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Delaware County Community College is a great college. I learned a lot during these two past years. I had a very good experience there.
They are hands on and I love the smaller sized classes. They have a ton of resources and bridge programs to transfer smoothly into universities with all your credits. I highly recommend this school!
I found that my first years into going to college were not something I was fully prepared for, as much as I thought I was. It was a daunting idea to be exposed to an unfamiliar environment with so many people, and had even dreaded the idea a little. But going to DCCC had changed that by helping me gradually get settled in to the college experience. I found much of what I needed at DCCC in a diverse, close knit community. There are plenty of activities to go into during the break period and clubs to join which help keep a student's mind relaxed between classes. Since the academics aren't strenuous, there's no huge rush to get everything done at once, so you can take time to finish what you need to. It's also much less expensive regarding classes. The commute isn't too far by bus either; many students in the southeast area have been able to attend this school. It could improve by making an overall school system stronger and more serious so it feels like more of a university.
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The teachers in the Psychology program at DCCC have been the most encouraging and motivating professors I have encountered thus far. They want you to succeed in all your endeavors and really take the time out of their schedule to help you!
i love delaware county community college. all of the staff is super helpful. the teachers go above and beyond. the other students are super friendly and helpful. there is a vast selection of campuses to go to.
Great way to help and decide what major I want to study in. Career and counseling is a great way pinpoint career choices.
I felt like most of the classes were not very difficult. The professors were not very strict, however I feel like the academic system must be more organized in terms of reading
Delaware County Community College is a great school to begin your college career. They have good professors and programs, and they have close relationships with many four year universities if you plan to transfer. There are also a lot of classes with flexible times if you are working while taking classes.
Delaware County Community College has many options for students with different interests. From my experience, I was able to meet international students from different countries and also take online courses, which I could work on my own leisure. Professors are fun and helpful in helping you get on the road to success.
Excellent location, very spacious where there are many places to study in peace. There are many resources such as laptop loans and the faculty here is terrific. There are an abundant amount of clubs/organizations and every voice is heard, respected, and considered. DCCC constantly shows us students that we matter.
It is a great college with amazing professors and tutors whom can help anyone who needs help. I wouldn't change a thing from the college. I would recommend other students to apply for the college. Not only you would get great education, you can also save money for tuition if you are eligible for financial aid.
While I have only been going to Delaware County Community College for about one month, I am very pleased with my experience to date. I was awarded two scholarships, which when added to my Federal Pell Grant and my Pennsylvania Grant award, my four classes required to complete my degree will be totally paid for!
I feel like any community college is a good place to start for anyone right after high school; especially if you have a financial burden. I left Penn State to come to this school. I attended for about a couple of semester and I have had to pay out of pocket for every single semester which affected my performance at the school.
This fall will be my third semester at Delaware County Community College as an A.F.A student, fell in love with the campus from the first time I showed up for orientation. The campus is extremely clean, the Professors guides you all the way. I would recommend this institution for anyone seeking a career.
Great college to come take classes and leave. If you are into that type of scene then it's great. Not a college to come to party at. If you are a person that has responsibilities outside of school for example -- work, kids, athletics, etc then its a great choice. I had great professors my freshman year! Super laid back and come and go as you please type of atmosphere.
I like that flexibility of online and evening classes. It makes it easy to find time to earn your degree. I think they could improve upon their advising.
Great way to take prerequisite classes for a great price. The professors are good, and the location is close. I am able to take all of my prerequisite classes while commuting from home. I also will not have a large amount of loans to pay when I am finished. Delaware Community College also has agreements with certain colleges where you can transfer 100% of your credits to certain universities. This works well for me because I plan on going to West Chester University of Pennsylvania after I am finished with all of my prerequisite classes.
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I appreciated the generosity of the staff and professors . They really made sure they focused on you as a student and fulfilled all inquiries . The environment is friendly and welcoming and I recommend this college to anyone looking for a home away from home .
I am currently a dual enrollment student at DCCC. I am a high school senior and am taking Spanish at Delco. The staff here is very helpful and their number one priority is for each student to succeed.
It's a great school when you can't afford more expensive colleges/universities. It's the same education but for less. I've had some trouble with some bad professors in the past, but I've learnt to be careful about who I schedule myself with.
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