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My overall experience at Davenport University has been positive. I am pursuing a Human Resource Management Bachelor's Degree, from Davenport University. I have a 3.89 grade-point-average. I am on pace, to graduate, and with highest honors. Most of my community college credits transferred and to Davenport University. Davenport University's online Human Resource Management program has been beneficial, because it enabled me, to work, virtually, and from remote locations. Davenport University's policy that pertains to the use of Google Docs should be changed. In several of my courses, instructors enabled students and to use Google Docs. Google Docs enabled these students, to change, and manipulate the other students' works' quality, which is unacceptable. I believe, Davenport University should ban the use of Google Docs, because it creates confusion and conflict.
DU is great for somethings, not for others. Many professors are adjuncts, which is great for finding internships or referrals. This, however, is not always great for taking courses. Some professors are just not good teachers, as they cannot adapt to different learning styles. There are also a lot of unnecessary required classes at DU.
Being a small campus, you really get to know your professors. Nice small class size, individual attention, free tutoring offered by actual professors, not other students.
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My online professors showed a interest in me as an older student. From the bookstore to my concerned in the classrooms all my previous instructors and faculty welcome me with open arms
Davenport charges people for classes that they don't take. Do not sign up for Davenport unless you want to be ripped off. It's sad. Universities do take advantage of people.
Tuition rates continue to rise, but not the standards. Hit or miss with the professors, most just copy and paste stuff off of the internet and call it a quiz. If you aren't an athlete, good look making friends. Terrible financial aid service, they always, always get something wrong. Constantly messing up financial aid or scholarships, or taking money away. High turnover rate for employees. Overall feels like an extremely expensive, average-joe community college, and that's the type of education you get. For goodness sake, their motto is "It's not what you know, it's who you know". They don't teach here, they just help you build connections and take your money. This "non-profit" university also pays their president 3/4 of a million dollars for a salary, yet have had a 40% increase in tuition in the past 7 years, if that tells you anything about this school. They just take and take from their students. Major regrets coming here, would not recommend.
Professors are very nice and helpful. Taking the online classes. Wonderful classmates that help each other out. Very enjoyable experience. Looking forward to finishing up my master's and ready to work as a nurse practitioner
I like the environment. It feels very positive and there is no shortage of things to do. Most of the teachers are very good quality. I feel like I'm getting a great education.
Davenport University is average at best. All of the professors are a hit or a miss, as several professors are very disappointing and do not seem interested in a student's learning. As a commuter student, it is difficult to make lasting connections with others.
Great community to be a part of! The staff and students are, for the most part, friendly, welcoming, and helpful. There are always campus activities to participate in and new opportunities waiting to happen.
My experience at Davenport University has been great, along with the real world professors, the advisor is really helpful and understanding your schedule. Davenport has such a welcoming environment and hands on.
When I took my visit to DU, I was very invited by all of the people there. The admissions office was one of the best that I have ever been to. The campus is a smaller campus so you would not feel rushed when going from class to class because everything is right next to each other. I love how close it is to Grand Rapids because the city is always alive. There is always things to do in the city.
Davenport University allows every student to succeed, as a fulltime student and athlete Davenport has worked with my busy schedule and has provided many opportunities for me to get my degree. Things I would change about Davenport is the parking is very limited for student who live on campus. For the freshman dorms there is only one small parking lot behind it and it doesn't allow every student to get a spot which then makes them have to park in a different lot across campus. Another flaw is as a student athlete I travel out of state with my team and a lot of times the buses used to transport us are very inconvenient. The buses are small so it doesn't allow a lot of room for equipment and bags and also there are not many outlets which is frustrating because we are students and have school work and if we don't complete the work then we can't compete in the sport.
I recently visited Davenport University and my tour was amazing! There is nothing I would change about this University.
I like Davenport University a lot because I got to transfer credits from high school in so I came in as a sophomore instead of a freshman. I like the small class sizes because I get one on one attention from my professors and learn exactly what businesses are looking for.
The classes are very challenging and the course loads can be massive. But the instructors really do want you to do your best and go out of their way to make sure you understand the material and succeed in your chosen major.
I like how the campus isn't big but also not small. It's also close to home. Their soccer team is very good. The dorms are really nice and freshman also get a whole section to themselves. Also freshman get to drive.
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Davenport University is made to look PERFECT on paper. Keyword meaning ON PAPER. Academically, the classes are great. If you live on campus, you need a car. The closest "civilization" is 4 miles away. This is a commuter school. No one is here on the weekends. Everyone who lives on campus here lives within an hour of the school, and goes home every weekend. The food is also of poor quality. I am upset with my experience, and am transferring after only 1 semester here. I highly suggest researching the school before attending.
what i like about davenport is that the class sizes are small enough to accommodate the needs of individuals. advisors are very helpful in scheduling your classes and the technology is very up to date. what i would change about davenport is the parking (specifically lansing campus). there is not enough parking in the designated lot, therefore we are forced to park in a ramp, located off campus.
At Davenport you will obtain a great education if you like the ambiance. The classrooms are small enough to communicate with your professor one on one. For students who need extra help there is tutoring available. There are many activities throughout the month for “fun”, but there is nothing major. If you want the college crazy fun experience this is not the place to find it. The college is not very big therefore there isn’t an extensive amount of things you can participate in.
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