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All of the instructors I have had so far have been very thorough and helpful.
I prefer morning classes, and I haven't had to take any evening classes yet.
I love going to my classes. They are wonderful and make class interesting!
Review Daymar College - Jackson
I chose this college because it was close and convenient. So far I really enjoy going. The only hassel i have is mostly the workload. t is normal and maybe even less than a larger university but it is still hard to manage being a full time studen who is also employed full time and a full time mother. I am still adjusting to the change at this point in time, however, i love my school so far.
The teachers here really understand that most students have lives that are time consuming. They work with students to provide experiences in the classroom, provide memorable but less time consuming homework.
Considering this is a business college, there are a lot of places that do not accept the credits earned here, also the price for a program here is much higher then that of a university. Plus the stipend checks from universities are larger and come in much sooner.
There isnt a lot of challenge for the dieres here. Most students are white lower class working people with full time jobs and children at home, or wel-fare recipients trying to better thier lifestyles.
There are a few teachers that have very bad attitudes, and there are a few that have the preference on who will actually do good in their class, for instance, if you are a female in one teachers class you are treated better then the guys. There are also a few very rude teachers.
i have learned that the students and faculty are very friendly and always willing to help. they are wonderful about recognizing a students achievemants from the beginning.
Alumni Network – I'm still looking for the right job in the Medical Assisting. The career Center is being very helpful. They're helping with my resume. Filling out applications and helping with interview techniques.
Medical Assistant – The teachers I had pretty much knew their classes. The workload is very sensible. They work with you when assigning workload for they know what is like to be back in school and working. They work with you well.
Nursing and Close to Home – This school is sufficent for me because it is not far from home and it also includes the medical assistant program that I have always wanted to pursue.
So far I have not went to school because I do not start until the fall semster. However, I do like the people I have met so far and the location is great.
Good Program – The program I will be taking is worth the money. I have a lttle financial aid but I still need alot more help considering I have no job.
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