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They acquired E & K Vocational Nursing Program where I attended and I am not able to receive my transcripts to further my education. I have contacted admissions and sent the proper documents requested they're clueless dumb people.
I would like the professors to actually care. If you don't suck up to them you don't pass. They just sit by and watch you fail over and over. Exams are not over book material nor are they on an ADN level. The exams are over Masters Degree material. That is insane!
I am a current student at Dallas Nursing Institute with one year left in their ADN program. I can honestly say I wish I would have never came to this school. These people want you to fail. They do not care about you whatsoever. If you have a funeral to go to, you will lose a whole test grade that don’t care. They change schedules all the time last minute which is a problem for single mothers like myself. If you can don’t go here. It’s not worth it.
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Unfortunately I cannot recommend this nursing school. Although the instructors have advanced degrees in nursing, they are not adequate teachers. They do not relay the information in a clear and concise manner and they do not foster a sense of comfort in students to feel free to come to them with questions. They are petty, like mean school girls(even the males) and are on a power trip. If complaints do get to the administrators, they most often side automatically with the instructor and nothing is done. I was told by an instructor that the school is under investigation by the TX BON(Board of Nursing), there are lots of shady dealings going on there. I passed and am a practicing LVN, so no I am not a disgruntled failed student, I just want the truth to be known. I would only recommend this school to my worst enemy.
Please listen to these reviews. Do not go to this school. Your paying 27000 for the LVN program and everything you learn will be because you taught yourself. They pull the instructors off the streets, they don’t care who is qualified to teach. I am in my third semester and I still know nothing. Our clinical sites are a joke, you will only learn how to pass trays and bathe patients. One instructor in particular has had several classes complain about her being late and disrespectful and nothing has been done. I’m talking an hour late or just not showing up. Our voice is never heard. When I applied a year ago the graduation rate was 85-90%, it is now only 55%. Please save your money, be patient and go somewhere else where you will actually receive an education. I wouldn’t trust anyone from this school to take care of anyone I love.
horrible school. teachers are horrible and don't help you. they just want your money and set you up to fail just to keep collecting tuition when you have to repeat courses. do not go here.
The best nursing college in Dallas Texas,Experienced instructors fully equipped clinical labs with modern technologies several computers labs .it offers accommodation to both working and non-working students.
No enough loan assistance, no private loans
Professors who have Master's degrees in the field of study
I'm really disappointed in this school. I had people telling me not to go here, but the admission people were so nice I looked over what other people said. I've been a CNA for 22 years so when I go to a clinical site I would like to learn what to do as a LVN, because I know the aides job. The people that schedule you for clinicals don't take into consideration that you are a student and perhaps not working so gas money may be hard to come by for some. I just don't understand why they schedule someone from south Dallas area in like the north Dallas area and the same day schedule someone from north Dallas area in south Dallas. I just think it should be more consideration for the students instead of focusing on the benefit of the school.
My school have all books, and uniforms included in their tuition. Which I am grateful for because that takes away some relief and time searching for the correct ones.
Very Nice Campus – The library, cafe, student lounges, and outdoor seating areas all provide for many ways and options to study and meet your peers
Funding my education has been a headache but the financial aid office has been available and helpful, specifically the new manager
Accelerated Program – A fast paced accelerated program experience with talented fellow students and very interesting and well rounded instructors.
Students can print and copy easily and for free in the library. Checking out books is easy. Computers are easily accessible and updated. Nclex Qs are readily available for practice, and wireless access and always a strong signal. The student portal and engrade are convenient and easy to navigate.
They have blocked off everything pretty much. You can not even view material about OB. We are now in the IT world they do not have wireless at DNI
No Credits Transferred – This is a business and with business is all about making quick money and moving on!! Credits at DNI are not transferable. Get your nursing degree and go back to the community college if you want to get a bachelors degree.
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Clinical Sites – DNI has totally failed when it comes to scheduling for clinicals. They do not have a good system of scheduling and do not care where you live how long you drive. All they care about is how it makes their work easy when it comes to scheduling. Secondly some of the sites they send the students out to leave you wondering why you paid a whole lot of money for fees. The nursing homes is all they send you to. You do not get any hospital experience here. You will do ADL's all day in most sites and go home without learning any nursing process. DNI should realize we are here to be trained as nurses and not CNA's if we wanted to go for CNA school we could have done so. Some students who are about to graduate do not any experience with nursing process. Please do something about your clinical sites!!!
Dont Hesitate – Anything is possible if you just apply yourself. Nursing is no cake walk but if you set your mind to it you can achieve it at DNI.
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