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It Is Overall very easy going.
The Network is great in the labs but we have no Wi-Fi.
Its pretty expensive expecially with my parents haveing 5 other kids and me having no job.
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Everyone has been very friendly and i love it.
Everything im learning is for my Career.
They are places you can go to study and its quite.
They are a wide range of students there.
They help you find a job
I work during the day, so this school suits my schedule and availability for child care. Many schools do not offer three sets of classes to accommodate their students schedules.
I have heard stories from other students that have had job placement assistance, but that is rare. Students are helped with creating a resume and a portfolio, but even an internship is usually the student's responsibility.
I really liked he registration progress at daymar. I had never been there before but I was introduced to everyone and expecially the instructors in the classes I wanted to attend. They really seemed interested in what I wanted from my college classes and also that I get a good grade out of it.
The computers are all up to date and I can always find a computer available in one of the labs if the library computers are in use.
I haven't had to use the library resorces yet but the computer lab is always available.
My classes are small enough for the instructors to help one on one. I also like the fact that it is close to my work. I can also do alot of my work there at the library.
I suppose the tuition is average for a private college,although it seems like it may be a little high when other schools don't accept its accredidation
No Problems So Far – i have not had any problems as of yet with the computer network at the college
Satisfied With Campus – The facilities on campus are adequate. The library and break area are satisfactory, but I wish there were somewhere to go on breaks that was a little more comfortable
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To Have Them Then – I love my professors here. I wish I could have had teachers like this throughout my high school years, maybe I wolud have enjoyed it more. Not only do they take the time to listen to your concerns but they slow down the lesson plan to help you to understand the material better, ofering one-on-one time if needed. The assignments are logical and help you to becomes more independant upon yourself and help you gain the confidence in yourself to complete theings given to you.
It's Possible!1 – The financial aid program is wonderful! They are very nice and resoucreful. The education I am receiveng is not only making me feel as if I can do anything, but also preparing me for the world after college. Every pneeny that has been put into my education, I feel is more than worth it! the only thing I would change is to make it more affordable for EVERYONE!!
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