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My overall experience at Davenport University has been great. The class size is on average smaller, leading to better interaction between the student and professor. If I have any questions or comments about the class, i can either schedule a meeting, or email them and expect a quick an immediate response. The campus is smaller so it is very easy to go from class to class. the food selection is great. Parking, unlike some local universities is FREE! Overall there is not much to complain about with DU. Become a Panther Today!!
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Davenport has changed for life for the better. From the professors that actually care to the academics that are real world applicable, Davenport has inspired and pushed me to start my own business and to become a successful and productive member of society. Anyone who disagrees either has not tried reach out to others or was not serious about an eduction. That is all I have to say about these reviews.
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Upon applying to Davenport University, I was looking for a quality business school and I found one in Davenport. The courses are enlightening and informative. The instructors are informative and really care about the students and how they are doing. There are many resources that you can turn to for support if you are struggling with a course or if you just have an issue. The dorms are great, and the sports teams are fun! I got the college experience at Davenport and I am very happy to be a student in the land of the Panthers!

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I love Davenport! I am a nontraditional student, and DU made the transition back to school quite effortless. DU offers small class sizes, professors who actually care and want to see you succeed, and focus more on ensuring you truly absorb the material instead of just memorizing it to pass a test. I'm not sure of the nightlife here because my party days are long gone, but from what I've heard, it can be a fun time!
I am currently in the Nursing Program at Davenport University. The classroom sizes are small and you really get to know your professors. They are very personable which was very important to me before I started attending Davenport.
I like the small community and the new, up-to-date campus. Everyone is very friendly and willing to always help.
I’m currently a highschool senior dual enrolled with Davenport and I think this is a pretty good school for what I want to do, I am accepted and plan on attending for fall 2019. I would say, if you are unsure of what you want to do/think you might change your mind, Davenport might not be it for you. It’s a very business oriented school, and doesn’t offer a wide array of programs, and many credits don’t transfer if you change your mind
Overall my experience at Davenport University has been great but my favorite part are the adjunct instructors I have had. Most have careers in the fields they are teaching about and their perspective and the advice they give is very helpful.
Excellent college to attend. Great staff and professors who really care about the students future. I would suggest this school to anyone. It is known for its business and nursing programs and after attending the college I would agree with this.
Classes are small, but the learning is big. Very good resources, and helpful professors. Advisers guide you through your academic success. Lots of sports and organizations. Many activities for students, and ways to meet new people.
I have had a great experience with taking online courses thru Davenport to achieve my Marketing degree. I find all of the courses new and relevant to my future career. The university is always updating and creating fresh new course materials. All of the instructors have been helpful and eager to teach. Overall, it has been a wonderful experience.
Davenport University so far has been a little complicating. I attend the Warren, MI campus because they have a nursing program that I found interesting. The staff along the program was a bit rude, they wait to the last minute to tell you things, can’t get in contact with anyone because they email you super late and it’s just unprofessional. Im hoping my classes and professors are so much better than what I’ve seen so far.
Overall I have had an amazing experience here. The classes are small enough to where students can get one on one help with from the instructors. I love that the instructors have real life experience and can give examples they have dealt with. The campus where I attend is always clean and there is always public safety there.
They are very willing to help you succeed! They took all my credits from all of the colleges I have gone to. They want you to feel comfortable coming to them for help.
They have been so helpful getting me transferred. All questions answered quickly and if needed they get me in touch with the right people!
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Davenport has brought many amazing experiences to my life since starting in fall 2016. The classes are smaller, but the environment is amazing and helps make learning easier. I also really appreciate the professors provided at Davenport, they are helpful and make the classroom personal with each individual. Lastly, my academic adviser is very helpful and has an answer for any question I have, she makes scheduling classes simple and convenient.
I love the smaller size classrooms and that you can have a 1 on 1 conversation with you teacher. Your professors are active in the studies they are teaching and have real world experience to pass to students.
I have really enjoyed my time at DU so far! It is a small campus so you will know almost everybody, and it is really fast and easy to get from one side of campus to the other. The facilities are wonderful and seem brand new. The staff and faculty are wonderful for the most part, they are always willing to help out.
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