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When I took my visit to DU, I was very invited by all of the people there. The admissions office was one of the best that I have ever been to. The campus is a smaller campus so you would not feel rushed when going from class to class because everything is right next to each other. I love how close it is to Grand Rapids because the city is always alive. There is always things to do in the city.
Davenport University allows every student to succeed, as a fulltime student and athlete Davenport has worked with my busy schedule and has provided many opportunities for me to get my degree. Things I would change about Davenport is the parking is very limited for student who live on campus. For the freshman dorms there is only one small parking lot behind it and it doesn't allow every student to get a spot which then makes them have to park in a different lot across campus. Another flaw is as a student athlete I travel out of state with my team and a lot of times the buses used to transport us are very inconvenient. The buses are small so it doesn't allow a lot of room for equipment and bags and also there are not many outlets which is frustrating because we are students and have school work and if we don't complete the work then we can't compete in the sport.
I recently visited Davenport University and my tour was amazing! There is nothing I would change about this University.
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I like Davenport University a lot because I got to transfer credits from high school in so I came in as a sophomore instead of a freshman. I like the small class sizes because I get one on one attention from my professors and learn exactly what businesses are looking for.
The classes are very challenging and the course loads can be massive. But the instructors really do want you to do your best and go out of their way to make sure you understand the material and succeed in your chosen major.
I like how the campus isn't big but also not small. It's also close to home. Their soccer team is very good. The dorms are really nice and freshman also get a whole section to themselves. Also freshman get to drive.
Davenport University is made to look PERFECT on paper. Keyword meaning ON PAPER. Academically, the classes are great. If you live on campus, you need a car. The closest "civilization" is 4 miles away. This is a commuter school. No one is here on the weekends. Everyone who lives on campus here lives within an hour of the school, and goes home every weekend. The food is also of poor quality. I am upset with my experience, and am transferring after only 1 semester here. I highly suggest researching the school before attending.
what i like about davenport is that the class sizes are small enough to accommodate the needs of individuals. advisors are very helpful in scheduling your classes and the technology is very up to date. what i would change about davenport is the parking (specifically lansing campus). there is not enough parking in the designated lot, therefore we are forced to park in a ramp, located off campus.
At Davenport you will obtain a great education if you like the ambiance. The classrooms are small enough to communicate with your professor one on one. For students who need extra help there is tutoring available. There are many activities throughout the month for “fun”, but there is nothing major. If you want the college crazy fun experience this is not the place to find it. The college is not very big therefore there isn’t an extensive amount of things you can participate in.
I think Davenport University is an amazing college for anyone who wants a more family type feel to their experience. When I am on campus, I get greeted by a ton of people and I do not know half of them. Everyone there is super friendly and they are willing to help me with anything I need. My professors are amazing and very considerate as long as you communicate properly with them! The campus is beautiful and I love the modernized designs of their newer buildings! The campus may be small but it is not so small that you get bored on campus! There is always something to do or someone to meet and I love that aspect of campus life!
My experience has been exciting and full of hard work. Nursing has made me learn how to better care for my family as well as others in my neighborhood. The class are state of the art yet friendly and warm. I would like the library to become bigger.
I like the classes, professors are very good. They all have real life experience and are a lot of help. The dorms are very nice, love the set-up. There's always fun activities goin on. The food here isn't the greatest, typically cold. Hard to make friends, not a very inviting atmosphere.
When I visited Davenport, I loved the campus, dorms, and how modern the buildings were. I liked the class size of business classes, some only having 6 kids in them. The flexibility of scheduling Davenport offers is very helpful, as it allows you to work with professors to figure what is best for you. My favorite thing, however, was the job guarantee Davenport offers to the Business students. If you do not get a job in 6 months after finishing your degree, Davenport will pay for further education you may want. I strongly suggest this college, because they focus on what is best for their students.
I am not currently a student but I had a tour of the campus I would be attending if accepted on Sept 16th this year. My first impression on the business campus was "this is small". The area is a new building which is highly tech savvy, filled with smart boards, and business "meeting rooms" (The meeting rooms were impressive, just pointing that out). This University is my fit because the classes are small about 8-15 students max in each class, also Davenport offers articulated credit. This means that with all of the AP classes I have had a B or higher in (even without taking the AP College test) I can still get the college credit. Overall, Davenport to me is the best college I can get into and I can't wait to be a Davenport Panther.
It was good. The food was alright i mean they dont have a lot of options to choose from to study. n .
Parking is great. Food is amazing. Classes are not too hard. A lot of homework time in very few classes. They have fun events going on and people are really nice. Smoke free which is great. Campus is easy to get around, it is not to big.
I love Davenport University. The instructors and the administration are wonderful advocates for student achievement! The simplicity and the accommodations to access tutors or other resources for learning are outstanding.
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Davenport has been the perfect place for a returning education student like myself. It has allowed me to take courses at my pace and work around my full time job.
DU is an outstanding school! They have multiple beautiful campuses throughout Michigan making it easier to attend. The professors are all amazing and extremely helpful. I couldn't imagine anywhere else to attend to complete my Bachelor's.
I attend the Lansing campus and in the 4 years i've attended the price is just not worth the education. Somehow I am paying as much as I would pay for Michigan State University but yet there are a bunch of students attending that are welfare dependent when I have to pay out of pocket and can barely afford this school.
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