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Delaware State University was not my school of choice but it is the one I am making my home. There’s many things good or bad about it but ultimately it comes down to how you make it.
My experience at Delaware State University was and still is amazing. I loved all of my professors and everyone is friendly and wants you to be involved. The only thing bad is the food but thats normal for college cafeterias.
Delaware State is a great University that is full of life. All the students know how to come together and have fun. It has a comfortable environment and teachers that are dedicated to helping you learn and achieve great things. However, all schools have their downsides. One of the most common issues with Delaware state is the hard time most students have with the administration office.
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There are some housing issues that could be fixed. I love that we are so diverse and we can all come together and have a great time at a party or some type of school event.
During my first year at Delaware State University I achieved a lot. Rather it was academics or socializing. I stayed on campus which was the best decision I could have made. Everyone was so friendly and the professors were so welcoming.
Delaware can change some things, they should really care more about their students. They mostly care about the money but that's all colleges.
My parent was a student there. She was a chemistry major and graduated with her B.S. in chemistry. My sister also attended but later transferred. It is a nice school but they really don't give local kids scholarships when it comes to academics and sports. This should change.
When I went to visit, everyone was so welcoming and everything just gives you the feeling as though you are at home. I also had the opportunity to eat at their cafe and the food was delicious and had a lot of varieties to choose from.
This school has great diversity, but the staff is not helpful. Financial aid is slow with everything and is ran by student workers. Professors are not bad, but they are not the greatest; help with learning is not offered for everyone. Housing process is ridiculous and rooms are torn apart and filled with black mold.
The faulty and staff are really nice but some facillities need to be changed they are getting too old.
Delaware State University is a Public African-American based college with the acceptances of other races. They have of 15+ majors with great programs in each major. This school wants each one of their students to graduate in four years or less. Every faculty member is very friendly, professional, and want to see you succeed and they do everything in there power to help you attain your goals. This campus is very safe, they often host campus activities for students to enjoy themselves and get to know their fellow students and faculty members.
i personally enjoy DSU, but sometimes the vibe can be kind of down and the females can be stuck up sometimes.
My experience at Delaware State University has changed me into a educated woman. This experience overall has definitely built a stronger me from handling my own responsibilities to running an organization on campus Delaware State University's college of business has granted me the connections with many different business corporations in aspects of internships and scholarships. A lot of different programs to help build your resume such as STOMP and SAP.
The diversity and cultural experience are truly unmatched! I love HBCU experience! Most of the professors are really friendly and easy to talk to as long as you talk to them outside of class times.
One of the grievances I have are the sidewalks/roads. THEY ARE HORRIBLE. Potholes, cracks, broken chunks scattered. I've tripped and hurt myself so many times. It's ridiculous honestly. You would think that they would try to fix at least SOME of them.
The surrounding area is okay. It's VERY safe but not super interesting so if you are looking for a nightlife or interesting adventures, avoid the whole state of Delaware at all costs (New Castle County isn't too bad).
I went to the DSU JumStart program during the summer, where I had my first experience living independently from my family which I like. The daily routine was very strict but was meant to keep us regimented and safe. This helped me decide to live on campus, which I like a lot. Choosing when to eat, sleep, and go to bed (or hang out) has forced me to mature. I'd like to see the way registration and financial aid is handled. Financial aid is confusing and for whatever reason when I went to pay my balance, the total due changed several times. The effect of this delay was not having funds available for my online supplies and required codes to online resources for the majority of the semester. I know registration can be hectic, but it just seems a bit too chaotic.
I really like Delaware State. Initially it was not a school I wanted to go to but that quickly changed my first semester attending. One thing this university does is make you feel like you are in a big family. There very good with encouraging school spirit and they help remind all the students how united we are as a student body. They offer many resources so you can have the best chance at excelling in your classes.
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I am a sophomore here at Delaware State and I would say that the out-of-state tuition is not worth coming here. The administration is very disorganized and unprofessional. To add with that, the food places never have it together; you can never get exactly what you pay for.
I like how the class sizes are small and professors are able to connect with each student individually. The campus population is small, so everyone knows almost everybody.
Delaware State University is the only Historically Black College or University in the state of Delaware. I am currently a nursing major and I love how I am being trained as a professional. I feel like the school takes a lot of time in planning the best possible way a student can succeed in their major. The school is very clean and it provides a therapeutic environment to learn. I am a proud hornet and I would recommend anyone to attend the school. I think all students if they apply themselves will be successful in their studies and careers.
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