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I feel at home at Dean. Being from far away, I love the community that Dean builds and has on campus and with the community in town.
its a small school where there is nothing to do on or off campus. the theatre department is okay but its not a place where you can make connections anywhere outside of New England. the Academic classes are easy enough that you can miss four classes in a row, come back on the day of the test and get a 94%. the kids all act like they are still in high school and its so small that when something happens everyone know about it. Campus safety makes you feel like you're a 7th grader, so if you are looking for a school to baby you and make you feel like a middle schooler this is the school for you.
Not at all what admissions makes you think it is. Not worth the high price tag at all. Supposedly friendly and diverse and accepting but is not any of those things. Have been made fun of for my looks and skin color. No effort made by advisors or Res Lfe to make sure kids are adjusting and included. Very disappointing!
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I would say the dance program is really good and that’s what the school is known for. It’s a really small campus which is a good thing. There’s not much to do on weekends and that’s what makes life miserable. Also every cliquey
I was involved in the basketball program and did not have a good experience. School is overpriced to what it has to offer. It is good for students who are shy and want a small school. Professors were good and willing to help. I got excellent grades there if you put in the work you will be fine. I was also involved in the Honors Program which was cool. I was on the dean list for both fall and spring semester.
Dean College is a great school for students with LDs to learn the skills needed to be successful in college and the rest of their lives. On the flip side, they are not as good at working with students who are working through their mental health. Dean assumes if someone is smuggling at all, they can't be an efficient member to their community.
Small community. Pretty Good food. Not very much to do on campus or off. Lacks convenient shopping within walking distance. Students generally are relatively apathetic, and Disrespectful to Professors. The workload is pretty light. Education, at least in Freshman year, is of pretty low value. Decent amount of support for students. Students and faculty are friendly for the most part. Very Safe. Limited selection of courses and courses can be difficult to get into. In my opinion, not worth the cost.
One thing I enjoy about Dean College is the population, Dean College is highly diverse and you meet a plethora of wonderful individuals. Also, I enjoy how Dean faculties are always willing to help the students or whoever is in need of help. If you need help with an assignment there is always somewhere available to assist you.
Dean College is a great school, it is basically impossible to fail. Dean offers so many resources and free tutoring/help sessions. The food in the dining hall is delicious and offers lots of healthy options for everyone. (Vegans, Vegetarians, gluten free, meat eaters ect.)

There is NO Greek life on campus, not much of a party scene here unless you have friends who live in the condos or have a car. Dean has many study abroad options with access to over 50+ destinations a student can travel to. I wish Dean had a pool or foreign language classes (Spanish,french, german,latin)
I really love how small Dean College is. It is very much like a small community and makes me feel like I have my very own family here at my school. The students and the staff here are incredibly nice and treat me very well. Another thing I love about going to school here at Dean College is the cleanliness of the college. The staff work very hard to keep everything very clean and it really shows. The campus is beautiful.
Dean College is a great college to break yourself into the new environment with. The teachers and faculty at the college make It a point to learn about you and where you are from. They also make sure that you can succeed in their classes.
i'm set to go there in September. The campus is small and comfortable,safe and the people are very friendly.
Dean has been a great experience academically. It challenges those who have been use to honor programs, in a more insightful manner. If you're looking for a party school, Dean should not be your first choice. However, they do offer exciting dances, and a variety of activates weekly, to please most interest. Franklin is a very quiet town, but is full of history and great resources. The library has a vast amount of books, and great faulty with resourceful information.
I toured this campus and I absolutely fell in love. I will be attending Dean College in the fall of 2018 and it would be nice to get a scholarship to help my family afford it. I am looking forward to what is in store for my future as a bulldog!
They have a pretty big price tag for an up and coming school. They still have a long way to go before they can be considered a good school. They have some cool amenities but laundry is kind of expensive, the dining hall isn't open enough, and the academics aren't as good as they should be for the price they are charging.
Definitely there are better schools out there. Dean is very safe, has a nice campus. Probably the best thing about the school is the academics. Most of the professors care about how you do and for sure they all know you by name.
Dean itself isn’t a bad school, just a small school trying to make its name. However, for me, getting the money to go to this school has been more than difficult, and I have spent all of Christmas break stressing over school rather than having an actual break. I think the financial aid could do better.
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What I love about Dean are the small classes and the ability to get involved in leadership positions in the various clubs and organizations. The teachers try their best to make sure that the students are involved and participating in discussions inside and outside of the classrooms. Due to the fact that Dean is a small school, anyone who wants to get more experience being part of a team or even leading a team has that opportunity to easily get involved and gain that experience. The advice I give to new students is that, you’re experience at Dean is what you make of it; get involved (it’s easier than you think), make new friends (your network of people start with the friends you make in college), and don’t be afraid to make mistakes.
Not worth the money. It's a school mainly for people who aren't serious about their education. They will literally take anyone (they will pay you to come here!) The food is dull and the dorms are worse. Social life isn't great since most people just stay in their rooms. Don't expect Greek Life or parties, instead expect obnoxious students and a miserable college experience.
nice small school close to home if I wanted to come home on weekends. met a lot of great friends there that I am still today friends and in contact with. Small campus offered alot.
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