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I am a alumni graduate before it became daymar formally know as draughons i received my associated degree in pharmacy technology and my bachelors degree healthcare administration i didnt have any problem everyone was helpful
I havent met my professors yet but the staff that i have met are very friendly
Most of the things may gross out others fascinated me so i new this was the right field for me
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I love daymar the staff are not only friendly but everyone there feels like family so it feels like ur leaving home to go to one of ur relatives house everyday
They offer a huge variety of courses.
My major is Medical Assisting. I am loving every moment of it. My field is very hands-on.
The tuition is reasonable, and my fnancial aid process went great. They helped me to understand every detail and supplied me with a list of scholarships available to me.
The diversity is very even. The typical student here is one who is focused and determined in their chosen field of study.
I am a single mother of two children, and Daymar has been very successful at working around my schedule.
The quality is outstanding. They provide internships, and help you to find jobs while still in school. They also help to build your resume and help put you on the right path.
Everything is handy. Easy to come by.
The staff at the school are very friendly and helpful. They always check up on your to see how you are doing.
the financial aid office was very helpful. They made sure i got the most out of my FASFA and everything else i needed to help pay for school. we went over payment options so that they can best fit into my budget.
We are currently building another facility for the criminal justice degree seekers. in this new facility we have more hands on opportunities and get to meet with people already working in the same field. they have so many people to help you on campus with things like jobs, financial aid, and many more things that students need help with.
the classes are small and do a lot of hands on. which lets you interact with your peers and get help when needed.
they give great post-grad services by giving you a counselor that keeps up with your grades and the field that you are going into to help you find a job after college. they keep you up to date with recent job openings and opportunities for jobs in you area of interest.
They Are Awsome – i recieve the best information and they explain in detail about finacial aid.
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Computer Lab Access – We have a large computer lab we can access almost anytime we need to .
I chose Daymar Of Russellville,KY Because I live 3 Minutes away and I can work and go to college without any hassels.
Everyone Helps Everyone – The best way to sum up our school is it is a "Family"!
We are a small school, But everyone from the Dean down to to the student body is involved with helping each of us succeed in our endevor to better our lives and ourselves personally in our chosen career goals. If one student fails, we all feel it. Our professors are caring and involved, for example i just called my I.T. Professsor today (Saturday) for help with an assignment. How many people can say that?!
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