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Del Mar College in my opinion is one of the best colleges you can go to and have the best professors who are willing to help the students be successful. I truly believe that dreams can come true if one wants to succeed. Del Mar also have offer tutoring and one of them that I like to go to is the Math Learning Center. The tutors there are really great and I recommend the Math Learning Center to anyone. They have help you with a problem and they show you different ways to solve a math problem. Del Mar College has really been a wonderful experience and are willing to Associate Art's Degree from the there. After that, go to A&M Corpus Christi and hopefully have a degree in architecture drafting.
Del mar college is a great community college in corpus christi, Texas. I am returning for the summer semester as a sophomore and the professors are good and friendly as are the students. The campus is nice not too big not too small and I would definitely recommend this college to anyone starting on basics or going for an associate's degree
I think Del Mar is exactly what you'd expect community college to be. There's two campuses with various programs, technical and degree programs. Since it's a two-year campus, there's no student housing available, but it is located in a mid-sized city.
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Del Mar college is an exceptional school to begin or even complete a career path. They offer top notch classes with fantastic professors for all undergrad degrees but they really knock it out of the park with their vocational programs for nursing, therapy, and dental.
I decided to attend Del Mar College to find myself. I transferred from a university. I didn’t know what to expect. Furthermore, I was very impressed with Del Mar College. The staff is absolutely amazing and helpful. I’ve had a wonderful learning experience at this two year college. My professors have been caring and understanding. Del Mar College also offers a handful of wonderful resources to succeed and achieve goals. However, I wish the school would push for more athletics.
Tutoring is easily accesible. Cant get better tuition prices either. Professors are exceptional. You have your guidance counselors there for you every step of the way and all sorts of extra help if needed be. Del Mar is very flexible with your desire to learn, as long as you have the will they will certainly help you find a way.
Del Mar College is a good, affordable community college to complete your basic courses. The staff is very helpful and will guide you through your college education.
Though it's a small community school, the classes are well taught and vigorous. You will learn what is needed to start you off in your field and it is a great way to save money if you have to pay out of pocket.
has very much help with being more interactive and getting out of my bubble. the staff here is friendly my adviser has helped through so many things with enrolling in school to personal issues. i am very grateful for Del mar they really are here to help. the professor are professional except one but the bad will not over rule the view of this amazing establishment.
They make receiving loans almost i possible. And the appeal process is a joke. After 1 semester i transferred to a better school. Mistake goimg to a 3rd rate college. Very disappointed.
Del Mar is ranked as one of the top community colleges in the Nation.
It has great faculty and you actually learn something here.
Large community college with better than average academics. The science department is excellent, very career oriented. Decent array of study fields, from fine arts to business, and applied sciences. The school offers many opportunities to receive help if you are unsure, or want to learn more.
I like that Del mar is an easy option for new students who want to get into college. Del mar college offers a lot of diverse programs that accommodates a wild selection of interests.
I love this school there’s lots of diversity in people and lots of programs offered. The staff is very helpful and the campus is beautiful .
Its a great experience I have learned so much from the professors and the college. The college has good clubs that you can be involve in to volunteer or participate.
Del Mar is an awesome College. Registration was simple, the advisors are super helpful and caring. The few professors I had were amazing they took the time to get to know you as a person and really help you understand any issues you have with assignments.
The best community college. This school helps you succeed when you get out of college. They prepare you for the real work environment. This school has made a huge different in my life financially because of how we these instructors help us be successful men and women in all aspects of the workforce.
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Del Mar college is a amazing college. The professors are very helpful and is willing to help you as much as you need help with.
The classes are small and are exceptional learning environments. The professors are very helpful. The campus is also small and easy to navigate. There are several tutoring facilities on campus as well that students can take advantage of. I used tutoring to get help in some of my classes and I passed those classes with an A. If I had any questions about the class curriculum or assignments I could always ask my instructors for help and the would gladly do so. I’m glad to have received my associates degree at such a great school.
Del Mar has provided me with the best education available. The professors are reliable, attentive, and open-minded. Everyone is treated equally and given the same opportunities to excel in the class. The registrar, and advisers are extremely helpful with any concerns or tasks you may need. Del Mar comes with many great qualities but one change that could be made is the library hours, students often have crazy schedules and should be able to access the library at any time needed.
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