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Its okay, I dont get as much help as i need exspecally me being IEP programs since elementary school. Im struggling really bad in math and ive asked the instructor for help ive evem used and still not receiving the help i need. Also i had trouble in January with a check that wasnt voided and i stilled used but the real check came and i couldn't use it because of the nad check that was sent to me. Some teachers are very lenient with you and will work with you but some just seem like they dont have the patience to have that one on one.
There has been no frustrations.
I love it is so convenient especially having kids.
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Very helpful to all students.
You can call the career service line to get help with resumes and jobs.
I go to school online but there is slot of interactions between students.
The work load is very reasonable and I enjoy learning new things.
I loved how the teachers commicattrd with me.
need laptops and help with housing and bus fare on getting to school
need laptops for the students
need laptops for the students
I need a laptop so I can do my work
great and I love the students there they really nice
its ok but I need a laptop and they would not give me one that I need for my work.
My school has all kinds of resources. They offer online tutoring,an online library, and many other helpful things to help you out, if you need it.
I am a business major, and my classes are all related to my success in the business environment. The workload for a business major can be a lot, but it always seems to benefit me. I always learn a lot in all of my courses.
They are very attentive to what students needs are. I had a medical problem and they helped me to work through it without it affecting my grade. I ended up receiving an A. They couldn't have been more helpful. It wasn't just one person, it was everyone. Everyone was there for me and helped me in every way possible. They are great!
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Daymar's staff have been so helpful in getting me the all of the financial aid help that I needed. They also gave me an opportunity to win a $1000 scholarship, which I actually won. I am so proud of myself and my school.
I give Daymar College an A+ because I was able to tranfer all of my credits from Everest University. Plus, they have been so helpful to me and have kept in touch with me about everything.The flexiblity of the classes is amazing. You are only taking one course at a time, so you can still have time for a job and your family.I think Daymar College is the perfect College for me. I am very happy to have found them.
The faculty and staff were very helpful and made the transition of taking online classes an absolute wonderful experience. During my time at the school there were some changes to the direct learning system but there were no hassles and it was easy to get used to. The only thing I had a hard time with in the beginning was trying to learn how to use my time efficiently, but once I put myself on a schedule and stuck by it things were so simple and I accomplished a lot. Being a single mother of 6 means that there isnt much time but through all the personal struggles and providing for my children I was able to keep and graduate with a 3.38 gpa which I consider to be very impressive. If you set your mind to it you can accomplish your dream. So don't be afraid to take the challenge of going back to school 'cause it's never to late.
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