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Davidson County Community College is an average community college in a small town in North Carolina.
I love Davidson County Community College! The teachers really care about your success and will help you with any and everything you need! They offer a lot of resources to help student succeed. I enjoy going to college there and love how mature everyone is.
I spent 3 years at the college. I really enjoyed that they offered lots of resources. The tutoring was great as well as teachers. However, I felt that I was not placed on a good path to reach a long term goal. The advisors didn't place me in proper classes to reach a degree
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Davidson was a wonderful experience. i was there for 2 years and i transferred. the academics was great, the professors work with you and help you they best they can. the tutors at the schools was great as well every time i had issue with my work i was always in there studying getting help. i really enjoyed my time there.
the online courses were very helpful
don't get any help from them
amazing the school staff was so helpful
the professors are good they take a long time to get ahold of but once you got in contact with them they are helpful
the school should have been more clear about the fact they don't have dorms
Taught things again if we did not get them the first time
Everyone is kind to one another
There are always other colleges on campus to talk to you about transferring and able to answer questions if you have them.
Bosch & Cat are awesome instructors as both know their stuff and are always willing to help.
I hate that I can't take a course to explore possiblities because they are not in my "program of choice" and you have to get permission from your advisor to take courses before you can register.
I hated the online PED course because I am bad a memorizing things and that is all this class was was memorizing the textbook for proctored exams. The other online clases I had were AMAZING!!!
They have a class that will walk you through transfering when you are ready to do that.
You can't take classes outside of your program just to see if you *might* be interested in something different than what you are doing That's the part that makes it bad. Otherwise, the teachers are great, asking for help is all you need to do if you have an issue. The free turtoring and open computer lab make it easy to get help you may need.
Review Davidson County Community College
If you need help, just ask. That's all you have to do; ask.
I went to this college straight out of high school. I had no idea what to do. My advisors helped me in finding what steps to take. My first year for general education courses, there were a lot of different class times and options. However, my next two years were predetermined so that internships could be incorporated.
I haven't taken many online courses. I have taken hybrid courses at this college and one online course. The workload was not overbearing at all. Registration for these classses is as simple as any other class. Peer to peer interaction is limited to discussion boards, but this is not the instructors fault. Students have the abilit to contact one another to form study groups.
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