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I like the classes, professors are very good. They all have real life experience and are a lot of help. The dorms are very nice, love the set-up. There's always fun activities goin on. The food here isn't the greatest, typically cold. Hard to make friends, not a very inviting atmosphere.
When I visited Davenport, I loved the campus, dorms, and how modern the buildings were. I liked the class size of business classes, some only having 6 kids in them. The flexibility of scheduling Davenport offers is very helpful, as it allows you to work with professors to figure what is best for you. My favorite thing, however, was the job guarantee Davenport offers to the Business students. If you do not get a job in 6 months after finishing your degree, Davenport will pay for further education you may want. I strongly suggest this college, because they focus on what is best for their students.
I am not currently a student but I had a tour of the campus I would be attending if accepted on Sept 16th this year. My first impression on the business campus was "this is small". The area is a new building which is highly tech savvy, filled with smart boards, and business "meeting rooms" (The meeting rooms were impressive, just pointing that out). This University is my fit because the classes are small about 8-15 students max in each class, also Davenport offers articulated credit. This means that with all of the AP classes I have had a B or higher in (even without taking the AP College test) I can still get the college credit. Overall, Davenport to me is the best college I can get into and I can't wait to be a Davenport Panther.
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It was good. The food was alright i mean they dont have a lot of options to choose from to study. n .
Parking is great. Food is amazing. Classes are not too hard. A lot of homework time in very few classes. They have fun events going on and people are really nice. Smoke free which is great. Campus is easy to get around, it is not to big.
I love Davenport University. The instructors and the administration are wonderful advocates for student achievement! The simplicity and the accommodations to access tutors or other resources for learning are outstanding.
Davenport has been the perfect place for a returning education student like myself. It has allowed me to take courses at my pace and work around my full time job.
DU is an outstanding school! They have multiple beautiful campuses throughout Michigan making it easier to attend. The professors are all amazing and extremely helpful. I couldn't imagine anywhere else to attend to complete my Bachelor's.
I attend the Lansing campus and in the 4 years i've attended the price is just not worth the education. Somehow I am paying as much as I would pay for Michigan State University but yet there are a bunch of students attending that are welfare dependent when I have to pay out of pocket and can barely afford this school.
Panther prowl was a really good experience for all incoming freshmen and.transfer students. Something that could be changed would be more opportunity for students scholarship and funds.
I've really enjoyed studying at Davenport! Honestly everything but the cost has been great, but I guess there has to be a price to pay for beautiful buildings and resources, educated professors, and an all around fun and welcoming environment!
I am currently attending Davenport and I love it! There are so many people who are all different and who each have a story to tell. Davenport is a diverse university and that opens the doors for so many opinions and perspectives. I think it's important to listen to and view situations from multiple angles and Davenport gave me the opportunity to do so. DU also has many clubs and sports teams to be a part of. There is something for everyone. My professors and classmates are patient and helpful. They are willing to put in the extra time to help you understand and make sure you get the help you need. I have loved attending classes here!
Davenport has been an amazing college to attend. My biggest class size was around 25 students, making the face to face interaction between my professors and I possible. The professors new each student on a first name basis which really helped the learning experience. The only thing I can see needing improvement is their online education and the professors that teach those classes.
I like that Davenport University has small student to faculty ratio it helps the professors invest in the student's learning experience and overall well-being. I also like the housing, especially for freshman, because it creates a community. I would like to see more students become involved in student life activities.
I love that each class is small, about 20 students give or take, because the Professors can give you one on one advice. They really care about your performance, and want you to succeed in what ever career you decide to work towards.
I'm in the nursing program at Davenport University, and I absolutely love it. Everyone is super nice and willing to work together to get projects done and prepare for exams. Basically everyone living on campus plays a sport, so it can be challenging for people to make friends outside of their sports teams.
I am a non-traditional student and Davenport is perfect for me. The campus is the perfect size, there are two main buildings for classes which makes it easy to get from one class to the next. Most of the professors there are wonderful teachers and people. Davenport offers experiential learning which is one of my favorite things about their programs. The student life center is always offering fun things for the students to do like affordable trips to Tigers and Pistons games and day trips to Chicago. Davenport is private school and is a bit pricey but the school is smaller and the teacher to student ratio is not outrageous. I would change the requirement for rather expensive access to simulations for Word and Excel classes, it seems like that should be included in the tuition. Also, the Lettinga campus no longer offers Coke products. All in all, Davenport is a great school.
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I think the availability to classes is great for students who are working. Downfall is the crazy high prices to take the classes. Online professors just copy and paste material from years ago. Multiple issue with things not being graded correctly.
I am a student athlete and I have to say we have one of the best programs for a NAIA school!! I have visited a lot of schools and Davenport is one of the best!
Davenport is a great school that offers amazing academics as well as some top notch sports teams. We have just begun the switch to ncaa division 2 athletics and it is going to be a great experience for our whole school. The classroom sizes are very small and once you start getting into classes for your major the class sizes are even smaller. It really gives you the chance to get close with your professor and make connections to help you on the real world.
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