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My experience here is great. The staff and professors are all willing to help you the best they can. This is a college that allows you to work at your own pace but pushes you to get done before your time in the class ends.
I really enjoy the DATC. The staff and guidance counselors are very helpful and kind. I especially like the year around open enrollment for most courses and the ability to learn at your own pace. It is also one of the most affordable ways to earn certifications for your desired field of work.
I just love Davis Technical College. I went here when I first came to the USA 12 years ago to the ESL program. It helped me with learning English and how American culture was. I made life long friends in the program. Now I am going back to become a Pharmacy Technician at Davis Technical College and am loving the program. I would suggest this for anyone for looking for a change in their life.
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Overall just a pretty miserable experience. You might as well just take an online class, because that’s basically all you do here. You read a textbook, then take a test on what you read in the textbook. The teachers do basically nothing, certainly not teaching. Go buy yourself a textbook or enroll in an online class, you might save yourself a lot of time and money.
I have thoroughly enjoyed attending DATC. Staff is helpful and the teachers make sure you are more than ready for exams. They also offer a lot of help for continuing education and finding a career.
I love the people and really like the facilities. The class options are great and the oppurtunities that they give people and have given me are amazing
This school is focused entirely on getting you ready with certifications and making you hire able. If they cant guarantee 80% hire rate for graduates of a course, they drop it.
I like being able to pick my own schedule and the one on one time with the instructor. I don't having to check in for every class. I can see this being important for the high school students, but I am a responsible adult and have a family and job so having to check in while working on my own is kind of frustrating.
Pretty easy to follow instructions and easy accessibility. If you want to take your class work home and do extra you can. A state of the art computer lab.
The equipment used is state of the art brand new equipment. You class assianments are real world work relared experience. Job placement is very high even before you finish your program so you get paid and work experience which is huge in this day and age.
They had three daily class blocks I could choose from so it was extremely easy to fit classes around my work schedule.
The school is known state wide for there welding program so finding a job is a breeze.
DATC is well known state wide for there welding program so finding a job is a piece of cake
This is a work at your own pace class schedule. Instructors are there when you need help. All the equipment used is brand new so you are working on up to date equipment to you are ready to be placed directly in the field.
Great one on one with instructors that are easy to communicate with. They make sure you are doing everything possible to succeed. They also help with job placement before you are done with the program do you can earn money while in school and adding to your work experience.
I think it depends on what job you're working and how flexible your job is too. My class times worked really well with my job, because I went to school from 8 to 3, and then worked from 4 to 8 most nights. I never really had a conflict with work and school; I was not worried about the work load from school and not getting it completed because of work. I really like that the DATC has a lot of options for class time. At least the medical assistant program did, anyway.
The Medical Assistant program is unique to other programs because it is very hands on. For example, we practiced drawing blood on each other -something that not even my sister did in the nursing program at Weber State. The workload depended on the class that you were in. Anatomy had a large workload because of the importance of learning and knowing the body. Pharmacology also had a large workload, because there were many skills you had to learn within a certain amount of time on top of all of the medications you need to learn and study. The hardest and most important part of an MA student's workload is passing the tests and demonstrating confidence and competence when you pass of your skills. The curriculum transitions from the introduction, to terminology, to administrative tasks, to anatomy, to back office skills and pharmacology, and finally to proper etiquette in the job search. All of the curriculum is very applicable; I never once felt that I was learning useless information. When I went through the program, half the classroom had the desks and chairs for studying, and the other half of the classroom was for back office skills. My instructor recently had the wall torn down to combine his room and the neighboring classroom, forming a much larger room. In the near future, he will have actual rooms in a mock clinic for students to room "patients" into thanks to this new expansion. Because my instructor is so diligent in pushing us along and teaching us, pretty close to all of his students make it to the point of their unpaid 300 hour externship (basically the same thing as an intern). He will sit down with the student and discuss where the student would like to be placed. Because he knows our personalities, he places us in clinics where he knows we will thrive and where we will be happy. When I completed the program, my instructor had 100% job placement for the MA program.
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I went through the Medical Assisting program at the DATC, passed my certification exam, and was placed in the field all in just over 1 year. My favorite part of my experience was the hands on learning environment, and the fact that my instructor really cared about us and got to know each of his students on a personal level. The DATC is the best because you get the best, highest quality instruction for less cost tuition-wise. I would most definitely choose the DATC again if I had to do it all over.
I have enjoyed my school experience because of the interest in the field that I am studying in. I have been in the CNC Machining program for 7 months. Seeing how the course is structured to the industry has motivated me to continue in this field as it has been a positive reflection. The technology is improving so the program is doing its best in bringing in new equipment to teach us on.
My experience in the cosmetology program was great
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