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I love the smaller size classrooms and that you can have a 1 on 1 conversation with you teacher. Your professors are active in the studies they are teaching and have real world experience to pass to students.
I have really enjoyed my time at DU so far! It is a small campus so you will know almost everybody, and it is really fast and easy to get from one side of campus to the other. The facilities are wonderful and seem brand new. The staff and faculty are wonderful for the most part, they are always willing to help out.
Davenport has been a great experience. They have helped me in so many ways! From financial aid to helping me apply for my program with a week before the deadline. Which I was accepted to thanks to all of their help. They have also kept in contact with me through email as well as face to face meeting on campus. They helped me to get my classes transferred from my previous school too. They are close to home so they allowed me to apply to the campus in Lansing instead of all the way in Grand Rapids. They truly care about their students. I am so glad I transferred to this school. It has changed my life completely. I can see myself getting my bachelors degree and finally having the career I have been dreaming of.
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Davenport has given me the flexibility to complete my degree completely online. It fits well with a busy young family and full time employment. The instructors are knowledgeable and engaging. I’ve had great experiences with the financial aid department and advisors. I would recommend Davenport University to anyone wanting a flexible schedule.
I've had an absolutely wonderful experience here, and I wish I would have started here much sooner than I did.
Davenport is nice commuter school. It caters to the working adult forum. however does not offer weekend classes.
I like the location of Davenport University but I would like to see more majors like education and things related to that
I love the small campus which allows you to have a smaller class, and less people in the dorms and cafe! This gives a more personal learning area with classes that were the same as the average high school, making it easier to transition to from high school. This also helps you in making friends, because there is a smaller class size and you get to meet more people. For me, this was huge because I did not know anyone!
The advisors are so friendly. They actually really care about you as an individual. They want you to succeed not only in the class room but in your future.
I am currently a nursing student at the Midland campus. I love that there are multiple different sister campuses for students to attend, along with the main campus in Grand Rapids. I feel as if I am getting a very well rounded, ahead of the game education.
I have gone to Davenport University for more than 2 years now. Davenport faculty have always been very kind, knowledgeable, and supportive. From the professors to the financial aid staff to the receptionist you know you are in good hands. I have felt at one with the community of Davenport University and there is nowhere else that I would like to go. Even after you are done with classes Davenport is not done with you. There are plenty of alumni functions. Also, as you prepare to leave for the real world Davenport will assist you to find a job. I lost my job once and found Davenport’s hand reaching out to help me find another one.
Davenport has very nice dorm rooms no matter which building you live in. The athletic teams are very well funded no matter if it is NCAA or a club team. The school is in a very safe area and is close to many places to eat and other types of entertainment.
Davenport offers students and their families many recourses that other universities would charge you for. The free tutoring, free parking, and vast class times makes it easy for those with difficult schedules to still get their degree. Facilites such as the student center and the library are very well maintained and updates often. I would suggest that additional parking be added around the academic and business buildings.
Beware veterans attending this school. Davenport does not follow their own policies and will have you owing money to the VA if using your GI bill. I was dropped from a class after the class had ended and never notified until the VA called asking for the money I owed. I placed two appeals to Davenport to change my date of last attendance for the class. One was never responded to, the second one I finally got a letter stating the appeal was denied; Davenport’s reason is they “cannot honor the date change”. In the letter it states if you have questions to contact them at the given contact point. I have left numerous voice mails and have yet to receive a call back. You’re better off getting a TM and learning something rather than going to Davenport to waste benefits AND owe money.
My overall experience at Davenport University has been positive. I am pursuing a Human Resource Management Bachelor's Degree, from Davenport University. I have a 3.89 grade-point-average. I am on pace, to graduate, and with highest honors. Most of my community college credits transferred and to Davenport University. Davenport University's online Human Resource Management program has been beneficial, because it enabled me, to work, virtually, and from remote locations. Davenport University's policy that pertains to the use of Google Docs should be changed. In several of my courses, instructors enabled students and to use Google Docs. Google Docs enabled these students, to change, and manipulate the other students' works' quality, which is unacceptable. I believe, Davenport University should ban the use of Google Docs, because it creates confusion and conflict.
DU is great for somethings, not for others. Many professors are adjuncts, which is great for finding internships or referrals. This, however, is not always great for taking courses. Some professors are just not good teachers, as they cannot adapt to different learning styles. There are also a lot of unnecessary required classes at DU.
Being a small campus, you really get to know your professors. Nice small class size, individual attention, free tutoring offered by actual professors, not other students.
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My online professors showed a interest in me as an older student. From the bookstore to my concerned in the classrooms all my previous instructors and faculty welcome me with open arms
Davenport charges people for classes that they don't take. Do not sign up for Davenport unless you want to be ripped off. It's sad. Universities do take advantage of people.
Tuition rates continue to rise, but not the standards. Hit or miss with the professors, most just copy and paste stuff off of the internet and call it a quiz. If you aren't an athlete, good look making friends. Terrible financial aid service, they always, always get something wrong. Constantly messing up financial aid or scholarships, or taking money away. High turnover rate for employees. Overall feels like an extremely expensive, average-joe community college, and that's the type of education you get. For goodness sake, their motto is "It's not what you know, it's who you know". They don't teach here, they just help you build connections and take your money. This "non-profit" university also pays their president 3/4 of a million dollars for a salary, yet have had a 40% increase in tuition in the past 7 years, if that tells you anything about this school. They just take and take from their students. Major regrets coming here, would not recommend.
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