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DCAD is a very interesting school. As i began my journey to this school, it was sunshine and rainbows. The Academic classes could be better if the Art history professors remained at this school. There is no productive activities that happen outside of classes besides RA activities which is a distraction from the mountain of homework you must complete. The campus life is dull including terrible housing, and a crime filled environment. Last year someone was actually shot next to my dorms. The food would've been poor but they stepped it up this year. Overall, i'll only recommend this school if you enjoy being in a dark room for the most of your day.
If I were to describe Delaware College Of Art And Design In 2 words it would be opportunity and success. Within the very short 6 months I have been at DCAD I have gotten better grades that I have never gotten in high school, I’ve even had the opportunity of getting an internship (of my dreams). I have nothing but good things to say about DCAD
I started at DCAD a few months ago and I have loved it so far. I'm learning a lot of the basics of design now and then will get further into the specifics of Graphic Design as I continue.
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I think overall I've had a good experience here, however I wouldn't come here again if I had another chance. I think you should only go here if it's an absolute monetary necessity. There are good things however the interior design department is awful. I'd say the way this education will actually be worth it is if you go to Graphic Design or Animation.
1. if you attend here you should definitely be serious about your commitment because it is a lot of hard work. 2. it is definitely for those who know they wanna be in art and design. 3. This is a transfer school, your supposed to transfer to a bachelor's program. The professor's are the real back bone of the school many of them are practicing artist. They are dedicated and serious about what you learn. Because the school is small you get more attention and this is great because they push you in the areas you need. The school has a very diverse population and everyone is supportive of your success in art. There isn't a lot to do in Wilmington. I was OK with just coming to work. The meal plan is helpful for dorm and commute people. it's a good idea to save money for class assignments. I visited New York and the school pays for transport . The new internship programs helpful too. The facilities are not the best but not unmanageable.
Personally, the experience I've had at this school is better than I could have ever expected. The class size is quite small, which makes it feel almost like highschool, but much more inspiring. It's a gorgeous 5-story building with great professors and small, personal classes. I feel as though I'm getting the best possible education for such a low tuition. My only gripe is the area it is located in and the lack of willingness to listen to student opinions and suggestions. However, I feel completely prepared for my future and at my next college for my bachelor's.
I was able to build my daily schedule around my hospital visits.
After your two years you can transfer your credits to other college to get your bachelors. Teachers will give you handouts from companies that are looking for employees.
The classes are small enough to get a one on one with the professors and each professor has an efficient way of teaching the students.
The school helps you focus on what you're planing to do with your career and the internship coordinator givings you opinions on business that are looking for your talents. The teachers also handout any job offers that they'll come across.
The major I'm studying in has teachers that'll explain and give examples as well as small class activities.
I love the challenge and warm welcome the school brings from the teachers and staff to the student. It's like one big supportive family.
Small school means fewer classes. If you want to be in convenient classes, then schedule them asap. It's hard to switch classes around. Also, the classes are long. Expect to be there at least four days a week. I wouldn't suggest keeping a job while attending this school full-time.
No one even asks to see what happened after you graduate. They take your money and that's it.
They don't have any networking opportunities. They don't have job fairs like most other universities. You're on your own after you graduate. Good luck.
Professors really try to get to know every student individually. They're casual and straightforward.
I studied Graphic Design. I took four studio classes and two academic classes each semester. It's a heavy workload and at times, I got very little to no sleep. It rigorous but DCAD tries to prepare their students for the real world.
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DCAD is an extremely small school. But what it lacks in socially, makes up for it with small classes and stronger connections with professors and faculty. Because of that, my transition to another school went smoother.
The friends I've made here have become family. Although there isn't much to do in Wilmington, you can still make some fun. because of the re-birthing process of the city you have to just be patient. but the curriculum is really good just as the school is as a whole.
The class sizes are mostly small, so you can always get individual help if you need to. You can also go to office hours before class if you need to.
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