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small college that makes you feel important to school and you get a nice one on one experience with it, professors really seem to care about their work.
Dalton State picks and chides favorites. The Student life office only helps students with the same liberal mindset as they have.
I have been here almost 4 years and have enjoyed it. Dalton State College is an affordable school with pretty easy classes. There are a lot of degree options and the staff are very approachable, from professors to financial aid; I've never had any problems. The campus itself is very clean and well-organized and they also offer many of their courses online, with some programs completely online.
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I love how nice everyone is, everyone supports you and it is very close to home. Everyone is willing to help you with anything you need. The librarians are so sweet and helpful. They offer a lot of tutors to help with every subject.
Dalton State is a small college that makes you feel important! They are always willing to help you with any situation. The class sizes are small and make you feel that you are more than just a student, you are family.
I like the small classroom setting and the ability to interact with invested professors. The campus is small and student oriented. Most professors are always willing to help.
Dalton State has plenty to offer students. Anything and everything you need on campus is all within 5 minutes walking distance. If you can't find what you're looking for on campus, Dalton State is located just mere minutes away from the interstate and West Walnut Avenue, which is where the majority of Dalton's restaurants are located. Dalton State is only a 10 minute drive from my house so it's also very convenient for me. The only thing that keeps Dalton State from being "excellent" in my opinion is the limited majors they offer. Now they offer a large selection of majors, however they lack in the science and technology majors in my opinion. Other than that, it's a great college.
I was in the business department, and I loved all of the professors that I had. Everyone was helpful and considerate.
I love DSC. There are a wide variety of classes to suit everyones needs. The staff and students are great to be around. There's so many clubs and sports programs.
Good college that offers a wide variety of majors to choose from but when log into your email and have to deal with phishers trying to get your information on your SCHOOL EMAIL that's absolutely ridiculous. I shouldn't have to worry about whether the server has been compromised or not when I check my SCHOOL EMAIL!!!! RIDICULOUS AND UNPROFESSIONAL!!!
Dalton State is a very challenging, very success driven college. You’re encouraged to participate in the classrooms and student life. It’s a very good college.
It is a nice college with a small town feel to it. The atmosphere is nice and a great place to learn.
I recently started classes at dalton state. I go full time and I love it there. The teachers are super helpful and the campus isn’t to big for me to get from class to class.
Dalton State is an extremely friendly college and you receive a lot of help with your advisors in choosing the classes best for you. Professors pick you up when you are confused or don't understand only if you reach out.
I have had a AWESOME experience at DSC!!!!! They have a great campus. The students there are so kind and actually care about school and keeping the campus clean!
The professors and staff at Dalton State have done everything in their power to make sure I feel at home and that I am taking all the classes I need to for my desired degree. The students truly tale you in and make you feel like one of their own.
Dalton State is a really good school to go to . The education is one of the best. Professors truly care about the students and they urge students to pass. This is NOT a party school. However, education is better to have then a party experience.
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Dalton State College gives the "university" feel, but has the class sizes of a community college which allows one-on-one time with professors.
i the professors at dalton state college. they teach very well. i also like how they built the dorm rooms. they are very nice and clean. dalton state college is a good environment according to me.
The professors are amazing, the campus is beautiful and full of nature, the courses are challenging but fun, and the classmates are engaged. My experience here is way better than my high school experience. I love Dalton State!
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