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The instructors really go out of there way to help you pass their class. The campus is always busting with an event going on. The cost was very affordable as I saved a bunch of money when considering going to a university for freshman year.
Daytona state is cheap like a state college should be. However most the offices (Advisors, registration, etc) are not helpful. They give you the run and tell you to go to multiple places when in the long run you will end up back in the first office you started in and have to go through it all again. Most classes are online so if you need face to face interaction you are out of luck. Teachers also do not know how to teach and most teach directly from the dry textbooks.
My overall experience at Daytona state college has enriched my life in many ways. Daytona state has provided me with the necessary tools to enhance my skills more. Taught me valuable knowledge about this diverse world, people and concepts in general and eventually will enable me to become more successful in my life when I graduate with my degree. It has also stressed to me the importance of thinking critically, and asking questions in many situations. All these aspects of college have also made me a well-rounded person. The knowledge I gained and experiences I have been through are irreplaceable, and I will always take it with me wherever I go.
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In reality most people look down on DSC. But you have to see it for what it is - a college of second chances. How much you learn is up to you. All the materials are there for you to learn. And at the end of the day that's all you can ask of a college.
I attended Daytona State College through the dual enrollment program. I had some great teachers and the facilities are wonderful and everyone is there to help. It is a very nurturing environment in a good place to start a college experience.
Daytona State College was voted as one of the best colleges in FL and yes it is a good school. DSC is a pretty quiet/laid back school, atleast at the Deland campus. There are really no issues or problems i have rn into at this location, but i wouldnt give it a 5 star because, i wouldn't say its perfect.
small , quiet, and very resourceful! love the smaller classes and one on one time with professors. has an amazing library. The ASC building is extremely helpful. Always has tutors available from day to night. Every professor has office hours to speak to students directly to in case extra help is needed. The Café serves healthy delicious food !
Very affordable if that's what you're going for! This is a very smart place to start if you are on a budget and wanting to go to college. Downfalls: most of the staff are not even close to being as helpful as other colleges. I thought that was just how colleges are, you don't get help and don't you dare ask for it... but I was wrong! It's just this college. Something they should really take the time to work on but there's SO MANY people in and out of there every day I can understand why it has been put on the back burner. Not very consistent in any way, shape or form.
I'm currently in the BSN program after graduating from the ADN program. I chose to return as I have had a very positive experience from all the teachers and staff members. I do like the hybrid program as I am an older student and do like being in the classroom setting. I would definitely recommend Daytona State College.
The majority of my classes were online with the exception of 2. I enjoyed the atmosphere of the school and helpfulness of the professors. I do not think the advising and financial aid offices are very organized though.
When I attended Daytona State, it was actually called Daytona Beach Community College. They were famous for leading you on a wild goose chase by telling you the wrong classes you needed which then forced you to take extra classes and leaving there with too many credit hours!!
Daytona State College is a great little community college to get your AA and transfer farther on. The teachers are resourceful and intelligent.
I liked how the school looked. It's a big campus but easy to find classes and comfortable. When I first went there to look around everyone was trying to help me answeres all the questions I had.
Daytona State has been nothing but helpful since I made my way on campus over a year ago. I found myself missing several classes needed in order to continue my education into a highly competitive bachelor's program. The admissions office and the counselors have all helped me tremendously with the transfer between schools and now with the scheduling of my final semester. The atmosphere the staff provides for its students is excellent. I would recommend Daytona State College to anyone interested in college.
I really like that they give you tutoring options for a low amount in your tuition and that we have SI's to help even more hands on in school. But I wish the library stayed open later for those people who need late studying hours and I also wish they had more food choices on campus.
i liked it. it is a wonderful place with a tropical environment. the student body is very odd. There is not much to do here
I like that whenever i need help ior someone's help for something it was always a person around,from tutors, to help picking my classes to just someone to just guide and keep me on take with things.
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Over the course of my time at the News Journal Center in Daytona Beach Florida, my time has been spent engaging with other students as well as the professors at the collage. It is a small and friendly environment for all types of students. The overall atmosphere allows for engaging and fun experiences as well as learning. A great school over all so far.
I am only getting my AA at this school so I have not started classes protuding to my major.
Easy to sign up and start classes. Everything is very do-able.
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