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Job posting are available for all majors.
I didn't realize that there were going to be so many projects to do for Medical massage therapy. I had made the assumption that it would be more hands on and more one on one.
I feel that there are students that do more teaching than the instructors do. When i ask the instructor a question I will have 2 or 3 students answering my question all talking at the same time. I can't hear what any of them are saying because they are all talking to me at once and I can't concentrate on just one. I feel it is the instructors job to answer the question and should not be acceptable for students to continue to try and teach other students when they are at the same level of learning as I am.
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I like going here but the fees are very high compared to other schools. There are cheaper schools out there that have better packages. I wish I would have looked around more. I do like this school but I wish they offered more things to the students.
i like my major and this school is very helpful.
i am only takeing two classes a week and go slow and hopefully learn all i need.
everything is very handy n helpful.
the computers are great and they help all of us who have no computers at home and they are fast and up to date .
misty is very helpful in telling your the money situation youll be in and telling you how to apply for schlorships and filling out my fasfa.
its easy to take classes online and can always get help from teachers .
the school is very clean in kept nice and very inviting by the receptionist. she is super nice and very helpful.
the teachers are nice and everyone else is very helpful in letting you decide what you would like to do and help you achieve your goals
I gave this a lower grade because im still attending school and dont know how it will be once i graduate.. wheather i find a job easily or with or owithout help.
The resources on campus arent that great.. there arent any gyms or auditoiums. Mainly just classrooms and offices, but like i said the teachers try to plan fun events and group organizatiosn for certain majors to participate in.
The campus is pretty small. There are no Athletic departments that i know of. But all the teachers and administrators try their best to make group organizations that pertain to your major and get you involved with other students.
Ive only used the computers a couple times but the internet is past and you are not getting kicked off it constantly. If you have any questions on how to find things there is someone there to help you find what you are looking for.
They Help Us as Much as Possible. they give us the information for web sites for scholarships. explain our financial aide to us as needed
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at daymar college we as students are not a number we are a person. teachers are always willing to help us as students to succeed in our career choices.
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