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Over the course of two years, I liked many of the professors at Daytona State. They offer a lot of time to help the students progress. However, I wish the administration could have been more helpful and they promoted transferring more to increase the graduation and transfer rate.
The professors are amazing, the workload is lenient for those who work daily, and I really love how there's free tutors to access to. The one minor thing I didn't like is that I'm taking Calculus 3 next semester and there is only one class which is located in Daytona Beach, so I have to drive for over half an hour to go to class everyday. Other than that, this is a very great school for those who want to earn a Bachelor's.
I would love if the Palm Coast campus was updated. The buildings are very old and it's not very technologically advanced. Tuition is good, so I can't really complain too much.
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Never had any problems at this school academically, socially or administratively. The campus is easy to navigate and there's little events going on all the time.
It's a good school, they can be a little delayed when it comes to giving up to date information. It can take them a little time to respond to emails or calls, but that is to be expected given the size of the school.
I been going to Daytona state for about 2 years now. I currently switched my major from Nursing to Radiology. The campus is always clean I love love love the food. Specifically their breakfast! At great prices also. The teachers and staff here are very helpful everybody wants you to succeed. Daytona State is a very friendly environment, I enjoy being here everyday!
I have only been at Daytona State College for a a couple semesters at this point but overall I enjoy the college. The college campus is very well kept and scenic (minus the current construction project). The student life is very calming, an interactive and peaceful institution. I hope to enjoy the rest of the time that I will spending here educating myself.
I appreciate the fact that the class sizes are smaller than most schools. The professor/instructors actually seem to care about what they do and they sometimes go out of their way to help in any way they can.
Daytona State College has wonderful degree programs for everyone from dual-enrollment students to non-traditional students. The classes have not only been interesting but the material learned is useful further along in one's educational journey. Additionally, the majority of professors have well-designed courses and are extremely knowledgeable in their subject area. The academic advisors are always helpful and truly have the student's best interest at heart. The campus is well-maintained and safety is definitely a top priority of the college. Overall, Daytona State College has provided me with a positive education experience and I am grateful for the opportunities that I have obtained through this college.
Daytona state college has enabled me to do a lot of things. Though dealing with financial aid can be frustrating and take awhile, I have a few professors that I feel they truly care and take the time to help you out along with being very good at teaching you the subjects they are experts in. keep in mid college is what YOU make it, so their are plenty of clubs at DSC, stay involved!
My experience at Daytona State College was amazing. The students there are very kind to one another and the professors are very understandable that you have a life outside of college so they don't try to overwork you.
I love this college. Women's and Men's Center, Academic Support Center, Writing Center and even the Library is some of the programs I use almost every semester. These programs are all included with your tuition so you never have to pay out of pocket. You will receive University Like Education with a Community College like atmosphere.
Not very helpful in financial aid. Admissions counselors were very helpful and nice. Instructors nice and available.Online classes were a little slow to respond but were very willing to help with my needs.
I went to DSC for a work shop for my culinary class. They had great teachers, work labs, mentors and students helping us learn new skills and techniques. No I did not end up attending this school but it was definitely in my top 3. Great atmosphere, environment and the people are great.
Daytona State College is a great option to start your college career. I choose this as an option to do my AA and transfer to another university. Daytona state has provided me an outstanding education to succeed in the future.
It was a great college. I was in the RN program and received amazing clinicals that prepared me for the actual nursing field.
My experience at Daytona state was average. It is a great school for getting a vocational or trade degree quickly and easily. Yet if your going on to get a higher education it is a little bit too summarized if you ask me. Part of the reason is because the professors expect you to study on your own, but in my opinion that still doesn't excuse the minimal amount of information that they cover in their classes. Of course maybe this is just a wake up call that I need to study more in the future; either way I at least got my associates quickly and conveniently.
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Great affordable school with structured academics. There isn't too much variety in the extracurricular activities though.
The instructors really go out of there way to help you pass their class. The campus is always busting with an event going on. The cost was very affordable as I saved a bunch of money when considering going to a university for freshman year.
Daytona state is cheap like a state college should be. However most the offices (Advisors, registration, etc) are not helpful. They give you the run and tell you to go to multiple places when in the long run you will end up back in the first office you started in and have to go through it all again. Most classes are online so if you need face to face interaction you are out of luck. Teachers also do not know how to teach and most teach directly from the dry textbooks.
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