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I am currently a dual enrollment student at DCCC. I am a high school senior and am taking Spanish at Delco. The staff here is very helpful and their number one priority is for each student to succeed.
It's a great school when you can't afford more expensive colleges/universities. It's the same education but for less. I've had some trouble with some bad professors in the past, but I've learnt to be careful about who I schedule myself with.
From my time at Delaware County Community College I've found it to be very helpful in determining what I want to do with the rest of my life.
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Delaware County Community College is a diverse, affordable college. They offer most if not all required basic courses for an associates degree. I recommend attending classes here.
Delaware County Community College is overall a great school. There is a lot of opportunities where you can succeed as a student and the school does a great job in providing these opportunities. There is a lot of diversity in this school which is great to have. It allows all different people to come together to learn not just the curriculum taught in class, but learn about each other as well. I also learned a lot about myself as a student while attending this school and I know that Delaware County Community College is providing that chance for many other students as well. Another thing that is great about community college is that it helpful towards students who can not afford to go to college.
The absolute best decision I could have ever made. For a community college, you cannot ask for a better start. The bathrooms are the cleanest of any college I have ever seen. The staff takes the time to help you reach your goals both in and outside the classroom. The size of the campus and flexibility it offers for the community is unparallel.
Currently, I am a dual enrollment student at this school and I have found nothing wrong or sketchy about this school. The professors are amazing and I have never felt as though I was unable to get the help I needed.
Took summer classes here while attending Penn State University. The teachers are DCCC cared immensely for their students. Most would go above and beyond to help. Never felt like just a number or a paycheck to them unlike Penn State. I am now re-enrolling to obtain a Professional Accounting Certificate.
Modern campus with a lot of perks and technology. Great professors. Diverse student body. Great program offerings!
What I really love about this specific campus is that it has a really good college feel. Even though it is a community college, no dorms, and no roommates, it still has so much to offer. I believe it is the biggest of all the other DCCC campuses, and definitely has a wide variety of things a normal university has. A lot of people who I've went to middle school and haven't seen since then are attending this same campus, so I am actually happy that I've gotten to reconnect with them, as well as grow and graduate!
As with any community college, most people shy away because it’s not a University and honesty they shouldn’t. Why not earn your associates with minimal costs? It’s a great campus and the people I’ve encountered here are really nice and helpful.
I love this college. It is very well kept, and very diverse. I would change the parking options but other than that, the school is very good academically m.
Some of the teachers have a hard time keeping up with grades and using canvas as it’s not required though most use it to get information to students.
Had a fantastic experience at DCCC.I went to an extended campus,and loved the smaller campus enviroment
I feel like Delaware County Community College is a great school to start off at because it can give insights about college life. Also, there are many great ways to build success not only through academics but also through clubs and organizations. The people at the school are very kind and caring.
Great school for trades. I am going for the carpentry certificate and I love it and learn a lot. I love the hands on work building things.
There is a large student body, but everyone pretty much just sticks to what they have to do creating a very chill environment. Most professors care about your education and furthering yourself, but there are the few that only care about that specific course that you are enrolled in. Overall, everyone is very kind and friendly.
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Loved the amount of classes they have to offer. Cheap classes. But hard to find classes/offices if you don't know exactly where you're going.
I enjoy the variety of classes and the idea that they have a ton of different options that set you up for a future.
I actually loved my experience at DCCC and do not regret choosing to begin my pursuit of higher education there. I did not expect a community college to have so many resources available to their students from laptop loaning to personal counseling. The classes are small which was perfect for me because I could really get to know my professors and fellow classmates. With multiple classes it's easy to find classes to build around your schedule. I only wish that there was more involvement with things such as clubs; only a few clubs were active and had many members and I wish more effort went into promoting clubs, holding social events for students and that more people would get involved with the campus life.
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