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Del Mar is a great 2 year college. The professors are compassionate. Classes are not over crowded with students. This leads to classrooms to feel more personal and hands on opposed to a large classrooms full of hundred of students listening to a lecture. Tuition is also the best in the area. You could get a degree at a fraction of the price of the cheapest Universities. Most degrees available at Del Mar give your hands on experience so you are ready to start working in whatever field you choose. Great school, great people, great environment.
Del mar is perfect in every way. The art program that i am in is excellent and i could not ask for more!
Del Mar College is a great place to get your associates degree. It has a great atmosphere and everyone is friendly.
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Del mar is a very open school, the people there are nice. Everyone tries to help in any way, don't get me started on the food its really good and doesn't hurt the wallet.
I really love the many different classes they offer. They have something for everyone. I haven't had any major problems during my time attending this College. I am almost done with my 60 credits for my degree. I would recommend that many more people consider attending Del Mar College.
Del Mar is great for students starting out or transferring. I find that they have lots of opportunity for vocational skills and also for people seeking higher degrees like BA.
What I like about Del Mar are the professors! Majority of them care about their students succeeding. It may seem more difficult than other community colleges and maybe even some Universities but I believe it's because they push you to your educational limit in order to prepare you for your major and future. Del Mar College also makes people feel very welcome and always has events and different types of classes and aids to help students with work they find difficult. While I know they're doing construction to better the campus, I do wish it wasn't so frequent.
Small classes with quality professors. Tuition and fees are reasonable and attending won’t make you spend a fortune. Many resources available to students. Resources range from free tutoring to checking out a laptop.
The nursing program is very challenging, but in a good way. Only downfall is there are times where it is unorganized and that is the last thing nursing students need.
My Overall Experience at Del Mar College was beyond exceptional and very enjoyable. The Academics at Del Mar College where exceptional with many science, business and art degree paths. Professors at Del Mar College are some of the best and take time in assuring each student understands the martial. The overall campus is exceptional and some of the buildings display beautiful architecture. One thing about Del Mar College that I enjoyed where the math learning and stone writing centers which where geared to helping students in any type of math or English courses. Another thing I liked about Del Mar College was the easy access to downtown Corpus Christi. One thing I would like to see change about Del Mar is lack of Campus life. Another thing I would like to see improved is the school food.
It's very cost affordable and the staff is great. The campus is being improved every day so you will always find top quality facilities The only down fall is the location.
The price is great. I wish they had more degree options and better transfer programs. I have completed four semesters and only 3 of my classes will transfer. Plus the instructors are not very good at communicating with you.
love del mar the teachers and staff are great!!!! the food in the cafeteria is pretty decent also and the faculty always is extremely helpful with anything i need!
The facilities are well maintained and the campus offers many extra help programs for students. I enjoyed my time here and felt it was money well spent!
I will be starting Del Mar fall 2018, However, I have been there several times to register and for financial aide. They are expanding some buildings and their parking space.
I am working on completing my AA in studio art, I have taken 2 history classes and one math class and scored well in all. I enjoy seeing the occasional cat lounging about campus. With your campus id you can ride the bus for free which is a plus. Most of the good food is off campus but within walking distance, there are several fast food chains, a really good Mexican restaurant (although be prepared if the servers don't speak much English), and a donut/ kolache place.
My favorite aspect about Del Mar College is the small class size. Every course I have taken has been a very personal experience, and I am able to converse with my professors and ask them questions when I need assistance. Del Mar also offers very affordable prices for its courses, so it is a good place to finish your core curriculum if you plan to transfer to a 4-year university in the Coastal Bend region of Texas.
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I love my College, it's very convenient and affordable. The staff is great, people are down to earth, it's a safe school. I'm proud to be a Viking. If I could change anything it would have to be making more clinical areas, the science based programs have such little space for students to enroll, only being able to except 24 out of 250 applicants is horrible. I think before they start building all this extra stuff they need to improve what they already have, that and we definitely need more parking on East Campus.
Del Mar College in my opinion is one of the best colleges you can go to and have the best professors who are willing to help the students be successful. I truly believe that dreams can come true if one wants to succeed. Del Mar also have offer tutoring and one of them that I like to go to is the Math Learning Center. The tutors there are really great and I recommend the Math Learning Center to anyone. They have help you with a problem and they show you different ways to solve a math problem. Del Mar College has really been a wonderful experience and are willing to Associate Art's Degree from the there. After that, go to A&M Corpus Christi and hopefully have a degree in architecture drafting.
Del mar college is a great community college in corpus christi, Texas. I am returning for the summer semester as a sophomore and the professors are good and friendly as are the students. The campus is nice not too big not too small and I would definitely recommend this college to anyone starting on basics or going for an associate's degree
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