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Daymar College - Louisville South Reviews

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everything has been real flexible for my lifestyle
i have had great help, and i feel like i am getting my money worth
they are good, helping getting jobs when you graduate and even while your in school.
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Its good. Different kinds of backgrounds and everyone gets along great
Its great, been doing hands on work and actually learning what I came to school for and not so many unessaary classes
I wish I could have started at my school when I graduated high school it may have helped me stay in indstead of keeping dropping out. I really like my school and I actually see myself staying and graduating from there
I like the small class size, really gives more one on one time.
I haven't really had to use any yet, but the ones I have has been great and friendly!!
There are job prospects, and the staff is helpful yet you have to do leg work of your own to succeed
Most of the students are outgoing. They are focused on their goals. They campus is very diverse. There are more females than males, yet everyone gets along.
The education is great and worth while. The issue is the tuition. The school itself seems like worth it. Its almost $2000 more than a rival college. I will have to find financial aid else where to insure my tuition is not an issue.
Facilities Are Great – They have a learning resource center, which there is someone there to help you find anything that you would possibly need. The student area is great place to sit with friends and study. Its a great learning environment.
Love My School – I love my school. I like that I am treated like a person, everyone is there to help no matter the situation. They get involved with you in activities outside of the school, that have a personal meaning to me, ex. St Baldricks, which is an organization that helps children with cancer, one of my instructors volunteered to participate in getting his head shaved in support of this cause. Everything is very organized, and the instructors have a professional knowledge of the areas they are teaching. If i was starting over I would definitely choose this school again.
Getting the Job – Daymar post articles with alumni pictures describing the individuals new found job. The career center is very helpful with resume writing as well as tutoring you in interviewing for jobs. You have to want to do the extra work in order to be successful.
PC at Daymar – The computers at Daymar are great. They are fast and almost never go down and offline. The instructors are very helpful when it comes to using the PCs.
Stragies for Success – This is a Daymar College required class that I very much enjoyed. The material covered in this class was from the Pacific Institute with Lou Tice give video presentations on ways to think differently as well as how to improve your personel life. I found this class very motivating and insightful. I now have a new attitude towards life, school, friends, and family.

Lance Minch
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