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I am a born and raised New Yorker. The environment is unwelcoming, and the administration is completely disorganized. The course work is great preparation, but you better quality education within your state. It is not worth the extra cost of out-of-state tuition. Good luck!
Delaware State University is a very good school. It is diverse, the students are very involved in activities, it is a very welcoming campus, and the college is active with its students.
So far I have no complaints with Delaware State University. I think the issues may arise from the student body and not the school as a whole.
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Networking was easy but when it comes to trying to speak or communicate with Finical Aid or student accounts it is very difficult.
Delaware State University is a good school, but they are a little unorganized in the summer program wise.
I love Delaware State University at every school theirs going to be positives and negatives but at this school the positives outweigh the negatives. Most students would be afraid of leaving home; but Delaware State is like a second home filled with good vibes and lots of helpful resources available at your finger tips.
Delaware State University is a great school of diversity, and the campus is very engaging. Your first day there you will feel like everyone is family.
When I first toured Delaware State University, I automatically fell in love with the atmosphere. I didn’t know exactly what it was about the atmosphere, but I knew I liked being there. When I became a student there, it was like I was fulfilling a dream. The staff was so nice and the students were very welcoming to me. I liked where I lived at the time, everything was just cool. The food could be a little better, but the food contract is up now, so we’ll be getting a new food company this upcoming year. The education is great, the professors are awesome. My campus is just beautiful. There are so many times where I’m caught stopping just to take a picture of something that just seems so beautiful. I love how safe my campus is, as well. Whenever my college hosts parties, there are public safety officials at every single door. Public Safety is also at every event we have, as well as circulating the campus 24/7.
Delaware state university is a great college 🏫.Everything is about Del State. I like the athletic, the food and other stuff.. The teachers are so nice.
It's a good school to attend overall. Academics are good and the diversity is a key factor. It's a good place to start working towards your future career
i like that there are online classes that can be taken during the summer and that most of the teachers are very accomodating.
What I like about Delaware State was the family vibe it had and how I was able to get along with the students and teachers the only thing I didn't enjoy was the food
I feel at home while at Delaware State. It is a family environment with professors and other students that just want the most out of your education.
I haven't graduated yet but being in the military they stay on top of me and make sure I'm always squared away. It's like your second family.
My experience at Delaware State University hasn't been all great. The staff in the records and financial aid department are not professional at times. I am paying for college out of my pocket when it has been very hard for me when being a single mother and having significant amount of bills. I expect politeness when I go ask questions at the records and financial aid desk.

The Psychology building is very old. When the weather is hot, the air condition hardly works or when its cold outside the heating hardly work too. There are nails screwed into the window to prevent the window from opening. I didn't think i was in prison. I do appreciate some professors, they really made my day and keep a positive head on my shoulders. I am still striving as a growing adult and future counselor.

I would like to see change by putting in new professional polite staff and changing the psychology majors building to be in a clean; better learning environment.
This school has the WORST administration that I have ever seen. The application process was easy, but I was given out-of-state tuition even though I was supposed to have in-state. The application for scholarships was closed off to me because the financial aid office never created an account for me, and when I emailed the office and talked to them in person, they said they would contact me soon and they never did, so I could not apply for scholarships. I petitioned some of my transfer credits and had them approved as actual course, but they are still wrong on my transcript. The smart boards often didn't connect, there was no working air or heat in the building that my classes were held, and we had almost no lab equipment. Some professors gave off the vibe that they really did not care about your education, taught straight off PowerPoint slides and gave exams that were more in-depth than the material that was taught, which was discouraging for someone who wants to actually learn.
I have attended Delaware State for three semesters so far I have had a great experience. I attended Delaware tech for one semester and can easily distinguish the differences which makes me more appreciative to attending Delaware State . The teachers are actually here for you to succeed . The school offers a lot of opportunity for leadership roles and a great student life. They offer free tutoring almost every day for any subject so if your behind it helps and you also get rewarded for going .
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Delaware State University is a HBCU. I believe that I needed an HBCU because I needed the emotional support from moving away from home. I got a lot of support, I've learned to love being african-american and being a woman. Delaware State has helped me with my confidence.
Attending Delaware State University you get to really know your fellow student body. DSU is very student ran with over seers to make sure everything is conducted swiftly and efficiently. My current major is electrical engineering which is a math bases major. The school provides free tutors to help out with any subject a student could have problems in. Professors are able and will to help out a student willing to learn. The only change I would want to see is better food options in the cafe. Other then that, I am proud to be a Delaware State Hornet.
Delaware State University is one of the colleges in the state of Delaware. I know several people who has graduated or attending the campus. The school is based on a Historical Black College. The students talk their African-America history. When I go to the school to visit my sister, the students are welcoming are so kind.
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