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As a dual enrollment student taking a hybrid class I spent little time on Darton's campus, however the experience I had at Darton was a great experience.
I loved my time at Darton State College. I do hate that it was consolidated with Albany State University. I liked having a smaller school to enroll to instead of a large university at home.
Darton is a great experience for those starting their college education. The courses are moderately challenging and the students are friendly.
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So far, I have had an overall positive experience with Darton State College. I have arrived right in the middle of a merger so everything has been pretty hectic. Financial aid, admissions, its all been an overwhelmingly complicated process. However, the staff at Darton has gone completely out of there to make sure that I have everything taken care of to continue my educational career!
Darton is a very fun and helpful school. I hate that we had to combine with Albany state and change our school name. As of this year we have lost almost all of our sports teams, that is what makes Darton a four star school and not a five.
Darton is a pretty good college to attend. It is a two year and in a pretty safe area, professors are nice. If you need anyway help there are different labs and professors to help you. I attended Darton because it was close to home and affordable.
I do like Darton State College so far. The experience has been very well. I would like to have closer parking for nursing students.
I like it they help me find colleges and scholarships. Without it I would be lost. It is one of the most helpful websites I have ever used in my life and it almost ensures that I will get to college
My daughter have been attending Darton since 2014 and is expecting to graduate in December with an associate degree. Plans are to return back for two more years to get get Bachelors degree in Radiology. Overall experience has been great. Great professors , love the idea of having the writing lab to assist and other tutoring that is offered. Cheerleader for 1st two years. The thing she like least is not being able to cheer for football due to them not having a football team and the long walks to class, other than that overall experience has been excellent.
it really great to be in the school.
the online courses are great.
the career center is great.
Great room size and professors.
The experience is great here.
The school work is manageable
I enjoy science so nursing is something I can handle. Taking courses such as anatomy excites me. I live to learn new things about the body I did not know prior to the class.
Darton is good to me because it is not to big of a school but at the same time not to small. The teachers teach and joke around with one at the same time. That makes me feel comfortable and able to be successful and fufill my life long goals.
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love some of the teachers
teachers are lenient with schedule
convenient work with your schedule
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