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The school cares nothing about you if you are not on the basketball team. They keep firing the good staff and the administration cares nothing about the true word of the Lord. Do not send your kids here.
The like the basketball facility at Davis College. The experience I had with the team last year was great. I hope I have the same experience this year with the team.
Davis College is a God-Centered, academically challenging, community minded campus dedicated to helping their students succeed in life while pursuing God. Although the atmosphere of Davis is almost family-like, there are factors that are sub-par. Some of these being athletics, and food quality.
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Their value of degree is very high. They want their students to be successful.
I feel as if the courses will be satisfactory when I began
The campus feels and look very safe. Security is always on the look out.
Living on campus can be an very exciting experience.
Greek life is very interesting at this college and I like it
The athletics are great. Basketball is at the top of the list.
The campus seemed very interesting when I visited .
For the most part I feel quite safe on campus. The campus is very small and in the daytime I feel absolutely safe. At night, as a female, I would not walk out alone. The campus security is a presence, and are visible, especially at night. They have exhibited competence in security situations. There is very minimal campus crime inasmuch as that I have heard of things being stolen in the boys dorm.
I love the feeling of family that is in the atmosphere at Davis. The students and the faculty are so welcoming and interested in you. They make sure you're doing okay and if something's not working, they try to help you or fix it. At Davis, their goal is to make sure you succeed, and they give many second chances without being too lenient. We've had a few fun events at Davis as well, including concerts by outside and local artists, a community Christmas party, and a creative arts night in which students demonstrated talents in music, drama, and writing. Sports events, especially basketball games, are well attended and have high energy. And there's almost always people just hanging around, doing homework, singing, or goofing off to have fun with.
The dorms are fairly small and usually house 1-2 people. One of the great things about Davis dorms for girls is that the dorms are located above most of the classrooms, so it's almost unnecessary to go outside when it's cold. Unless you have a class in a different building, but even then the farthest walk takes about 2 minutes. For boys, it takes about 2 minutes to get to the building with most of the classes. The dorms are kept clean and social atmosphere is great, with most people leaving their doors open for people just to walk in and hang out. Since it is a small school it's easy to get to know everyone.
It depends on the sport, but athletics at Davis can be pretty great. Basketball is definitely their best sport. Both teams, men's and women's, generally win, if not dominate. The fan support ranges from pretty great to super fantastic.
The campus at Davis is extremely conservative. No alcohol, smoking etc. No girls in guys dorms and vice versa. There are a lot of rules that are enforced to "protect" the student. A great school, but there needs to be a revision to some of the so called standards.
Since this is a small school there really is not a variety in different teachers. There is one professor for counseling, one for organizational leadership, and so forth. The registration process is easy enough and simple to complete. The curriculum is pretty straight forward too.
My major (organizational leadership) is an easy enough major to complete. The main issue is there is only one professor that teaches all the core requirements, which can get old over time.
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The parking at Davis is decent there is a nice slection of different areas.
Helpful Professors – The proffessors are personal, and they truly do care about you as a student!
Transportaion Is Good – Public transportation is really good. There are alot of buses in the area. Also, the college takes people to Walmart on Saturday's.
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