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As a dual enrollment student I had trouble sometimes getting a hold of the dual enrollment office. However the professors were all very helpful and informative.
I like going to Delaware County Community College because it is close where I live and I am able to commute easily from home.
This school is a very nice transition school. It offers a lot of programs with teachers that will work with you and treat you as an equal. This school helped me figure out what I wanted to for a fraction of the cost of a university. It is very accommodating to any schedule, and it's facility is relaxing. It's the meat and potatoes version of a college education.
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I like Delaware county community college because it is easy for me to still live with my family and go to the college to earn my associates degree. I do not regret enrolling to this college.
I love DCCC because of the value I'm getting while still pursuring my education. I really like the Gen Ed to Gen Ed program.
Thanks to DCCC I have transferred to West Chester University with an associates degree. They took care of all the transfer paperwork for me and made sure I was taking the right classes so I wouldn't be wasting my time and money. The advisors and Professors are brilliant, kind, and inspiring. They make sure they offer enough variety of evening classes between the different campuses. I will continue to take courses here throughout the rest of my college career. Thank DCCC for helping me achieve my educational goals while working and taking care of my family.
DCCC is one of the better community colleges that I have attended. They have newer facilities and great professors. I would recommend to anyone in the area who may be looking to take classes.
I am currently enrolled at Delaware county community college for an automotive certificate. I have learned a lot at half the cost of what another trade school i applied to before offered. The classroom i am in is small , there are 10 students in my class which makes learning and speaking to the instructor easier than having a big classroom. The instructor takes his time to make sure everyone understands the subject we are talking about before moving on to the other subjects. The campus is really neat and we have a no smoking on campus which makes walking around campus better with not having to breathe in smoke from the cigarettes. Delaware county community college also provide side activities like soccer and other sports. The lunch they provide is good and they have a large variety of healthy drinks and food. I am glad i found out about Delaware county community college it has a lot to offer at half the cost of bigger colleges.
I love Delaware County Community College. It is the best college in the area to learn at because of the small student-to-faculty ratio. This provides for a one on one learning experience that you can't get in many places!
Delaware County Community College is a great school. I would change some of the professors some are not very knowledgeable in the subject they teach or prepare their assignments well. Rather than that this is great school!
It is a very nice campus. I can say the professors are awesome! They teach you so well and offer so much service after class or before class.
I chose to do online classes because I work full time and i also have two kids at home. School has been very accessible for me and i can do my work on my own downtime.
I'm not really sure how an online class differs from a traditional class because i haven't been in a traditional class yet.
Im currently in an online course and so far its very understandable, the teachers and students are always there to give feedback and help me excel, and the class is a good size.
Im just starting so theres nothing really specific i could explain to help identify with my major.
So far its everything i expected and more. The teachers are very helpful, the students are always there to help and give feedback when needed, and its a good starter for someone like me who waited to head back to school.
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Many credits are eligible for transfer to other schools
Not a painful ride away and cheap
I think most people attend here just to transfer
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