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the overall experience of defiance college the school is a great place to be but we are mainly sports school, so if you are not in to sports this is not the school for you.
Great college. Awesome professors, nice people, easy to find everything. A small campus but still a great experience.
My experience at Defiance College has overall been excellent. Defiance gave me an opportunity to move away from home and pursue a Bachelors degree. During my 4 years at Defiance College I have completed internships in my field of study to give me a better understanding for what comes next. I have also been a member of the Defiance College Softball team the last 4 years in which has taught me time management and has enhanced my leadership skills tremendously. There is nothing I would have changed throughout my time at Defiance College, it has prepared me for my future and brought me life long friendships.
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My experience at Defiance is not what i expected for what a college would be like. It's very small so if you were to look for a real college experience you would not get that there. But I do like how the classes are small and how you can interact with the professor's.
Defiance College is very local and an inviting environment. There are a lot of issues with the care of the campus considering campus living, the care of the sidewalks in bad weather, and some rough parking.
I love Defiance College. It was the best decision of my life to come here to continue my academic and athletic career.
Defiance College is very small in terms of both student and faculty population, as well as campus space. The college does not have much diversity to offer, is super expensive, and many professors are overly strict. The small number of faculty really limits students options in regard to course schedules. Most required courses are only offered either in the fall or spring, and typically there are only one or two options of what time it can be taken. Furthermore, there are not many elective courses offered in ones own major: Students often have to take courses that are irrelevant to their major in order to fill credit hour requirements.
I love that defiance college is a small school that offers a lot. Something that could change is the cost of tuition.
Defiance College has made a positive impact on my College career. They are very friendly and care about you as an individual person. The professors take it upon themselves to help you succeed and learn the knowledge required for your career choice. Overall, a very welcoming and encouraging place to call home for the next 4 years.
Defiance College is definitely a small environment. However this is what makes the school so unique. On campus living is compared to having one big family. Everyone is involved with one another as a support system. They just updated our food service, and add new classes every semester from things like Yoga to learning how to coach. The only thing about Defiance that could make it unlikable is the low diversity rate. Being an African American female it would make one feel more comfortable to not be approximately 1 of 20 African American females on campus.
Classes and professors seem to be a hit-or-miss. I would have liked to see a greater variety of courses offered, and more convenient times for students. It is extremely difficult to double major, or even have a minor, as required courses for each major often only have one class available a semester and they are often at the same time. Class sizes vary greatly depending on the course. I have had classes with 3 students (including myself) and other classes with 20 or more students.
Career center/services is very willing to help students when needed. There are also courses that students can take to prepare for graduate schools, internships, resumes, recommendation letters, etc.
I have not been faced with any health or safety issues at Defiance College. The campus is relatively illuminated at night for students who take evening classes.
Overall, I have enjoyed the professors I have had. I would not choose to attend this college again, however, if I were to do it all over. The students are not friendly and a large number of them are involved in athletics, so unless you are in a sport you can feel left out.
It isn't anything awesome and it really wasn't what I was expecting for college to be like.
The school tries its best, but we all know a person who has been sexually assaulted who is afraid to go to the school or they play it off.
With the tiny rooms you might as well just pay the extra money to have a room to yourself.
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We have Tau Kappa Epsilon(The only remaining Fraternity that just came back to campus) and Alpha Xi Delta(A Sorority struggling to stay afloat). Everyone sees TKE as snobby, while no one even notices AXD
Compared to my High School, the athletic facilities are poor. The school also feels like they should cut sports programs do to loss of funds elsewhere and it is pitiful.
The school has cut too many programs without student interest.
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