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Class sizes are incredibly small, which gives you one on one with the teachers who are always willing to help. Janet Weber is the best art teacher I have ever had. She is fabulous. She's been on many trips to the places we discuss in class and she shows us her pictures instead of making us read out of a textbook all class.
There is a lot on the walls regarding internships and the art teachers help out their by helping them find internships. I don't know much about this yet because I am not to this point in my education.
In the interior design program at Davis college there are so many benefits you get to take advantage of. They have a huge fabric library for projects and inspiration. When you're doing a project for class you're allowed to take any fabric from the library you want and use it. Its great! Janet Weber teaches most of the interior design classes such as interior design history, and the drawing classes. She is amazing! She makes everything interesting, even the little details that you wouldn't think twice about.
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The staff of Davis college, from the office workers to the faculty, go out of their way to make sure you get what you need. They have a convenient bookstore located in the building which is great as well as a fantastic library. The class are small, especially when it comes to classes to regarding your major. The teachers learn the students names and take the time to make sure everyone is understand what is going on. Students have a "student number" like other classes but you're definitely more than a number to them! If I had to choose another college all over again I would choose Davis college, I made a great choice doing so.
The students are very ethnically diverse and also in age they are diverse. Everyone has a different work background and offer knowledge and insight about different topics.
I like that they gave an internship program that allows you to see how to apply the knowledge that you have learned in class. I also like the quality of employers that they get to participate and the quality of the services.
The advisors and faculty are accessible and easy to talk to. They have helped me to have a n easy transition from the school I attended to them.
I love sports and I am excited to gain this degree. I am realizing that there are so many different careers in this field.
My advisors and supporting staff are helpful to me in my new adventure in receiving my degree
I like to have a detailed print out of where my grants and loans are being distributed each quarter.
Because of not working I hope that financial aid is going to ease my degree goal.
Has a great it system
The campus is small and friendly is and accessible and convenient
The students are friendly and knowledgeable. Being new I can ask any student who have been here for a while they are friendly, and will give great advise
This will be my blended class for my third quarter. So my experience will be very interesting and exciting.
The degree I am attempted is the only offered at my school. I will be excited to receive my degree in Sports and Recreation Marketing. My classes are small. But the advisors are involved in your progress !
This is my third quarter. I am enjoying being back in school. I still have a long way to go but I am realizing I still can learn more.
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The computers in the computer lab are free as well as printing. We can be loaned a laptop computer for the whole course if we need it. The wireless connection is top speed throughout the whole school building for computers and laptops.
As far as resources are concerned we have very few alternatives but they are very reliable. We have one small library also known as a resource center, we have three or four computer labs containing about 15 computers per lab, we have a dining area in which you are also more than welcome to study, and there is wireless connection available throughout the whole building.
My experience at Davis College has been very convenient. They are very flexible with classes, you are even allowed to have a sit-down with an administrator to pick classes that best fit your schedule with absolutely no hassles or frustrations.
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