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Many program to choose from such as A.A, A.S., several Bachelor programs, certification programs, and technical programs. Staff is great to work with. Also offer many user friendly online courses.
My experience at Daytona state has been excellent. I have not had a terrible professor yet out of the two and a half years I have been attending. What I would like to see differently is having the counselors tell you the right classes to take or help assist you in order to prevent taking a class that is not necessary.
Daytona State College is a great place to receive your AA or AS degree. The professors are always willing to help and there are many resources available to help you succeed. However if you are looking for the college experience this is no the right school for you. There are no dorms here, the majority of students are in dual enrollment. There are also not many bachelor degrees available. It is a great starter college.
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Daytona State College is a great local school that offers two and four year programs. The teachers are excellent and very helpful. The tuition is reasonable. They offer many extra curricular activities for students as well. They also offer student support services that are easy to use like tutoring.

Daytona State college could improve by offering a better selection of food for students as well as having more sports such as football. Parking is also horrible especially at the beginning and end of the semesters.

Overall, Daytona State College is a great school that is very economical for local students. It offers students a change to obtain a four year degree at community college prices. Daytona State College helped me obtain my dream of getting a Bachelors Degree in Nursing and prepared me for my career.
I really like Daytona State because it offers classroom and online classes for many different degree programs. The online classes are very easy to navigate. There is tutoring for students whether you are taking a physical class or online class. Very convenient location.
I did my two years at DSC online, and it was not bad, nothing special either. The one thing I would like to see improved is the academic counselors. I was told in two years I would have my AA degree, when it comes time to two years I am short 12 credits due to not being given the correct information.
Daytona State was a great springboard in my pursuit of a higher education. The professors were knowledgeable and understanding, students are willing to help each other, and there is a great amount of diversity on campus. The library and cafe are great places to relax and study. During exam season the school makes an effort to ensure students are relaxed and prepared (pizza and puppies in the library). I'll always be grateful for my experience there.
Not bad for a state college.... my wife went here for nursing and she loved it! She said that it was very student orentated and there was always a ton of resources to help you. Also, the professors were mostly very friendly and helpful. Not to mention the cost of tuition here is great!
I am a mother of two returning to college. Everyone has been so wonderful and informative with helping me find my way!
Daytona State Community College is a great school because it really cares for its students and also its workers. It's such a great learning environment and adjusted to all kinds of people.
I really enjoy how involved the administration and professors are with the students. It seems that nobody is left behind there is tons of help for the students on all levels.
Daytona State College is the perfect local option for an affordable yet excellent education. I enjoyed my time here and will be missing it. I tell all my Daytona friends to enroll!
Daytona State is great community college for those seeking higher education at any age or stage life. I've been back after a couple life events prevented me from finishing and the transition back into college life has always been smooth and easy. The lasses are challenging enough without being overwhelming and the facilities and services provided by the college are all very helpful. The online systems used to sign up for classes and search programs and courses could use some tweaking. I sometimes have trouble with pages or information loading or simply finding the information I need, resorting to just calling the school or showing up in person. Other than that it's a great, affordable school for people in all walks of life!
Daytona State College is what a typical community college looks like. From the exterior the school looks great with a lot of beautiful features. What I don't like is that all the staff employees are pretty average as far as teaching and assisting. Whether its your teacher, adviser, or guidance counselors, they all seem to work with a 9-5 attitude. If the staff were a bit more involved and committed to the students, I believe that school can produce a much higher rate for graduates. I also recommend that Daytona State changes all of the guidance counselors for the Deltona campus because they never seem to know what they're doing so it feels like the blind leading the blind. All in all, do you research before you enroll in Daytona State.
It's a nice school but from the start the staff at different campus have different information and make you go back and forth because you get different answers and different instruction from every person you ask. I would like to see the school training their staff better so cater students that need help.
Great school for someone who is looking to get their AA and transfer. The direct connect to UCF is a wonderful asset to have. Professors are really helpful and caring in every class I've taken.
I thoroughly enjoy the fact that when I decided to go back to school the academic adviser I sat down with to talk to called me a few weeks after being in school to check how I was doing. I would say change it so that people can make appointments a few days ahead.
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I went to Daytona state as a non traditional (almost 30-year-old) student to get my AA. I found that, for being a relatively small campus, it was incredibly diverse and had a fairly sizable offering as far as curriculum goes. I've attended multiple colleges and this one (regardless of size or reputation) rivals 'bigger' or 'better' schools without question.

Additionally, the location is pretty good - especially if you want to get in on some touristy fun. The area isn't super expensive to live in either, which is a bonus (I recommend Port Orange).
It is actually pretty good for its price. Small classes with professors who care about students and their grades.
I have gone to Daytona State twice with a group of high school students for an AVID field trip and both experiences were great. They have a very nice campus and great classroom studies and a wide variety of things to do on campus.
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