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Daymar College - Bowling Green Reviews

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Anytime I need to use anything or need any help their willing to help me. The library is always available for the computers and books. Everything is great.
I can come in anytime Monday through Friday and come in any computer lab and print anything that I need and as much as I need.
We have 2 labs at our Louisville campus, there are plenty of computers in each. Internet and server are nearly always fast and available, we even have WiFi. The printers are in good condition so when we print out anything it is legible. We also have many programs on the computers to help us study in our chosen field, there are games and study sites available as well.
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Most of the students are not only going to school full time, but also have full time jobs, some have children, and some of us are single moms. There is good communication between all of us, and we have become "family", we make sure that we help each other as much as possible, so we all can succeed.
I am actually at the Daymar Campus in Louisville, I chose this school because of the convenience of its location. I have attended college before and was unable to continue due to conflicts in my schedule, here I know my schedule from the beginning and it pretty much stays the same, making it easier for my employer to schedule me for work.
Huge Diverse Group of People – Daymar is a community college so we have a broad age range of students, broad ethnic diversity, broad lifestlyes in general! Two of my close friends are in their late 20s and early 30s with kids and I'm young and living at home yet we clicked and have been close ever since!
Love Love Love Daymar!!! Everything that could be outstanding in a college is what Daymar offers. Small classes, great teachers, great post-grad programs, help, etc. Best choice I could have made in my college hunt.
Job Prospects Always Current – Now that I have graduated I am hoping to find a job in my career field of Pharmacy Technology. With Daymar College, their Student Services keep me up to date with the latest specific job openings in the area so I am not have to rummage through multiple newspapers looking for jobs. The cool part is if an employer wants Daymar students, the director of Student Services alerts us with this opening that the public is not aware of. So we have first dibs on getting hired!
On Top of Everything. With small graduating classes, student services is on top of everything that needs to be done for any grad.
Professional Staff – Who go out of their way to make sure every student has exactly what they need.
Absolutly Great – I would recommend this college to any one who is interested in working hard, and has the hours to put into their choosen profession.
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