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Never worked in the funeral home in my life never work in the funeral home never work with dead bodies in don't know how to close the casket
The tuition isn't as costly as most other schools, $17,500 by the time I graduate. I haven't received any financial aid from the school yet.
It's a heavy workload, but the professors are nice and helpful. Curriculum is fast paced and every day we learn something new; we never spend a long time on the same subject.
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There's no flexibility at this school. Classes are set from 7 a.m. to 12 p.m. so most of the work is done out of class. Since the work is so fast paced it makes it difficult to get all of it done on time. I have to work around my classes (i.e. studying, working, family, friends), but I have the weekends school free.
Heavy workload and fast paced classes, but I learn much more in a shorter time period. Because of the shorter classes and school day (7:00-12:00) I have more time to study at home and work.
Teachers are nice, professional, and very helpful. The other students on campus are friendly and easy to get along with. The classes are smaller so the teacher can individually work with all of us. It's an all around great environment to learn in.
Everything is always up and running clean and tidy...
Our library is a great resource center ....clean neat and very organized
The financial aid department in my school is wonderful and the staff has been very helpful in every way
I love the hours of classes. It leaves you with plenty of free time to study or have an after school job. I took some of the classes at a previous school that would not transfer, which was frustrating.
Unique Mortuary School – My school has great clubs you can join and seem to have very charitable organizations. Classes are fun and easy to participate in. The teachers are not only instructors, but also seem to be a friend.
Mortuary School – So far I have really enjoyed attending my school. The hours are great and give you plenty of free time or time for an after school job. The teachers are very nice and personable. The classes are somewhat small so everyone seems to know you by name. There is a great student center and library. All of the staff if very helpful and it is obvious they want you to succeed. All of there aspects makes it easy to get up and go to school every morning.
The Longest Running – the school is accredited for being the longest running under one single management. the value of family and professionalism and high academia is what has kept the school open as well as the insight of others that believe such a school is needed and in the area it is located. also there are opther schools who have joined the academic family of professionals and also pride themselves on being part of the organization known as the Dallas Institute.
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