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Although a community college, De Anza has very experienced teachers. Many of which are still working full-time in their field. The Campus is beautiful with lots of trees and places to relax or get some work done.
I love De Anza College in Cupertino, California. The academics are great. The clubs are great and the atmosphere is so nice.
De Anza would have been perfect for me if only it wasn't a quarter system.”
De Anza would have been perfect for me if only it wasn't a quarter system.”
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I had an amazing time in De Anza. Professors are very caring and always available to help students. Students are very friendly.
This place made me enjoy learning again. Loved the diversity at this school! The staff were very knowledgable and caring, and such a big help with my college career.
I loved the sense of community between the students and the staff. The bathrooms, the food, and housing rates need modifications.
Best decision I've made is to come here before transferring to a university! The counselors aren't GREAT but there's some good ones. Overall, the professors are outstanding and super helpful especially during office hours. The coursework is rigorous most of the time but nothing too crazy -- no more than 1-2 hours of homework a day per class. Friendly staff and student body and very clean campus. It deserves its great reputation.
So far De Anza has been so good to me! I have had no issues with this school and all my teachers were great and I love all the programs that help me financially!
De Anza College is an excellent community college which provides all around help for students base on their need. Speaking as an Asian immigrant coming from a low income family, I never feel the lack of support from this community. For books, we have got the EOPS program which provide book funds for students up to $250 per every quarter; there are councilors checking on your academic progress, making sure that you are on track; there are excellent mental support and therapist who take care of the mental need of the students. The faculty members are loving and caring about students but not just their performance in class. I really do love this community and I am so thankful that I have got the opportunity to receive an education from this institution.
Most of the professors that I took in De Anza were good and helpful. They always willing to help their student and are passionate about their job. Besides, De Anza also has the highest transfer rate among most of the college in California. This was also the reason I chose to study at De Anza.
Great college. there is a varity of programs the are helpfull in almost any need you have. I had great counsellors and proffesors. what I would change is to improve chemistry proffesors. almost all of them are old, and therefore are not as pationate to lecture. other than that my experice at De Anza was great
has a great environment for people who really want the college experience. They professors here are amazing. They are so kind and helpful with every single question you ask. The people are very friendly and the counselor office was very easy to handle.
I like being able to save thousands of money by taking my general education classes at a community college rather than a four-year university. I have more control in using my free time since I am most familiar with the area. Since I still have my car, I can still have a part-time job and be flexible with my schedule. I don't have to worry much about transportation. Like any school, you have to make most of it and create your own experiences rather than depending on school status/events. I reached out to many opportunities like interning at the Euphrat Museum and applying to the Mellon Scholars Program specifically for FHDA students. Staying local has helped me grow as a person and create a strong foundation for my major classes and experiences to come.
Honestly, the only worst con is traffic.
UC De Anza as it's known at other 4 year colleges will give you the best education for a 2 year JC and better than some 4 year colleges. The parking, like all college campuses, is packed during peak hours. It's convenient location gives you plenty of access to nearby food and grocery stores. The campus buildings are decent with some gems like the renowned planetarium. There's grassy spots, trees and fountains sprinkled about to give you outdoor peace during warmer months and a great library to study in winter. The cafeteria food is affordable given the usual over priced offerings at other cafeteria campuses but is better in quality beyond comparison. Most of the teachers are amazing and will give you the opportunity to become a better student, invest in your future and successfully graduate in a program or transfer to a 4 year. I prefer this college to Foothill and West Valley, they have nothing on De Anza.
Professors are average, but a diverse background of students make academics challenging, yet rewarding.
From my experiences of being a college student in De Anza College has been an amazing journey so far. As one of the international students in the crowd, I have managed to immerse myself in a different environment where there's a lot more than i could have asked for in the education system. Along with the foreign exchanges in every corners, I'm able to adapt quickly over a year and the atmosphere here in De Anza is very helpful at the same time. I've met incredible professors throughout my course of studies and not only I've mastered their classes, but also I've learned a lot from their materials where I can use them in real life situations.
Professors are really helpful. They try their best to explain in every possible way. Community friendly college.
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at De Anza there are very good resources, it is a very diverse campus with tons of clubs to be a part of and the student involvement always there.
Deanza is an excellent school for students looking to save money before transferring to a 4 year university. Many of the professors are knowledgeable, helpful, and responsive. However, some classes, especially chemistry, can be extremely difficult to register for. Knowing ahead of time which classes you'll be taking, and maintaining priority registration status are necessary to transfer within two years.
I graduated from De Anza College this past Spring Quarter. I majored in Business Administration and really enjoyed my time at De Anza. My time spent at De Anza was incredible. My professors were very kind and allowed me to expand my thinking in ways that I never thought about before. The academics was challenging at times, but the main purpose of going to a community college is to prepare students to attend a 4-year university after graduation.
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