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This is my first semester at Daytona State. I received my AA in 1984, so this is a big step for me. The counselors and staff at the Deltona Campus have been helpful and encouraging.
I love the Daytona state campus because it is so close to home. The staff is very welcoming and the teachers are great. They're teaching techniques really helped me utilize the material . The courses that I have taken so far have been fun and educating. while I've attended Daytona state I've met a lot of great bright people who share the interests as I do. Im looking forward to the rest of my journey here at the Daytona state campus.
I like the friendly attitude of the academic staff and their effort to help the students accomplish their goal.
What I dislike is the lack of communication between the Financial Aid, Students Accounts, and the rest of departments.
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Daytona State College was a great start to my college experience because it was close to home and fairly inexpensive. The advising staff could be improved but I enjoyed almost every professor I chose.
I have been attending Daytona State College for almost a year and the staff has really helped me transition out of the Marine Corps and into student life.
Started Daytona State College as dual enrolled student in high school. I will continue for my AA and may transfer at that time. It is a small school, good classes, very good teachers. There is not any campus life as there are no dorms. A lot of the classes are only offered on line which is nice, but classroom options would be better.
So far I love Daytona State College! You meet new people everyday. The professors are nice and cool. The students are fun. Campus is safe always clean and a Starbucks in one of the buildings so I’m loving that. I diversity here is good you see every race around campus. There is housing all around the city you just have to find it.
The teachers are very helpful and are easy to get in touch with. No one is rude in the office and everyone seems to enjoy their jobs and are determined to help you with any and all of your problems and/or concerns. There are security guards that make sure everyone is where they are supposed to be, which makes the school feel safe. There are also tutors available everyday in the morning to early night that will help you with homework; which does make it very convenient for working adults.
My experience at Daytona state college was basic it's not a bad college to get your degree started. The college offers a variety of degrees in health care, business and education. What I would change ablut the college is that admission counselor be more helpful in getting students started towards there degree.
Daytona state college is a great place for opportunity for all varies of life. Where ever you come from its not a problem. We have a state of the art library that is composed of 4 single rooms for individual study for students. A upstairs and downstairs full of computers with printers to use. A writing center even with a room to study also. Daytona state college has a lot of different places where students can study without noise. We have a lunchroom that's open to everyone.Teachers are always there to help after class.They have a wide range of extra activities you can do after school such as flag football, SGA , etc. We always have a different activity going on every Wednesday that's open to all.
They’re very helpful when it comes to being a first time college student, but I feel like the academic advisor went through things way too quickly and I wasn’t able to fully understand what classes I need.
I have been student at Daytona State for the past two years and I currently still attend this college. I have had no problems with academics, the only problem I have had problems with a student accounts and financial aid. This is a great school to get your general education degree and then transfer to a university for your bachelors degree.
Many program to choose from such as A.A, A.S., several Bachelor programs, certification programs, and technical programs. Staff is great to work with. Also offer many user friendly online courses.
My experience at Daytona state has been excellent. I have not had a terrible professor yet out of the two and a half years I have been attending. What I would like to see differently is having the counselors tell you the right classes to take or help assist you in order to prevent taking a class that is not necessary.
Daytona State College is a great place to receive your AA or AS degree. The professors are always willing to help and there are many resources available to help you succeed. However if you are looking for the college experience this is no the right school for you. There are no dorms here, the majority of students are in dual enrollment. There are also not many bachelor degrees available. It is a great starter college.
Daytona State College is a great local school that offers two and four year programs. The teachers are excellent and very helpful. The tuition is reasonable. They offer many extra curricular activities for students as well. They also offer student support services that are easy to use like tutoring.

Daytona State college could improve by offering a better selection of food for students as well as having more sports such as football. Parking is also horrible especially at the beginning and end of the semesters.

Overall, Daytona State College is a great school that is very economical for local students. It offers students a change to obtain a four year degree at community college prices. Daytona State College helped me obtain my dream of getting a Bachelors Degree in Nursing and prepared me for my career.
I really like Daytona State because it offers classroom and online classes for many different degree programs. The online classes are very easy to navigate. There is tutoring for students whether you are taking a physical class or online class. Very convenient location.
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I did my two years at DSC online, and it was not bad, nothing special either. The one thing I would like to see improved is the academic counselors. I was told in two years I would have my AA degree, when it comes time to two years I am short 12 credits due to not being given the correct information.
Daytona State was a great springboard in my pursuit of a higher education. The professors were knowledgeable and understanding, students are willing to help each other, and there is a great amount of diversity on campus. The library and cafe are great places to relax and study. During exam season the school makes an effort to ensure students are relaxed and prepared (pizza and puppies in the library). I'll always be grateful for my experience there.
Not bad for a state college.... my wife went here for nursing and she loved it! She said that it was very student orentated and there was always a ton of resources to help you. Also, the professors were mostly very friendly and helpful. Not to mention the cost of tuition here is great!
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