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I took all my classes online and found them to be a lot easier than going in person to class. It's nice that they have a variety of classes to offer at affordable rates.
I love that flex term classes are offered. Sometimes when you don't wan to commit to a class for a full 16 week term, it would be helpful to have this option. I wish the out of state tuition was more affordable considering it's a community college.
I had a good experience overall. There was one class where the professor was horrible with communicating. She also did not post grades for the homework until the end of the course. I ended failing the class when I thought I was gonna pass.
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Overall I had a good experience. Classes are convenient and way less expensive than at a University.
As a science major most of my classes were not online unless homework and assignments.But in all online classes were also very interesting and challenging.
It was a good experience as far as education was concern, very nice and understanding professors, easy to understand courses as well.I cant think of anything to be improved and tuition was cheap as well.
I have only take two online classes at North Lake College, so I cannot really say much about their online courses. However, from my experience, I know that the platform used there is called Blackboard, which is fairly easy to navigate. They even have a video to help students understand all in and out's of it.
North Lake College is a community college that offers a variety of degrees at an affordable price. The North Lake College teachers are pretty good considering it is a community college, and have many classes at flexible, which really helps when students work part, or full time while attending. There is however, a change that I, along with other students, would love to see. A lot of the time, transcripts will be updated with incomplete components. There are other times were some teachers will take so long to give a final grade, that the course gets deleted from Blackboard, and the only way for the student to find out what their grade was is by requesting a transcript. Other than that, I would say that North Lake College is a little above average compared to its neighboring colleges. The environment and scenery there also becomes much more eye catching by each visit. The college also tries its best to connect its students to working opportunities, by holding job fairs and more.
North Lake is a great and cheap way to get your associates of your decision. The teachers are great and their online courses are great for schedules!! The science program is awesome as well. Teachers actually care for you to learn the material.
The online is great for people who want to try and get their degree and also have a job as well. I would advise to take online for another reason which is it’s the cheapest class.
Professors are pretty bad. It is better to take classes at different DCCCD colleges. However, it is extremely diversed
I believe improving parts of the campus with slight renovations could really improve the overall experience for students!
I love going to North lake because it is a very peaceful campus thats very clean and everyone is nice. They have amazing professors and its made my first college years great.
Ive taken dual credit classes for 4 years now. Staff there is very helpful and willing to help and make the process for enrollment easy.
I went to North Lake College for several years in order to earn my Associate's Degree in Video Technology, in addition to studying in various other courses in Digital Arts, which is where I got a lot of my skills in Graphic Design. For a community college, my tenure in it was a fantastic one, with knowledgeable instructors and teaching assistants, along with good facilities for knowledge and learning.
North Lake College is an good, affordable option for those who could not jump to a four year institution like myself. The classes are flexible and the professors are eager to share their knowledge with you. The classes are not as big as one would assume, which is great, and online classes are just as great.

However, the staff can be difficult to work with. You will either have a pleasant experience or an unpleasant experience depending on which staff member you are with. Staff never communicates well with you--even if you go in person. I have had multiple unpleasant experiences, so now I tend to avoid going to campus if I can.

Overall, I do not think that North Lake College is a bad option. Classes and professors are great, but the staff brings my rating down.
It's a good place to save some money and getting your general education classes out of the way. I'm not too sure about the associate's degree, but it's an okay school to quickly push yourself into whatever career you pursue.
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This is school was good in location and versitility and the scenery that makes North lake beautiful but other than that I wouldn't recommend this school to anybody. Also some teachers are awesome and some looks like they having a bad day today .
The neighborhood around North Lake College is peaceful and green. The buildings are also connected excellently so that one can reach from one corner of the college to another in about 10 minutes. Some professors are really good in their job. Also, the service learning is an awesome opportunities for students. In my view, North Lake college would be better if we had a better testing center. To add to that, having a 24 hour printing service would be very helpful to students with busy schedule.
My experience at North Lake was good. The thing I liked the most was the testing times, writing centers, labs and the professors. They were great. They helped m in many essays and stuff. Would really recommend this community college.
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