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De Anza was a great stepping stone for me going to a University. I enjoyed this school because everyone actually minded their own business. Go to school and go back home was my motto when I went there. One thing that sucks was how fast the classes filled up when enrollment came about.
Last year, I studied high school in Door County, Wisconsin. Compares to my experience last year in Wisconsin, the one I'm having right now is totally different. De Anza has a huge diversity in races. I have a chance to meet different people, try different cuisines, hear different languages, and see different cultures performances. The professors in De Anza are really good, they know what they are teaching about. Some are rough, some are friendly, but all of them care and love about their students. However, international counselors are not very helpful when I have problems in the past. I have to make a schedule with other counselors (who are not in ISP) to help solve my problems. The food here is good enough, not really excellent. Facilities and equipments are not equally all around the campus, some departments have more modern technologies than others. I specially like when they put the piano in the cafeteria, which students can come and play music.
De Anza is a great place to get your prereqs out of the way with decent quality professors. They also are one of a few public schools with the 2-year RN program.
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I've been told by friends that community college feels just like high school, which is dreading. However, the students and staff at De Anza Community College provide an atmosphere of advanced institution and adulthood. Significantly different feedback from other community colleges. Highly suggested for students seeking in higher education and a change of environment.
It's a good college with lots of courses & transferring is easy. The only downfall is that the GE courses fill up quickly & aren't always offered at times ideal for working students.
De Anza overall is a great school that has a beautiful campus and offers lots of helpful resources. They have a health office where you can receive flu shots, immunizations, doctor check ups all for a low affordable price if you don't have heath coverage. The professors for the most part are encouraging and you can tell they care for their students and make it a priority to help their students succeed. There are many extra curricular activities, dozens of clubs for all different interests, sports, musical events, even bible studies. They also have many programs directed for certain careers, one I have heard is very successful is the nursing program. De Anza has a very good transfer rate and with it being quarter system classes fly by and you are able to get a lot done quickly, however it is important to stay on top of your work since each quarter is only 3 months its easy to get behind fast. But, as long as you keep focused and determined De Anza is a great community college.
It's really easy to make friends there and you get a really good sense of community and belonging. The professors are very nice and caring but choosing classes can be hard. The food could be better and I wish they would have more options.
I have attended De Anza College for three years. During my time there I experienced an abundance of quality education and diversity. Almost every single professor I had gave me all the resources and assistance I needed to succeed in their class. The campus is gorgeous; Benches scattered throughout the property under tall redwood trees made me feel like I was walking through a National Park. The worst thing about this school would be their very limited parking. Trying to navigate through a parking lot full of 18 year old drivers was never fun, especially as we were all fighting for the same parking space. Overall, I would highly recommend this school to any student from the 18 year old fresh out of high school, to the parent looking to further their education.
De Anza is very popular and is great for any incoming students who want to get a head start on their GE and/or lower-division major requirements before transfer. This community college has decent professors, programs, and other resources that are available to anyone and everyone. Cheap, diverse, and a great place to start your higher education.
My experience at De Anza College has been very pleasant and satisfying because of the many activities and opportunities that are offered. The student body and administrative people are all very understanding and help us in what we need in order to graduate or transfer. I think I made a good choice in applying here instead of going to a university because it lets you be more free in your academic choices and helps you when wanting to no be in debt and saving money. I really recommend people to apply to a community college if you are unsure of you really want to do just yet because it can help you a lot in the future and in your economic future.
A great school for transferring out. Has connections with every UC and makes the crazy college process just that much more simple.
De Anza is famous for being the 1st school with most successful transfer to higher universities in California. The campus is wide open and the facilities are fairly advanced. There are many activities for students to engage in throughout the year, and the school staff is caring with lots of students' concerns, including international students.
The living expense and renting are expensive though and it can be quite challenging to find a decent place to live.
De Anza is pretty diverse and the students are really nice, It's easy to make friends. The teachers are accessible and care about the students. The counselors facilitate your college journey and they help you make a plan for your chosen major. It offers a lot of clubs for all sorts of interests. The cafeteria food is pretty good, especially Una Mas, you might just have to wait in a decent long line during lunch hour. The location is convenient since there's plenty of food options within walking distance.
My experience at De Anza College was a very good one. After graduating high school I was nervous to see what college life was going to be like. Luckily, I was exposed to many great teachers and counselors who made my experience at De Anza an enjoyable one. Many of the teachers at De Anza work at nearby universities including San Jose State and UC Berkeley. Because of this, you are able to receive a high quality education at an affordable price. The biggest issue at De Anza is that the school is impacted. There is simply too many students but this is mainly due to De Anza's good reputation and high transfer rates. Despite this, De Anza remains a great choice for anyone serious about transferring.
The best part of De Anza college is that it's super diverse and it's easy to transfer if you are on track. Once you know your major, you can quickly go through the classes and apply. The counselors are quick to reply to your messages and they help you build your two year plan. The faculty has strict and heartless teachers but that can be said about any college. I'm glad that I went here because I got a lot of financial aid and I got to meet so many diverse people. The LGBTQ community is vast and popular. Everyone is tolerant and it's very peaceful here.
First of all, this college is probably one of the best college in the bay area. It offers a wide range of lectures which fulfill the needs of most students. Also, the quality of most classes is great. The only issue is that the efficiency of the college sometimes is low.
This community college really helps those students who are looking to receive a higher education. There are many great programs that facilitate the students college experience. There is a lot of guidance which is very helpful. I believe that you should look into this community college.
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The campus is really nice and the environment is calming. Yet, the traffic is horrible; even in the campus parking lot it gets jammed.
De Anza has been supportive and very helpful. Getting involved is important and De Anza has so many programs that you can be part of and they are all so fun to join.
I absolutely loved De Anza. Great starting point for transferring to a 4-year college/university. Good classes. Good professors. Really good food at cafeteria! Students are all very kind.
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