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nice small school close to home if I wanted to come home on weekends. met a lot of great friends there that I am still today friends and in contact with. Small campus offered alot.
I enjoy the small class sizes and community. There is a wide diversity among the students and it is a very accepting place. The professors are all want to see you succeed are more than willing to offer you guidance and help.
Crazy expensive and you're literally paying campus security to drive around on their golf cart because this school is too lazy to have blue lights on their campus. In math class you have to take as a freshman you learn how to use a ruler and how to tip at restaurant.. this is college right? They show you dorms you will never live in on the tour and put you in these small nasty rooms instead. This school is money hungry for everything. Not to mention how rude everyone is including students and staff. Terrible food, if you like eating pizza or pasta with watery marinara sauce then good for you. Oh and the dining hall closes mad early so have fun going to boomers for over priced rude ass people for some food. Once you even mention you want to transfer the staff looks at you and laughs and doesn't help you whatsoever. Not to mention a girl got rapped last week and its been over a week, still enrolled playing baseball like nothing happened. If you are not a dance major DO NOT COME HERE
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i honestly have never experienced something as bad as this,absolutely no night life, campus safety treats you like your in middle school and classes are full of delinquent football players. if you're not an athlete or dancer they don't care. it is WAY over priced. Not to mention there is zero to do on campus, you go to class then go back to bed... everyday.
Dean College is great for someone who wants a small-town vibe, and they have excellent dance and theater programs. However, I think they are lacking in diversity and inclusiveness on campus.
It's great for theater. Beautiful campus. Supposedly, freshmen can't be commuters, but they're not too strict about it, which is great because I couldn't afford to live on campus. They have great food here too. They could do a better job of not treating us like babies; for some reason, attendance is part of our grade for some classes. Obviously, if you're not showing up to class after a few weeks, the class should be dropped from your schedule, but if you don't come to class maybe two times, I don't see how that could be a big deal. Multiple professors have scolded kids for showing up late or not coming to class as often as they would like, and I understand that it's a smaller school, so it's more noticeable, but it's college. The only other thing is that they are so strict about parties. I'm not even a big party enthusiast, but I understand that that is a big part in a college student's experiences.
Dean College has an amazing environment as well as high quality professors. The faculty is amazing as well. Everyone on this campus makes each other feel very welcomed and comfortable.
We liked the small community and family atmosphere. The fit is perfect for my daughter. The professor and faculty know all of the students.
Too easy academic classes, dance program is great. Food could be better and dining hall needs later hours. More campus events.
very small school but good if you need a 4 year business degree and not a super competitive environment
A very small campus but a great place to make life long friends from all over the world. The classes were clean and up to date. the Library is great as well as the tutors. The price is kind of expensive.
Dean College is a new new on the market of colleges they have growing facilities and more and more people are starting to think about going to Dean. Dean is a very small school, so if you're looking for a big campus with a lot of people look somewhere else because you will see the same faces everyday. The town of Franklin is a very quiet town the people are nice and nothing really goes on it is sort of like a pit stop town, but they are also building new things to better develop the town.
Beautiful campus and atmosphere. Love the classes and the professors, a great place to learn. The library is my favorite place to go, to relax, study, and even hang out.
Dean college has a flexible admission policy.One can get admitted without SAT/TOEFL.Submission of admission materials online is so exciting and reduces the cost of postage.As an international prospective student Dean is the best option for me.
I thought that the student body was friendly and welcoming. I loved the size of the dorm rooms as well. I found it beneficial how close the college was to stores and restaurants throughout the community. Over all I think that the campus is beautiful.
I have not done yet.
I was told that is fair.
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Its still soon to give full detail.
still to soon to say first year here.
I am very happy lay out of our daily class and parctice.
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