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The Teachers are friendly but not all of them want to help out the students. The councilors are very nice and helpful.
made it really easy and comfortable for someone returning to school after such a long hiatus. They really seem to want you to succeed, and talk with you at length before you choose you course of studies (if you were unsure), and start the application process.
I had a great experience getting my Medical Assisting certification with them. When I ran into a problem with my externship, they were very attentive and helpful. Career placement services were wonderful.
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I took online courses, so my classes are literally available at anytime and almost anywhere (as long as there is a computer and internet). I really like the online option a lot.
I'm learning a lot in my studies, and that will help me find a new job in a field I've never been in before. The only downside is the workload I think. I know it's only two classes per five week period, but it makes it hard for people who are adult students like me to return to learning after not being in that mindset for years. For example, one class can have two quizzes, two assignments, an instructor assignment, a mandatory discussion board, and three chapters worth of reading per week. Multiply that by two and it gets to be a little much for me personally. Not to mention every class has a rough draft and final for a project that is due on week three and five respectfully. Other than that I like the school, the teachers, my peers, and the knowledge that I've learned so far.
While I haven't graduated yet, they said their was going to be an eighty-six percent of job placement after schooling had finished. So I'm excited to be able to get out there and get a new job and start making a decent wage for once.
My experience with the courses is good. The teachers are very friendly and try to help in any way they can. The classes I took were online, so they were really easy to do and I always had links provided to us for whatever topic we were covering that week to give us a deeper insight into the career path we had chosen.
Applying to the college is a breeze, they literally take care of everything for you, they talk to you one on one so that you have a good understanding of what programs they offer, and then walk you through each step needed to fill out paperwork and take care of what otherwise would have been the mess of applying for student loans. The teachers there are very nice, and try to keep in contact with all their students through out each course to make sure we have all our questions answered and if we are struggling they reach out to us to see if they can help. All in all it's an awesome school to be a part of.
I really like Daytona College, I am taking the online courses for Medical Billing and Coding, and so far the overall experience has been great.
I love Daytona College, because it's very flexible and understands that I have a life outside of taking classes. I am able to take my classes online from home, so I can complete assignments at any time of day, and the work for each class is separated week by week so it's easy to keep track of all my assignments. Only down side I can think of is how some of my classes were scheduled. You have two classes in a five week period, and two of my classes were named so close together I got really confused as to which class was which. I took Medical Data Management and Medical Record Management in the same 5 week period, tell me that isn't the most confusing thing ever. Other than that I'm very happy I chose Daytona College.
Its can be a headache
Did not take online yet
The professors are nice.

The way financial aid will screw you.
Transferring credit went pretty well. I only have one issue with a class not transferring because the classes are the exact same. The curriculum and classes offered so far have been great. As I have mentioned I hate how most of the professors use an online site for assignments when I'm not paying for online classes.
My school is a lot larger than my previous school. I like the diversity and not knowing most people attending the college. I like to meet new people and everyone seems friendly. I haven't been there long and once I attend the college longer I will be able to have more experiences. I would choose this school but because of other difficulties I would choose a different location in Florida.
So far Daytona State class environment has been great. My professors are very understanding and friendly. They are willing to work with their students and care about them. The class size is average. I will say I do not like how the professors use an online site for assignments. I feel that I'm not paying for online classes for a reason so most of my work shouldn't be based online. I feel I learn better from a classroom environment. Daytona State offers a huge variety of classes for students to take.
Montcalm Community College was a nice smaller school for getting associates degrees. They offered many different student services.
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I personally do not like online classes. I feel like they aren't more personable than a classroom. Also I don't really feel like I truly focus on online classes and really absorb the material.
There is a wide range in diversity in Daytona State. From what I have seen everyone is very excepting and friendly.
The financial aid department lack communication between students and their accounts. I have sent an email in regards to the process of my file and received a response the day tuition was due and at 2:30pm. So long story short all my classes were dropped and after the payment status was configured I could only register for 2 classes. Not happy with the department.
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