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Dartmouth has a great community, with supportive students and professors. The campus is beautiful and there are many resources available to students. I wish there had been less of an emphasis on Greek life and better career and advising services.
I loved Dartmouth from the minute I set foot here as a freshman. Very opening and friendly environment, and professors are high caliber educators. Everyone wants you to succeed and there are a variety of extracurriculars to get involved in.
Dartmouth is simply wonderful. It has such a wonderfully cozy and collaborative atmosphere, which combined with the unparalleled focus on undergraduate students makes it the best college there is. The only thing people should be aware of is that there will be a large number of wealthy students, so be prepared to face some new socioeconomic diversity. Overall, it is such a safe and fun college set in a beautiful part of the country!
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I am a dual enrollment high school student who has taken one class at Dartmouth and hopes to take another one before I graduate. I had a very good experience in my class. The teacher was really nice and helpful and was willing to spend lots of time with the students to help. She encouraged questions and when she couldn't find time to help she had a TA there to help. One thing that would have made the experience better was there isn't a lot of parking accessible to commuting students so you would have to walk from far away parking lots.
Dartmouth is a unique place in that many colleges will never give you the freeing chance of focusing entirely on schooling in such a beautiful location. Rural location means fewer distractions and a better overall creative way of entertainment within a community.
The Dartmouth Experience - how we call it - is unlike any other. It allows you to challenge yourself in ways you never though possible. I do wish that mental health was talked about more, as I have struggled the past 2 years and have only recently received support from professors and staff.
Dartmouth has outstanding professors who make it a priority to interact with students. Dartmouth offers a superb education in a beautiful environment. The people are hearty, adventurous and authentic.
The atmosphere is extremely homey despite there always being a large workload. Everyone likes to include the entire student body in activities, and the staff like to get involved as well.
Excellent professors who engage individually with students, beautiful campus, diverse community, increasingly progressive, responsive to students, ideal for top-notch students who prefer nature over urban setting.
I thoroughly enjoyed my experience at Dartmouth College. If you are looking for professors who love to teach, a beautiful college campus, and a vibrant student body, Dartmouth is the place for you! There are also many outdoor opportunities to take advantage of.
Wow, my time at Dartmouth has gone by so fast! I have absolutely loved the last 3 years and there is still so much I haven't done yet! Everything is amazing here, but the Dorms could be a little better.
So far, I have thoroughly enjoyed my time at Dartmouth. The professors are amazing, and the students are genuine and kind. I would highly recommend Dartmouth to anyone who wants a stellar and memorable undergraduate experience. Go Big Green!
Lots of things to do on campus. Homecoming is fall highlight. D plan gives you flexibility for study abroad and internships away from campus.
I am a current sophomore ('19), and I had a great freshman year, but I waited for this past Fall term to confirm that Dartmouth is, in fact, one of the best choices I have made in my life. Dartmouth has a small community in which everyone knows each other directly or through one degree of separation (which can be a pro and con at times!), but it's so easy to find a sense of self here and be integrated into a great community as well. Everyone knows stress levels are high, so hiding it does no good, but the community is incredibly supportive regardless.
Rages, but fire the pres and make the school less PC. The frats are great, perhaps the best in the nation
This College is amazing. School spirit and the general positive vibe is wonderfully balanced with intense academics. The highly invested, highly qualified professors and small, interesting classes are unique among peer research universities.
As a graduate student, I'm very impressed with this research university. As one would expect from an Ivy League school, funding is usually never an issue for research projects or social events. The libraries have some of the rarest books in the world, a very rare and delightful opportunity indeed. The professors are world famous and you'll easily see them on television for interviews. This school is a little more traditional than the other Ivies as can be seen by it still being called Dartmouth College and not Dartmouth University, even though it is a respectable research university make no mistake. Dartmouth is understated elegance, just the way it should be. Since this school is the smallest of the Ivies, it is the easiest to network in and will surely pay off in the long term. Dartmouth opens doors and there is a reason why the Ivies are so sought after on this planet, but you'll just have to find out for yourself exactly what I mean.
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As I have suggested previously in this survey, 1 out of every three classes I have taken EVERY trimester has been very poor. Not just "not great" but actually very poor! One teacher out of every three has been a terrible teacher, or extremely difficult to understand and often their tests are extremely unfair and do NOT reflect the material taught in class. When the entire class performs poorly, the grades are curved so it appears that everyone did adequately, but the reality is that in those classes we have NOT learned, we have lost an opportunity to get excited about a topic probably lost a spark of interest to further explore an academic area. For the tuition we pay, we should have phenomenal teachers and when students complain about a professor year after year, they should at least NOT be teaching introductory classes. I am not alone in feeling extremely disappointed in the overall teacher quality, at least during the first two years' introductory level classes. Don't get me wrong - there have been some very good teachers too - but the ratio of terrible teachers to great teachers is not what it should be at an IVY League school
I am concerned about my future opportunities, mostly because it has been difficult to secure worthwhile internships. Freshman summer internship opportunities were limited both by limited exposure to companies to apply to, since there is no on campus career fair in the engineering school and by the limited course background. Sophomore internship was difficult for the above reasons adn additionally because the trimester off during sophomore year that is required is not when many companies hire college interns - they do it in the summer when all the Dartmouth sophomores have to be at school.
I am a male, and fairly strong so the issue of safety is different for me than for women. I have never felt unsafe in terms of any violent crimes etc. I don't have any friends that have been victims of sexual assault, but I have friends whose friends have been assaulted. Obviously alcohol plays a role but the school has made significant efforts to limit alcohol availablity. I put N?A for support services and administrative support for victims of sexual assault, only because I don't really know, since I haven't had any first hand experience with anyone involved with this.
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