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This college is not that great. Professors are decent. The college is in a bad neighborhood. Most people transfer after a year or two of being there to a four year university. Most classes are small but some are crowded. Security is available around campus but are not very helpful. For example, my car broke down in the middle of the library parking lot and I put my emergency flashing lights on. A security guard walked right pass my car and didn't even ask me if I was okay or did I need any help.
I love the friendliness of the staff. Dislike how there aren't many sports at this school. Just the basics like baseball and volleyball. The school overall needs more fun things for the students to get engaged in and to make us appreciate and love being there more.
I came to Danville CC as a person who had droped out of college. The staff and professors made the transition back in to school great and without stress. The professors also try to help their students with the course if they notice a proplem and the student is willing.
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Danville Community College is great start way to save money if you want to go ahead and start taking courses before transferring to a university. The teachers here are great and the advisors do their very best to help you succeed. DCC offers a variety of certificates that will help you further your career or start a new one in just a short matter of time. Overall, I enjoyed my time at DCC.
Danville Community College was a great beginning to my college career. When I graduated from high school, I didn't really know what to do. DCC not only helped me adjust to the stressful life that college can be, but it was also affordable. The teachers really care about the students and you can tell that by how passionately they teach.
Alot of former students are working with the school and find other jobs in their what they went to school for.
Automotive is a great major. There wi always be a need for automechnic.

There are lectures everyday with hands-on after the lectures. These are all done in the auto shop of the school. There are job opportunities after maybe the 1st semester.

Engilsh and writing are in this curriculum as well which will help our communcation skills
This school from the first time I visited has always been a fit for me.

I have always felt like i belong and the people wanted me there.

If you are a simple person and dont need all the hype but yet are looking for a great opportunity to learn and make a good career this is why i would cboose tbis school again.
I was promised a bit of credit before entering DCC, but was never awarded it.
I choose a lot more online classes at DCC, and ost of them were alright, if not sometimes tedious and confusing when it came to turning in assignments. The only time I really communicated with my classmates online was when we were told to due so in my controversial issues class.
The most complicated, rigorous, tedious process I have ever had was transferring to Liberty from DCC.
I have had a few teachers who see some value in me as a student, but a lot of them see me as a student to get in and out of a class.

My sign language teacher and art teacher both saw great potential in me, and taught with a lot of passion! But, two out of the eleven classes I took isn't very well.
I would NOT suggest staying at this school long enough to try to fulfill a career, try looking into a University.
I did enjoy the sign language class I took, (before DCC cancelled it, of course.) the few Math courses I took were simple and to the point, and I enjoyed the art classes I took as well.
If you want to get your general education over with in Danville, star at DCC. DCC does have a few perks, with some noticeable flaws, but it gets the job done. If you ant to get a bit of college experience before going to a university, I would say start here.
I have been able to work a part time job and go to school full time, so I would say the academic flexibility is excellent.
The course I have taken online have been structured very well, but I did not learn a lot from these courses.
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The teachers are always trying to help find students a job, as long as they show interest.
My professors at this school have been a great deal of help, and the class sizes were relatively small.
It all depends on what degree you are seeking.
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