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I love everything about De Anza, there is not a single reason I can think of to not like my school or recommend it to someone. So many options, opportunities, and life that the school runs by, such an amazing school.
I enjoyed going to De Anza college,over the last couple years I was able to grow as a person, based on everything that I learned there. The professors are great and willing to go out of there way to support you. Its in quarter unit so you learn last, good place to network. I loved it!
De Anza is a great school to start or continue achieving your educational goals. The teachers are great and the counselors are invested in helping you see your goals through.
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I am a Freshman at De Anza Community College. I am really enjoying attending classes there because I am saving a lot of money and still getting a very high-quality education. For what it is worth, I am completely satisfied with De Anza except for the fact that it is very hard to make and keep friends due to the quarter system. It all goes by like a whirlwind!
I am an international student and I have already joined in De Anza College for a half of year, which absolutely enjoyed the college life in here. At the beginning of fall quarter of 2017, I was nervous about my college life because it is my first time to study in the American college. However, the professors and students in De Anza college are really enthusiastic and willing to help me out when I met problems, which helped me eliminate the nervousness. I appreciate everyone I met and everything I experienced at De Anza College.
The campus is amazing, food tastes so good, internet is not good, but everyone else is friendly, and very diverse! A lot of clubs to join, and electives to choose from. Plus it's easier to transfer from here to a 4 year or university. The places where you can chill, read, or play games with your friends feel so good. I feel relaxed sitting on the benches near the white house replica as I listen to birds chirping around. I highly recommend this college! :)
De Anza has been a great experience so far. I am a business administration major that will transfer in two years. This community college is nice to be at because of the faculty and cleanliness of the campus. I heard parking used to be horrible there. But their new parking structure makes finding parking everyday easy. In the Flint parking structure, it has four levels and De Anza invested a lot of money into it. Choosing my classes is easy and I usually get all the ones I need for the quarter. Professors have impacted my life in positive way. Looking forward to future courses.
Some professors are AMAZING and very inspirational. What I like about De Anza is that they updated the priority enrollment system, so it is not as difficult to get the classes you want with these amazing professors. This was not the case when I first started two years ago. Admissions and Registration office is not always pleasant if you are experiencing issues with refunds/general information about prerequisites etc., though the campus offers an online inquiry form which is usually very helpful. De Anza College is affordable, so I also enjoyed taking extra courses over the summer for classes unrelated to my major, and satisfied that I was able to do this.
De Anza college is a great school to attend. As someone who tried many colleges and other methods of schooling, I find that De Anza is where my home school should be. I love the teachers, who are funny and help out the students when they are in need. The counselors here are very friendly, and help those who don't know what to do in life. I once went to De Anza when I first started, and decided to leave for education purposes. When I attended at other schools, it just didn't feel right. Once I came back I realize that this was home. I felt comfortable. Everything here feels like a family, the student and teachers, all feel like a family, and that what this school does best. I highly recommend this school for those who knows, and don't know what there carrer life would be like, and to those who don't, you'll will find it here.
De Anza College is a warm, inviting school who wishes their students to succeed. They offer many programs so that students will have their needs filled so that they'll be able to do their studies. The faculty is happy to help students and is invested in ensuring students' futures and safety.
Going to De Anza colllege was one of the best decisions i've made. The campus is a well diverse community and there are multiple opportunities for social action and community building
Don't be drowned in student loans paying for the same education you can get here for a fraction of the cost. Nice, fairly large, safe campus. There are great professors here, you just have to look.
De Anza is almost the best community college in California with around 60 % graduation rate. Academic and environment are excellent but sometimes it’s hard to get in to some classes. Downside is that sadly it’s not a party school and don’t expect crazy things here. Great college to transfer with quarter system same as Stanford and UCLA.
De Anza is a very diverse college and is the top school to go to if you plan on transferring to a four year college. All professors care about their students success and have office hours if any of their students have questions or if they are concerned about their grades.
De Anza was a great stepping stone for me going to a University. I enjoyed this school because everyone actually minded their own business. Go to school and go back home was my motto when I went there. One thing that sucks was how fast the classes filled up when enrollment came about.
Last year, I studied high school in Door County, Wisconsin. Compares to my experience last year in Wisconsin, the one I'm having right now is totally different. De Anza has a huge diversity in races. I have a chance to meet different people, try different cuisines, hear different languages, and see different cultures performances. The professors in De Anza are really good, they know what they are teaching about. Some are rough, some are friendly, but all of them care and love about their students. However, international counselors are not very helpful when I have problems in the past. I have to make a schedule with other counselors (who are not in ISP) to help solve my problems. The food here is good enough, not really excellent. Facilities and equipments are not equally all around the campus, some departments have more modern technologies than others. I specially like when they put the piano in the cafeteria, which students can come and play music.
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De Anza is a great place to get your prereqs out of the way with decent quality professors. They also are one of a few public schools with the 2-year RN program.
I've been told by friends that community college feels just like high school, which is dreading. However, the students and staff at De Anza Community College provide an atmosphere of advanced institution and adulthood. Significantly different feedback from other community colleges. Highly suggested for students seeking in higher education and a change of environment.
It's a good college with lots of courses & transferring is easy. The only downfall is that the GE courses fill up quickly & aren't always offered at times ideal for working students.
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