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Dalton State is an amazing college to go and experience. Its one of the top Affordable Colleges in the state. The staff and members are Great.
I really love the price and the way that people motives you to be part of the Dalton State I think is a really way to get start your education. It's close to home for me. Also is not expensive as other schools.
The school is extremely affordable, and very nice as well. All of the students are friendly, and it is easy to get involved!
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Dalton State is a smaller school, but growing. We currently have just over 5,000 students. I feel like my education is top notch. The school has a very close community. I love it here. Beep Beep!
Dalton State College is an amazing college for people who are wanting to start somewhere that is very affordable. It is in a great area of Dalton and allows students from all over to appreciate the school. Every professor I have had was always considerate of their students and even the student body is always there if someone needs help with something. I think Dalton State College is a great college that is able to give many options to every one of their students.
It is a small school with not much to do on campus. It can be difficult to get classes changed, and financial aid to finally go through. Considering there is not a ton of students, the process paperwork extremely slow.
It's a typical small-town college but it seems that everyone there is very close. You're never afraid to ask a question because everyone there has been there, and they understand the shoes you're currently in. The professors are there to help and they want to see you succeed. Although their classes may not be easy, they're there to push you to be the best you can be. Dorming is new on campus but it seems to already have taken off throughout the college, more college students are signing up to be housed on campus and the student council as well as the president are thrilled about Dalton State soon becoming a University.
I am an alumnus of Dalton State College, and I really enjoyed my experience. The professors were always helpful and encouraging, and I had the opportunity to lead on campus in a way that may have been more difficult at a larger university. The tuition is very affordable and has allowed me to build an excellent career in Information Technology. I highly recommend my alma mater.
I loved the different opportunities and diverse experiences you get at Dalton State. All over campus there are a ton of things you can do. Weather it be hanging and dining out in the pope area or studying in the library, you will always have a helpful hand. The student life on campus is overwhelmingly nice and welcoming. I love being able to interact with different types of people everyday. I have noticed that the professors aren't just their for the job, but because they actually care about the education of the students. They aren't like the scary stories I've heard in high school where professors will rip up your work if its wrong, and they will not even show you how to do it right. They are always willing to go the extra mile to help you understand the subject, and they give you the schedule of their office hours so you know when and where to seek extra help. The overall experience is a joy, and I'm proud to call myself a roadrunner.
Dalton State is a great school. I took the biology introductory courses, and I have an amazing teacher.
I am currently attending college. Dalton state is a good but yet tough school to attend. The classes you are in are sometimes helpful to overall life.
Dalton State College is known as one of the most affordable colleges in the country. Set in the beautiful mountains of northwest Georgia, this college as grown from a community college to a four year university, with shuttle parking to accommodate the growing number of students. The nearby restaurants benefit from the college and the area of Dalton is thriving because of the college's presence. The teachers are learned and patient with the students, helping the students who struggle with the concepts to succeed. The growing community of online classes available makes this college even more affordable for working adults.
While there are a few classes that you can take that are well up there when it comes to rigor and so-to-speak "challenging" classes. But for the most part many of the classes are at your own pace, not to challenging, and you would have to try extremely hard to fail any one of them.
If you like the small town feel and the "local" vibe that certain colleges give off, then I'd advise you to attend Dalton State College. Its also a good way for many freshman to transition into college as many people who attend Dalton are relatively local. They later can transfer into a larger, farther away school when they feel comfortable enough.
They will work with you to fit your classes in with your schedule. There's a wide range of classes that are available throughout the day. It's very easy to get a flexible schedule.
eCore registration is very simple, and easy to get into. The workload is the same as a class on campus. The professor's check multiple times a day to make sure they have everyone's questions answered. They have a great tutor that is FREE.
I am not to this point in my college career, so I am not sure
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I have had a great experience with every professor I have encountered. They incorporate a lot of activities that most affordable colleges would not include.
Great group of employers on campus. They deal with many students, but still manage to work with you one on one with your schedule.
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It's a very challenging school unlike most affordable colleges. Studying is a must, but that is a wonderful thing. It means we're learning! The buildings are very clean and presentable. They have many events for students and extra-curricular activities. The Biology major has a lot of options at Dalton State College.
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