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I like the fact that a masters in biblical counseling - not just psychological counseling- is available; there is a very high academic standard, but it's also achievable. The professors want to and are willing to help you in every way possible, but they expect you to achieve as well. There is also a high degree of graduates that excel in their fields and are willing to reach back and assist current students academically and often financially.
This will be my third semester attending Dallas Theological Seminary and so far I am pleased with the overall academic institution.
The friendliness of the support staff, easy access online to information, the ongoing communication and support for a entering student. The advisors were friendly and informative.
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I plan to attend Dallas Theological Seminary in the Fall 2018. When I visited the campus, I was impressed by the admissions team, class discussion, chapel experience, and financial aid available. I would highly recommend checking out this school if you are interested in studying Theology and want to get your masters degree.
Very strong admissions team. Considered my application with prayer and gave wise counsel. I applied for a specific program online. After several weeks of prayer and consideration, the admissions team reached out to me to provide counsel on what they thought would be a better fit for my goals.
We don't have any sororities or fraternities on the campus as far as I know
I have never actually been to the campus and have never seen what it looks like.
The academics are excellent in quality, and as I said in a previous review, the school's reputation is excellent as well.
Career prospects are excellent. The school's reputation is excellent, and that goes a long way in continuing one's career.
The professors are excellent and are very passionate about their topics, and also show lots of care for the students.
The on campus security is very good and easily accessible.
I do not live on campus myself, but I have visited people who are in on campus housing, and the housing looks pretty good.
I have had a very good experience. The professors really care about their students. I had one professor, the head of the department in which I am majoring, who even donated a monetary gift to me when I was temporarily unemployed and needed a little help. I have never had a professor anywhere take such a personal interest in my family's well being. I will highly recommend this school to anyone.
I really enjoy living there!
The policies are restrictive for sure, but since we are here to learn God's word and shepherd His flock, the rules and guidelines are well thought out and expected.
All the apartments are fully furnished and equipped with a full kitchen and everything you would need to cook meals. The community living is very social and the amenities that are offered are superb
Parking is free and there is never a fight to find a parking spot. Women also get the privilege of parking in. Closer side lot
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Dallas is a very popular city to live in. There are a lot if unique parks and eateries that many people who live in the city frequent. Fort Worth is also very close to Dallas making this area a great place to hang out with friends.
Student life consists primarily of on campus events; student housing has more events for those living in student housing. The library, student center, dining center and book center are popular hangouts.
Dallas is a large city; there's all kinds of museums, stores, and local points of interest for entertainment. Lots of ethnic restaurants near the school.
The Museum of Biblical Art is a recommended must-see for all students and prospective students.
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