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Some of the teachers have a hard time keeping up with grades and using canvas as it’s not required though most use it to get information to students.
Had a fantastic experience at DCCC.I went to an extended campus,and loved the smaller campus enviroment
I feel like Delaware County Community College is a great school to start off at because it can give insights about college life. Also, there are many great ways to build success not only through academics but also through clubs and organizations. The people at the school are very kind and caring.
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Great school for trades. I am going for the carpentry certificate and I love it and learn a lot. I love the hands on work building things.
There is a large student body, but everyone pretty much just sticks to what they have to do creating a very chill environment. Most professors care about your education and furthering yourself, but there are the few that only care about that specific course that you are enrolled in. Overall, everyone is very kind and friendly.
Loved the amount of classes they have to offer. Cheap classes. But hard to find classes/offices if you don't know exactly where you're going.
I enjoy the variety of classes and the idea that they have a ton of different options that set you up for a future.
I actually loved my experience at DCCC and do not regret choosing to begin my pursuit of higher education there. I did not expect a community college to have so many resources available to their students from laptop loaning to personal counseling. The classes are small which was perfect for me because I could really get to know my professors and fellow classmates. With multiple classes it's easy to find classes to build around your schedule. I only wish that there was more involvement with things such as clubs; only a few clubs were active and had many members and I wish more effort went into promoting clubs, holding social events for students and that more people would get involved with the campus life.
I'm an International Student at this college. Although it's a Community college I've always had that fantasy that all American colleges/universities have a balance of everything. To be honest this college is excellent when it comes to education, especially the professors and staffs being hired at this school.
But the social life is quite boring!!! Like they say all hard work and no play makes jack a dull boy. And for my sport junkies, this college doesn't participate in a lot of sports. I would strongly advice that you do your research before applying.
Delaware County Community College was an awesome experience for me! The advisors are accessible and easy to communicate with, they make themselves available through email, phone calls, and appointments. The financial advisors are available and helpful when completing the financial aid application. Of all the professors I had, only one was dry and boring, the others were helpful andall about ensuring the student would succeed. I was an older student and have high schoolers that I'm sending through their dual enrollment process. They have many satellite campuses in the area which makes choosing onsite classes much easier and the online programs are incredible! If you are not a driven or self-motivated student online classes will not be for you, but if you are, then go for it; the convenience of online classes is great for working adults or stay at home parents.
This is a good school to start at due to its affordable prices. I recommend transferring to a four year university at some point if you choose to attend.
So far, I have had a very enjoyable experience at DCCC. The college has very very low tuition cost, and the professors are very caring, wonderful people. The school provides many programs to help you become and stay a successful student.
I really liked the school. Everything is well organized and there is a wide variety of majors. I would like to see more online courses become available
As a dual enrollment student I had trouble sometimes getting a hold of the dual enrollment office. However the professors were all very helpful and informative.
I like going to Delaware County Community College because it is close where I live and I am able to commute easily from home.
This school is a very nice transition school. It offers a lot of programs with teachers that will work with you and treat you as an equal. This school helped me figure out what I wanted to for a fraction of the cost of a university. It is very accommodating to any schedule, and it's facility is relaxing. It's the meat and potatoes version of a college education.
I like Delaware county community college because it is easy for me to still live with my family and go to the college to earn my associates degree. I do not regret enrolling to this college.
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I love DCCC because of the value I'm getting while still pursuring my education. I really like the Gen Ed to Gen Ed program.
Thanks to DCCC I have transferred to West Chester University with an associates degree. They took care of all the transfer paperwork for me and made sure I was taking the right classes so I wouldn't be wasting my time and money. The advisors and Professors are brilliant, kind, and inspiring. They make sure they offer enough variety of evening classes between the different campuses. I will continue to take courses here throughout the rest of my college career. Thank DCCC for helping me achieve my educational goals while working and taking care of my family.
DCCC is one of the better community colleges that I have attended. They have newer facilities and great professors. I would recommend to anyone in the area who may be looking to take classes.
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