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Dayton School of Medical Massage Reviews

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Amazing school! Very friendly, knowledgeable staff! Easy going environment with a lot to offer! I would recommend this school to anyone looking into the field.
This school is beautiful, relaxing and you have great instructors. Very hands on environment. Since the day I walked in the academy I felt very welcome and excited to start my education and to start a career in such a relaxing environment. Everyone has been so helpful so I understand exactly where I'm at in school and financially in terms to paying back my student loans and what jobs may be available for me even before graduation. I couldn't be more excited
All the staff is caring and truly wants to help students who want the help.
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Anatomy and Physiology also Ethics. No study programs available.
Anatomy and Physiology were major. Many job postings go to the school and shared with graduated students for possible employment.
Many very successful students have arised and excelled in their career.
Changed my life for the best!
I truly love my school. It was the best decision I have ever made
I love everyone in my class. we have become like a big family.
There are no online courses
I love both of my teachers, they know the ,aterial and teach it well
I love the fast paced in depth workload.
The school and clinic provide everything needed to be successful.
I love the fast paced to the point ciriculum.
It's a small school but for the size we have everything we need other than open wifi.
Just a lack of an open wifi.
The financial councelor was extremely helpful in understanding the whole prossess. I think the quality of the education I'm receiving is worh the tuition.
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They take your resume and they keep trying to find you a job till you get one.
We don't have an athletic program, nor campus activities or libraries. It is a smaller school so it's understandable but I was hoping they would have a better area for computers to be used for the many research projects that the students have to do. This school only recently just got 2 computers and one printer.
The school over all is a good school and as long as the students are serious about massage therapy as their career choice then most students will go far. I've only met a few teachers though who go the extra mile to help their students be the best they can be and enjoy the journey along the way. The same with some of the staff who work at the office. I only feel like about half of the people there are really their for us, the students, rather than just making a pay check
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