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Combined with friendly, incredible staff and faculty, a great campus, and lots of opportunities to succeed!! The dorms are large and include a full kitchen with room to spare, and there are many places to hang out. DCC even has its own coffee shop, Bucs Brew for all of your early morning routines! Situated on top of a bluff right next to Makoshika state park, you can always find something to do!
I really enjoyed attending DCC overall. Great staff and professors. Most of them were very easy to work with. Tuition and books were reasonably priced compared to other schools. The school spirit was very vibrant and fun.
I like that it's a smaller campus so your more one on one with your professors. What I'd change about DCC is the number of kids that attend I think there should be more student interest in a community college.
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The class schedule is good and makes it possible to get a part time job. Dorms could be changed due to fixing that needs to be done.
When applying I didn't pick a degree because they don't offer the degree I am wanting to accomplish. I then said non-degree which in turn turned me down for a class advisor which should NOT be the case in any sense. Definitely not impressed with the "help" I have received.
All credits transfer, but it is often frustrating trying to get certain classes because they are only offered at one time per day or week.
There is a wide variety of online classes available. They are easy to sign up for and easy to access
A student is very often sent on a wild goose chase in order to get a simple question answered.
The variety of courses is not great but I do enjoy having fifteen to twenty students in each class
Nearly every degree here requires one to transfer to a 4 year afterward, so there aren't many job recruiters around. There isn't a huge career center for students but if you talk to the right professor they can be the most helpful
At times its difficult to fill classes to get the Associate of Science degree due to lack of classes or overlapping class times. However, online classes are available.
Coming from a bigger town to the small town of Glendive was at times tough but the close knit college community made many relationships worth it.
My year at Dawson Community College was great. All the advisors were wanting you to succeed, this put us all in a positive learning environment. There was a lot of extra activities to be involved in and we always had something going on for the student, such as bonfires, movie nights, and plays. It was a great experience and I can't wait for my second year!
Small classes which makes one-on-one learning very available. Teachers and Administration are very friendly and accommodating.
some of the classes seem a waste of time and money, i'm here doing my generals as its cheaper than going to a 4yr college to do them, i can get them over and done with here and then hopefully go to a 4yr college later
i have got no financial aid as i am not eligible but Dawson does provide their own scholarships.
its a cheap school to get your generals done at
the gym is great at dawson and the library isn't bad either
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its a small school so most kids go onto a 4 yr college after graduating from dawson
Dawson Community College offers courses that are equal to the first two years of study towards a Bachelors degree. This is of great benefit for U.S. and international students because it is less expensive, the class size is smaller, and faculty members are more accessible to students. Students can complete their first two years at Dawson Community and then transfer to a university to complete their Bachelor’s degree for their final two years.
Dawson Community college is dedicated to helping post-grad students and alumni succeed in their chosen profession.If you want individualized guidance about course selection or help with résumés, portfolios, interviews and other job search strategies, career advisers will assist you. Career and alumni success also offer workshops and classes about entrepreneurship, branding, salary negotiation, socially responsible careers and more. The office of career and alumni success helps your find internships, provides you with job leads based on desired profession, The career center delivered presentations and participated in faculty/student networking events. I was told last last year, more than 3,000 jobs were posted, and potential employers were anticipating new hires.
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