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Davidson County Community College Reviews

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I like the campus. Very nice for anyone wanting to stay close to home. Campus is clean and class sizes are good. Go to Davidson county community college to save money to get the same education if you were to go to a university of another college. Teachers are very nice and helpful. Most are willing to work with you on almost everything. Campus is small so if you like smaller campuses, this could be for you. There is a wide range of majors and minors, so you will more than likely find something here that you enjoy to study.
I've had a great experience thus far, available learning resources are excellent, Most of the tutors are extremely helpful and are welcoming to assist students upon appointments.
I loved attending DCCC! It was the first college I ever attended and I recommend it to all my friends. It was cheap, local and very friendly! Best years of my life!
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Davidson county community college is a great small college. Its easy to get around and meet people. It is friendly and diverse. The campus is beautiful and refreshing. All the classes seem very well taught. I have been a returning alumni and enjoy being there very much. The professors are amazing and always willing to help you. The athletics are pretty good. The students that play sports seem to really enjoy them.
Davidson County Community college is a great school with a great campus. The campus is beautiful and easy to navigate with great teachers and communication.
Davidson County Community College is a great school the professors are fair and respectfully. They are also willing to help students succeed inside and outside of class. Davidson County Community College also offers free tutoring for their student which can also be available 24/7 online. The campus was around my home and affordable except for the the cafe lunch. Other than that it is a nice peaceful place to do your school work and start making friends. Almost everyone you meet is down to Earth and going through what you are trying to do get a education and kickstart a career.
I enjoyed my time at Davidson County Community College. I believe it helped me grow and gave me the tools I needed to make a smooth transition to a 4-year university. The instructors and staff are very helpful and have made my overall experience there a great one and allowed me to grow before I attend a 4-year university.
What I love about Davidson County Community College is the diversity of the students who attend. There are students that are still in high school, 30 somethings that are working and/or raising a family (myself included), and even some seniors. You're never too old to learn something new!
I really enjoy the atmosphere of DCCC, the campus is easy to navigate around and I always feel safe. I wish the "Drop" process was easier than it is. If a student wants to get out of a class, they should not have to discuss it with the instructor because the instructor is obviously going to tell them the opposite of what they want to do.
I decided to attend Davidson County Community College after i finished high school. I was planning on attending UNC Chapel Hill but was denied entry. So I then enrolled at DCCC. However I am actually very glad I did. My experience here was very good. The campus is nice and the teachers really care about what they are teaching you. My time here helped me to grow and mature while getting a solid education and also giving me time to figure out where I wanted to go next.
Davidson county is a great two year school if you really know what your doing and how to make sure your credits are going to transfer. Most of the advisors are absolutely terrible. They don’t really look into other schools requirements, so you basically are taking classes you may or may not need.
Great experience overall very well organized. On-line classes are easy to navigate. The campus itself is a very safe environment. The advisors are very helpful and encouraging.
The professors were understanding if your personal life affected your school life. They went out of their way to speak to each and every student in passing and they would adapt their teaching style to be suit your learning style if needed.
This college may have some good programs but Cosmetology is not one of them. I am just ready to finish and get out. I am a straight A student but most of the teachers are horribly rude and unprofessional and they have horrible and sometimes not enough products to work with.
DCCC offers a great variety of competitive programs for a small community college. I am currently participating in the Zoo and Aquarium Science program.
DCCC is a very small school that focuses on intercommunication and relationships between everyone who attends.
I liked the class sizes and the instructors are pretty awesome. I hated the amount of high school kids (ages 14 and up) that are in the classes as they either do not understand what is going on, complain about everything or disrupt class. I also do not like that there are many "chiefs" and not enough "indians" and they all want to contradict each other.
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I love the student body and DCCC! The faculty are very nice and helpful. I have either had absolutely awesome teachers that I still keep in touch with after classes end, or mediocre teachers. Either way I have gotten awesome help from the free learning commons and I absolutely love being a student here.
I like attending Davidson County Community College through my high school because I am getting an AA and a high school diploma when I graduate!
Davidson County Community College is an average community college in a small town in North Carolina.
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