussion boards allow students to discuss related topics online.
The connected degree programs available is great, and it is assuring to know that my credits will transfer.
Professors are accommodating and understanding. I enjoy the variety of courses offered such as online, hybrid or in class. The class size is very helpful to students, because it is generally small; therefore there is more one on one interaction with the teachers.
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