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This place definitely has given me some memories, good and bad. It's going to be a hit or miss with most people.
I would like to see the sports teams to be more hungry to win and the campus to become more complete as far as construction wise.
I like Delaware State University because of the quality of life on campus. The teachers are amazing, and the overall community makes me feel like i'm at home.
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I am currently a sophomore and my experience thus far has exceeded my expectations. The campus life has helped me make good choices, establish a solid foundation for my life, and push me into becoming a better person with the positive impact it instills in you. I am looking forward to continuing my education and growing even more upon graduation.
I enjoyed my experience at DSU. People are very friendly and fun to speak to. The University is very diverse which allows learning about cultures and people from so many places. I would like to see even more diversity but it is a great start.
The atmosphere is wonderful. Everyone is friendly and very helpful. The only thing I would change is the food. The food can be better and have more variety.
There are things that need improvement such as the food and some of the organization in certain departments is not the best. Student employment needs some work because many students do not qualify or have trouble getting a pay rate that is sustainable for living. Pay can also be challenging because some students have not been paid on time or their pay has been shorted due to errors made in the payroll department. Overall the campus needs improvements so that students and the school can have more funding for expansion.
Delaware State University was not how I expected. With all of the money that was put into that school the dorms were not up to date and the department I was in which was textile and apparel was not taking very seriously.
I probably wouldn't recommend this school to a friend unless you live in the area and it is the best option. I went to this school on a scholarship and although I wouldn't trade the experience with my team for anything, the school administration departments are a nightmare. The sports department violated HIPPA laws by sharing my information with other students. The cafeteria is mediocre. The new wellness center is pretty nice though.
My experience with Delaware state university was a life lesson. I matured a lot and learned how to become more independent. Delaware state showed me that nobody is going to be there to hold my hand, in order to be successful you have to put the work in!
My first semester at Delaware State University was very quite different. Given the fact that I was a out of state transfer student I was very excited in experiencing a HBCU. The students are from all over the United States, all majoring in different studies. I made plenty of friends my first semester. For my major (Business Management), Delaware State offered a lot of courses for me to take as well as many internships to help me prepare for my career. There were times where we had to dress professionally as if we were about to go to a interview for some of my courses. The food at Delaware State was good on some days. I can definitely say I was apart of the "freshman 15". There was always something going on at Delaware State. There were times where all the students would be in the student center or MLK as we call it socializing and interacting with one another. I am glad I made the conscience decision to attend Delaware State.
There are some professors that will do everything in their power to help you. You must keep on people in certain fields in order to get some problems resolved.
My experience at Delaware State University is a good one. You learn from the Professors even from the students you meet. Everybody are really friendly and want to help.
My time so far at Delaware state has been rough. I got sick about first semester in which it was from food that I ate at the university and was hospitalized about 2 weeks on and off. I had a few struggles with financial aid as well. They have loan limits so if you can't afford to pay out of pocket then you can't attend. When asked to help from financial aid they have no answers. The campus is not bad but more money is put towards athletes than students. Some teachers are the best teachers you will meet and really care about your college degree and some just don't care at all. But when it comes to financial aid or needing help don't look to them for it. The dorms and housing are falling apart and they barely have enough housing for anyone anyway because my sophomore year they offered hundreds of us to stay in a hotel until opening spots were available. I hope as I continue my experience it gets better.
When I first visited the college to find the right one for me after high school, I said to myself, "this college is too large for me". But when I heard that it had the best agriculture program closer to where I live, it got me thinking maybe I will like this college. My high school agriculture teacher graduated there for her degree and that's how I came to Delaware State University.
At Delaware State University, I like how unified the campus is. It has a family like feel to it, which I think is important because it makes you feel comfortable. What could be improved is the campus itself. We have a lot of pot holes, issues in dormitory halls and education buildings. More attention needs to be paid to small details like these because they play a big role in how students experience college.
Delaware State University was not my school of choice but it is the one I am making my home. There’s many things good or bad about it but ultimately it comes down to how you make it.
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My experience at Delaware State University was and still is amazing. I loved all of my professors and everyone is friendly and wants you to be involved. The only thing bad is the food but thats normal for college cafeterias.
Delaware State is a great University that is full of life. All the students know how to come together and have fun. It has a comfortable environment and teachers that are dedicated to helping you learn and achieve great things. However, all schools have their downsides. One of the most common issues with Delaware state is the hard time most students have with the administration office.
There are some housing issues that could be fixed. I love that we are so diverse and we can all come together and have a great time at a party or some type of school event.
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