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I have had some problems with some professors. But other than that I attended this College while attending high school and the peers there are very helpful as well as my Advisor/Professor.
Del Mar College is a fabulous school. Not only do they have a phenomenal staff, but all the teachers are highly trained. I never saw myself going to college, but once I met the faculty at del Mar I knew I was making the right choice.
I liked Del Mar... especially since i was taking Dual Credit at the time. It was a nice organized campus. It was very convenient since it was very close to my home.
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Well, in my opinion Del Mar College is a great school with many opportunities. I attended Del Mar College through my high school as a dual credit student. The professors I had for my classes were super understanding of high school students busy schedules and accommodated the assignment deadlines. I also received a student i.d. and was able to access the college library and i definitely declare it a good one.
I have had a great experience with all of the professors in the music department. There are always resources for tutoring if a student need a it. The faculty is kind and they actually care about the success of there students.
I haven’t started yet but I know a few professors that have been helping me and a couple of advisors that I’ve spoken to as well.
I Think that Del mar is fun and i like being in technology. I love building cars drones robots and other stuff.
I just loves delmar its just a wonderful college to take your course. what i would like tochang at delmar is for more parking spots.
I highly enjoy attending Del Mar. The campus is small and intimate, yet you don't feel crowded. All student services are located in one building so you can get your questions answered in a timely manner. The professors are all amazing and passionate about their work. I'm proud to say I'm earning my associates here.
My junior year of high school we went on a afternoon long field trip to this wonderful school; thanks to this I have decided to choose Del Mar College as my first choice school. I look forward to starting the newest chapter of my life there.
My experience with Del Mar College has been very exceptional. I enjoy the diversity of the classrooms. The options of the night classes are wide ranged. They have programs that are very much needed for learning a trade or profession. I enjoy the instructors and the school is extremely cost effective. I am working towards a second degrees there and will continue to attend the school as far as it will take me.
I absolutely love Del Mar College. The professors really challenge the students to work hard for their grades. They are willing to help you out if you show them that you care about school. Del Mar college also has great resources, like calculators, laptops, computers, and printers that are easy to access. They also have organizations that come and help people get involved in activities on and off campus.
Del Mar college is a great school where they help you with everything you need! Professors are super nice and are always willing to help!
Del Mar college is the ideal school for me at this time. Everyone there has been very helpful with my transition of becoming a student again.
Del mar is actually really nice except for this year that they cut down most of the trees. The professors are strict but they get the job done. The price is low compared to university but I still have trouble paying it. other than that, Del mar college is a smart decision. The location is not the best but it has a great diversity and friendly advisers that help a lot.
Studied at Del Mar for my basics. Campus is decent size and most professors are kind and caring. Not many clubs to join but it is a community college. Food is alright but over time you get tired of eating it just like anywhere else you will go. Parking is a nightmare and half the time there isn't any. Overall pretty good school.
I will be starting Del Mar in Fall of 2017. The staff are really helpful with getting you to turn in everything you need to register for classes.
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I think that Del Mar College is an amazing college. It has such a diverse amount of students who come here. From ages eighteen and up. The professors are amazing and they are so helpful. The classes are great and you can find just about anything you need to help you succeed with your education! I am proud to say I am attending Del Mar College!
All the professors were interested in seeing you succeed and there are tutors available for extra help. The students are very friendly and are also willing to help each other work on class assignments. The library is a awesome place to work for research and to gain access on different search engines to find what you need for a paper. The math torturing center is a great help, and even if you still do not get what you are doing, they never stop trying different methods to help you understand.
Great campus. All professors I have had are so eager to help out if you don't understand something and really care about the students!
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