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My experience touring Davis and Elkins College was absolutely incredible. I considered it a privilege and honor to be taken around the campus by both former and current students. I loved the personal, close-knit community feel of the college. I felt like I knew everyone. Most importantly, I felt at home.
Wonderful college with amazing staff. The campus could use some repaired and the dorms arent the greatest but the smallness and friendly people make up for that.
If you are not an athlete you do not matter. If you are an athlete you will not have time to be part of anything significant academically.
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Davis & Elkins has a very friendly and personable staff and faculty.
I will start attending Davis & Elkins in the fall. We have already went to tour the campus. The campus is absolutely beautiful. From the moment we arrived, we felt very welcome.
You aren't treated like a number here, like you are at the bigger schools. You form long lasting friendships with a lot of students. Class sizes are small. The professors want to see you succeed and are willing to help. The dorms are ok. The food has gotten better over the last year or so. The athletic facilities are great for a small school and are D2. The school is next to the city of Elkins and is walking distance to restaurants etc.
Very comfortable setting. I like my classes and professors. So far it is a good experience. My only negative part was freshman required classes (alcohol awareness, at risk students, etc) were scheduled during other classes but they sorted through and fixed it.
Davis and Elkins is a very small school and because of this you get a very personal experience with your professors.
The Professors are great and the staff works really hard. Everyone works to see you succeed.
There isn't much to do around campus and the food could be much better. The dorms are older and could use some improvements but are probably the same as your average dorm room.
The teacher:student ratio is amazing.
I liked how it was a small campus and it was mostly foreign students but besides that the cost of tuition is too much when the buildings are so old.
Teachers and staff cares about the students. The scenery is amazing in the fall and spring. Staff works with you if there is a problem on campus financially, physically, and mentally. Campus activities almost every weekend, nights out in the town, and dances.
Alumni are very involved current activities and insist on meeting current students. Career center is helpful in ensuring a student gets work study, even if the field they chose was no longer available, and the rep assists with resume etiquette, off-campus housing, and scouting local jobs. All other facilities and offices are moderate; they assist in their fields and are faintly educated on that of another office's description.
I'm glad I decided to go to out-of-state, the experience is one for the books; I've met friends I genuinely care very much for and others whom last names I don't recollect, if I even knew it at all.
Security drives around regularly and secure social events, even call underage students out on underage drinking as well as acknowledge the legal-age students they're with for influencing and engaging in it with them. Some are friendly, others are just there because they're being paid.
I have a single room, and my R.A. isn't a hoverer. Seldomly we'll have hall events and dorm events (or dorm vs dorm events). Everyone is well acquainted, the kitchen and rest rooms are cleaned daily, and housekeeping never sneers at laziness, should there be any. The guys are respectful and friendly. Everyone visits everyone's dorm--never know who'll you'll see and where in the building you'll see them. Very social atmosphere.
Greek life isn't publicized nor sought after as much as one would think. In fact, there isn't a sorority on campus and the 2 frats are extremely low-key. They each host minor events, sparing, and they aren't as engaged in campus life as per usual.
The equipment is fair; not entirely modern, nor outdated. The weight room is usually either overcrowded or virtually empty (there is only one), and there isn't a schedule for sports team so others are bombarded by their takeover. Events and within the cafeteria, students are usually segregated into their teams, then everyone else. Students sparing attend sporting events, especially if they're friends with someone on that team, and when a team is facing its biggest competition. Moreover, I've recently been given the responsibility of the president of the weight room, which we call the Fitness Center, and I'm looking to make significant changes (scheduling, equipment, cleaning materials, entertainment, etc.).
I am from a NYC, so I was fairly depressed when I settled into this tiny town (surprisingly, the area is referred to as a city!), especially since I've never been so far from home. It wasn't too long before I familiarized myself with the school and got acquainted with other students. The school isn't very diverse, although there are a great deal of international students. In all 3 years of my attending, thus far, I am the only NYer. Side note: you'll need a car to get away--Walmart is across a highway. Overall, once you get acquainted, it isn't so bad. NOTE: I am a vegetarian, and the cafeteria meals aren't diversed.
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I chose this school because I wanted to be able to do all my classes online because of my work schedule. This program works the best for me.
I have never experienced the party scene at the school because I live off campus.
Again, I have never experienced the party scene at the school because I do not live on campus.
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