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My experience at DACC has gone pretty well. Aside from our college being located on the "ghetto" side of town, the campus looks nothing like the surrounding area, it's nice, clean, and safe. The class sizes are also really nice, we have fairly small classes which allows for more one-on-one sessions with our professors. Speaking of professors, the ones I've had are very nice. They really help you when you need it, even if that means setting their own time aside to assist you and even give extensions on projects. As for what DACC could improve on, as silly as it is, we need a coffee shop, and I know that our student body would benefit from having a nice cup of coffee before class. The majors offered are nice, however, more students have to transfer because their major isn't offered, including myself. Thus far my experience at DACC has been very good, and I know it will continue to be that way as my time their comes to an end.
I enjoy how hands on learning the teaching is. The learning environment is amazing. I wish the campus was located in a better part of the neighborhood, but it still is safe on campus. I like the online class varieties offered also.
DACC is a small college so you dont have the overwhelming of a big college campus. Most of the professors are welcoming.
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This is my first year of college, been at dacc is a start. I havent had any problem with anything everything has been great. ive had help with everything i needed help with.
My biggest issue was that there weren't enough professors with different teaching styles to choose from for most classes. But otherwise, the college is clean and the staff are always willing to help.
I feel that this school is like a second home to me. I spent many hours after classes working on homework and it was always a great contrast to my hectic home life. I feel as though my work got done faster at school as opposed to at home.

The staff was always supportive of my efforts to achieve my associates degree and transfer to my dream school. The services, especially the TRIO Student Support Services, had been extremely helpful in keeping me aware of how many credits I'll need to transfer. They suggested classes to help me reach that goal as well as kept in mind what my preferences are and what areas I could improve upon so that a compromise could be reached.

I would definitely recommend this school and hope future students find a second home here as I did.
The teachers are very understanding and flexible. They understand you have more to do than just schoolwork.
I love goin to this school. I have to spend so many days there it’s like a second home. All the people I have met are nice and he teachers are excellent!
The best part that I like about Danville Area Community College is that they really value other education. The teacher are top notch awesome and so caring. I have not had a rude teacher yet. They also have great food options in the cafe. They make sure that there is plenty of studying places.
I decided later in life to attend college. Danville Area Community College was close to my work place and with not having much time outside of work and children, this college provided me with all the help I needed. I get to work full time as well as still go to school. I take online and night classes. The staff have been wonderful with helping me accomplish my dreams.
It's a wonderful school, the teachers are so compassionate and they always seem to be able to help. The school offers a wide variety of help with almost everything that you need; financial aid or advisory, tutoring, and even help with student loans and scholarships
amazing college wouldn't leave here if I had a choice they have helped me out so much, with my academics and my financial aid
It's great and they have a pretty decent transfer program
Classes are good and have a decent variety to them
DACC is a great school. Very affordable and a great place to start college and get an associate's degree
They try their hardest to work with you
Only had a few problems with the technology
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Offers many jobs in the community
Has a lot of recruiters for new jobs
Learn a lot to help with future career
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