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All the professors were interested in seeing you succeed and there are tutors available for extra help. The students are very friendly and are also willing to help each other work on class assignments. The library is a awesome place to work for research and to gain access on different search engines to find what you need for a paper. The math torturing center is a great help, and even if you still do not get what you are doing, they never stop trying different methods to help you understand.
Great campus. All professors I have had are so eager to help out if you don't understand something and really care about the students!
To begin with Del Mar College is a very small school but that's the one thing I love about it. The professors know you by your name not a number. Speaking of professors they are awesome at Del Mar and they want nothing more than for you to succeed. I know a lot of people that have attended Del Mar and have not heard a lot of bad things before.
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It's an amazing campus! It offers tutoring centers for every subject which is really beneficial. The professors lectures are really in depth and you really learn in each class.
The campus over all is very clean and offers a safe learning environment!
It is a great school to go to if you're looking for a cheap education without the exciting 'college' feel to it.
My experience is great, I love that the classes are so self explanatory. I Would like to see more tutorial workshops.
Great enviroment for getting into the college life. Very helpful teachers and staff and an all around good pick for a 2 year school.
I am very happy with the architecture program & will like to further my education after I receive my degree here.
Del mar College is a stepping stone for the educational world, you must go in and get out as soon as possible. The school itself is great, the students are friendly the staff is encouraging, exception of a few but that's everywhere. The tuition is very fare, not expensive but it's in the middle. If you are going for nursing as I am we have one of the best schools for that in the nation so hurry on and get started ! In all the school is great !
Very open campus and the online courses are very good. The professors are very nice and willingly to work with you.
I really liked the way they are teaching me and others and the way I have learned so much in such a short time. The money spend to go here is well invested into my future and my success for later in life. I really enjoy going to every class and look forward to coming back in the spring
So far I've had excellent teachers. The advisors I've spoke with helped me choose the classes that fit my needs and ultimate goal.
Tuition is cheap. The professors I've had are amazing; they teach very well.
The people working at the college are helpful and patient when you need certain services.
the cafeteria has some good food, some less so. I've never had any reason to complain. the staff keeps it running quickly and smoothly. there are also restaurants within easy driving and walking distance
no dorms.
the classes I've taken are tough, but if you do your homework/reading and pay attention in class, you'll do well.
research professors, ask your adviser about your options, and speak to previous students before registering for classes so you know what you're getting into. be prepared: there isn't always great parking, depending on the time of the day. sometimes there is walking traffic on campus between classes or during lunch.
Del mar college has good teachers, is community oriented, and is a great campus.
I love my college it's got an amazing kinesiology department and three of the most amazing coach's . Coach Hilley was named teacher of the year, then there is coach Power and he's an amazing man capable of keeping kids interested in there physical fitness and health,and then there's the beautiful Shawnee Bonnet my dance appreciation instructor. All these amazing people inspired me to become a kinesiology major.
Del Mar College is a great college. It is super affordable community college. It challenges me where I need it most. It's a wonderful college that I would highly recommend to anyone interested in college.
I am a student and love it. The professors are great the atmosphere is good and the class size are good also
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Del Mar College lacks many qualities that any school should have. There is no student involvement, the campus is extremely small( which makes it feel like you're back in high school), obviously there is no dorming/housing, and the professors lack authority and professionalism. Del Mar college does no provide students with a quality education or a fulfilling experience.
I enjoyed the proximity of all buildings. the library is a great place to study that offers study rooms, computers and you can even rent out laptops in the st Clair building. the speech communications center Is very useful and the people working their are ready to help you with your speech
Buildings are old, especially in the math and history buildings. The desk are small and old. It would be nice to have more of a variety in food, that way we wouldn't have to leave campus to eat.
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