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The hype is true. Amazing place. School built on Christian values, but with an actual commitment to diversity and inclusiveness. D-1 status makes a big difference in terms of quality of athletic facilities for a school of this size (particularly post Steph Curry). Most compelling reason by far to attend though is the faculty-- classes are amazing. I still reference my undergrad coursework many years later. Beautiful campus. Good luck getting in!
Davidson College is a small liberal arts institution with only two thousand students, give or take, on campus at a time. One thing I would like to change about Davidson is the size of the campus and the student body. The rigor of the academics here at this school was a few levels up from my high school AP courses that I took. My small pool of classmates makes me along with other feel like a big fish in a small pond.
Smart, involved, students focused on a bright future in an idyllic setting. In many ways, it feels bigger than it is with so much to offer and competitive D1 sports yet with small focused an interactive classes.
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It’s just a small environment you have to be ready for. We continue to move in the right direction when it comes to diversity and inclusion but there’s so much work to be done. The professors are definitely on your side though and want you to succeed. Also, career services help to make sure you stay on track in terms of your professional career even while you’re still at school
Davidson is very challenging, but equally rewarding. Professors are wonderful and truly invested in helping their students succeed. The undergrad research opportunities that are available are unique to Davidson and prepare students for life after college (grad school/med school/workforce).
Davidson is definitely a small school. By that, I mean that it's smaller than my high school. To be quite honest, there really isn't much to do within the town of Davidson, and without a car, Charlotte isn't exactly accessible. I knew all too well of this, but I still decided to come here because Davidson genuinely is an amazing school. Professors are very engaged with their students and I can definitely see how passionate they are about the courses they teach. Class sizes are great as well, with several of my classes having fewer than 15 students and none over ~30. While diversity of the student population leaves something to be desired, Davidson is slowly improving.
My first year at Davidson has been a great experience. The new science building is incredible, and I've received a lot of support and encouragement from my professors. Although Davidson is a small campus, there is always something to do. The eating houses are a great way to meet people. Whether you want to get involved academically or socially, there is something for everybody. The quality of life at Davidson is superb. The town has shops and restaurants within walking distance. But if you need to go a little further, the campus has free bicycles that you can borrow through a phone app.
Davidson is an excellent school that prepares you well for your future career. The professors are brilliant, helpful, and genuine. The classes are relevant, engaging, and well-taught, and there are many opportunities for involvement on campus. It's hard not to like this place.
Some professors are amazing and truly care about you. A lot of the times activities get very repetitive.. the bubble is real.
An amazing education, professors that go above and beyond, and a student body that care about one another.
Obviously, the school has incredible academics as well as athletics. The campus is gorgeous, and facilities are impressive. However, what Davidson is best known for is the overall environment and people there. When you step on campus, you will automatically feel welcome and comfortable. You will not meet nicer people anywhere else. It is highly competitive academic school, but promotes a more cooperative atmosphere than other schools in a similar category.
Davidson is an absolutely phenomenal school, but it is definitely a school meant to work you very hard. While you typically only take four classes a semester, these classes will keep you up busier than you could imagine. One of the most important factors of the college is the quality of professors. Davidson is consistently ranked one of the top colleges for professor qualifications and experience. All the professors you will be taught by are extraordinarily distinguished in their field with numerous connections that they are willing to pass on to students for their own success. They will push you hard academically, but studying and learning from them is one of the most rewarding experiences you can have. Also, prominent professors are larger institutes that care about graduate students and their research more, you will have their undivided attention at Davidson. The professors genuinely care about their students and are always willing to help you succeed.
The people there were very friendly and the professors were incredibly helpful. Not much to do on the weekends except go to the same places and hang out with the same people. The campus is beautiful yet small, even cramped at times. Unfortunately due to its size, it doesn't have very many majors and I wasn't interested in any that were offered. I transferred midway through my first year.
Quite an artistical masterpiece. This college has given much of an interesting trip for me. I remember going the summer of 2016 and I remember it quite well. I expected it to be not naturally comfortable for me in the slightest, but this results in much a masterpiece as of now.
I love the atmosphere and feeling of the campus and student body, but the academics are a bit cutthroat and the tuition is very overpriced, even with a large amount of financial aid.
Love it here. Students are dedicated to their work, but they also know how to have a good time. I've met so many fun, bright, well-rounded people here who I know I will be friends with for life.
It is fairly easy to get into a program at Davidson, most of the people do it here. It is a big opportunity.
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I personally love Davidson College. It has been a great experience and has build me with a lot of useful knowledge.
Feel very secure in Davidson's campus. The campus police is at close range.
I live in a double bed dorm and it's been great. Everyone here is very clean and gives a good feeling.
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