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De Anza College is a great environment for any type of student, providing more than enough resources to help students succeed, from counseling services to tutoring. The professors at De Anza are top notch, dedicated and inspiring professors who teach a wide variety of subjects. It's nice that the president also sends out emails showing his care and concern for all students. One of the best aspects about this college is that it is a very nonjudgemental and diverse environment where you can meet others who share the same opinions and interests. A con that comes with such a huge school would be that student involvement is very minimal, so I would like to see the general student population as a whole have more representation regarding certain issues about the campus and student body.
It is way too crowded with lack of computers and chairs in the library! Too noisy and students clutter inside study rooms despite library rules.
De Anza is a very diverse school with a great learning environment. The teachers connect with their students beyond the classroom level. A lot of the professors try to teach their students lessons that they can take with them when they continue their educational path. They really want their students to succeed. Overall, the campus is beautiful and their have been many upgrades and remodeling done since I first started attending De Anza. The school also offers a wide variety of programs that a lot of other community colleges in the area don't offer.
I have been enjoying my studies @ De Anza.
I am pleased with the courses available for my major.
I tell people all the time, check out De Anza College!
This college is so amazing and open to new and different ideas. They make students who attend the school feel safe and loved. Even when the world is hating each other, DeAnza makes sure that we are still an open community for a diversity of students. This is why I love my school because they don't discriminate for the way one looks.
People are very informative and tasks are manageable to solve on your own. They have a department to support disabled students; highly recommend to use their resources if applicable. Big space for both a bookstore and convenience store. Several Wonderful places to study: library, flint center, cafeteria, on-campus park, and tutors area. The parking arrangements could be improved. Classes are very competitive, so I recommend checking with advisor with registration time.
The college provides a good environment for learning. Professors are friendly and accessible. There is a lot of clubs and activities for various types of interests, hobbies and religions. The cafeteria caters really good salad bowls and there is a public piano in the cafeteria. Overall, the learning experience here so far has been really good!
I attended De Anza college for several years, and it's one of the best community campuses around here. I have had the privilege of living so close to campus that it made commuting quite easy. The food is good for a school cafeteria, and the professors really care about their material, and the success of their students. We also have great places to eat, and relax while studying around the campus, and as well as inside the campus. Overall I recommend anyone to attend De Anza College.
They are currently helping me obtain my two year degree and complete my requirements to transfer out. I am happy with the information they are providing me with and, overall, their teachers have been well-informed and exceptional.
I transferred from De Anza, but I am still finishing up a few classes to get two AA degrees. I have enjoyed my time at De Anza a lot. I met a lot of students from across the world, learned a lot of valuable and useful information in my classes, had plenty of quite study space, bonded with supportive professors, and made several friends. The surrounding community itself is close to several food options in walking distance and the campus is easy to access by car or local transportation. I would not change anything.
I was taught very well at this school. I got educated and transferred very easily to my four year. I received two degrees while I was there which helped me further my education and career.
Lots of flexibility with classes and curriculum, it just may be that you don't get the greatest professors.
Lots of help available, IF you seek it out. All teachers have office hours and there is tutoring available for almost every subject.
It's a community college focused on getting students to transfer to four year schools.
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Nothing really unique, hard to find job opportunities through school.
Everything really depends on each teacher you get it could be good or bad. And the administration is 10 times worse than DMV.
They way i have built my career latter is a bit more different than usual. I am experiencing a lot surrounding my ideal goal including mathematics, science, and art.
The school itself is just a building no life no energy no words. But without the building there would be no De Anza no life, the building is not what makes the school but the students the teachers the devotion to bring so many cultures and diversity together. I love and appreciate the approach the school gives each incoming student to make the step to adulthood and further education easier, better, just plain amazing.
Online classes were formatted properly and allowed for the success of students.
De Anza maintains a high reputation for allowing their students to transfer with academic paths.
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