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Day Spa Career College Reviews

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Rat infested old broken equipment
It was good when we had an instr that cared
Few hair stylist end up working in hair
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Can't keep instructors and building nasty health hazard
They cannot keep teachers. They go against the rules and the poor basics class gets no teacher. You NEVER SEE EITHER of the owners EVER. But they claim to care about the school. This equipment is fro. 1960s and it don't work... 2 of 20 dryers work. Expired hair color from sallys is used on clients. It's a private family owned school. It is RAT INFESTED. WE HAD TO BEG TO GO HOME SO WE WOUILDNT HAVE TO SMELL IT , BESIDES THE POOR CLIENTS. Rat poop size of poodle poop everywhere, the media room is disgusting, the urine a d feces rat smell will knock u out. Pretty bad when owner sais do wear hazmat suit. There are 3 doors to a huge building w no Windows no way to air it ojt. This place will make u sick. And doesn't sound good to other employers if they came from day spa career college.
They won't let you transfer without a fight and penalty of close to $3,000 paid to them to keep your credits. Many students enroll excitedly but once they realize what a mistake they have made in selecting this particular school and desire a REAL education they are met head on with fees and threats about what they can and can't do. Once they have you enrolled, they would rather kick you out than give you your credit and let you transfer to a better location.
Very High Tuition, Low Value – At 15,000 for 1 year of enrollment you get the value of showing up and clocking in time at this establishment. You will be shown the bare minimum of material to pass state testing. Any extra interest in techniques and methods aside from the required education they have zero interest in providing the students. Any information you bring back with you from classes you paid out of pocket outside of school for will be criticized and debated their value/truth.
Horrible Experience – The tuition should allow for an updated, well stocked school, with all materials available to students. It doesn't. We can't figure out where our tuition is going. Definitely not in our supplies, kits or back into the building for maintenance. The owner is unremittingly irrational and unpleasant to students. Your concerns mean nothing to staff. Your talents are degraded and criticized by competitive teachers. It is a terrible environment to learn and practically impossible to prosper in.
Incompetent Staff – You will spend nearly 15,000 dollars in tuition to be taught material you can find on youtube for free. This school literally has no place calling itself a provider of education.
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