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I like the online work more because it gives me time to finish the work on my own time but it also makes me procrastinate a lot. I also have difficulty understanding the criteria on my own so more teaching and explanation from the teacher would be great other than just making us read the book.
I liked the fact that it was online and the some professors were understanding. Others weren't so much but I still managed to pass the course. I hope that the professors can re-evaluate the work for some classes so they can be ideal for the students. I would also like more face-to-face contact with professors ocationally.
This year, 2020, really threw everyone of in their daily lives. I myself was an on campus student but the corona virus changed that for me and others. Going from on campus to online student surprisingly wasn’t that much of a drastic change! The professors did everything they were able to do to help us if we ran into any trouble or were confused about how the online class was set up. So you see, here at cedar valley college they strive to help the students attending wether it being on campus or online.
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What I liked about cedar valley college was the help the teachers and advisors provided. If you were confused about the subject /class schedule the staff was there to help you decide what would be best for you according to your level of learning. My time here at cedar valley college has been the best! I started out with the basics which only took me a year to complete, in my case because I went for veterinary technician, which only asks for 4 classes before enrolling into the vet tech program. Coming into the vet tech program the professors were awesome, not only were they teaching you the material in a way you could understand it, but they also took the time to answer any questions you have about the course and they are also have a sense of humor. The professors were also very understanding of my situation, you see I was pregnant for the first year of the program. They take precautions of what animals and what areas you are not able to work in because of the safety of your pregnancy!
Taking online college courses here at Cedar Valley College is an amazing experience. The professors are very nice and helpful. The professors really care about your education and want all students to succeed. Thus far, the experience of taking online college courses is amazing. Work hard and communicate with your professors and you will succeed.
The experience is great. They need to consider adding more sports to this college. Although this is a community college, I believe that we should include more sports. The campus population is growing each year. There is a limited amount of sports. They definitely need to consider adding a football team, because what is college life without a football team? The sports department needs to improve a bit more because there are so many students that attend Cedar Valley and are looking for activities to be involved in around campus.
Cedar Valley is an awesome college with dedicated teachers and a wide variety of academic offerings. It is an asset to the city of Lancaster and surrounding areas.
I've taken several career enrichment courses at Cedar Valley. The teachers were excellent and helpful. A wonderful experience overall.
Great place to earn your degree! On line classes are easy to follow and navigate. I always have help when I need it.
Beautiful building! Large campus with a large parking lot. I really like the professors and classes are easy to follow.
Cedar valley overall is a very good school to attend. I love that Cedar Valley has so many opportunities, and cares for their students. Cedar valley always holds events from food drives, to helping students register to vote if they haven’t already. Cedar valley holds job fair events for student looking for work on and off campus. This school always makes me feel welcomed. For the first week of school they handed out snacks and made sure that everyone knew where to go for their classes and how to get there.
They are always ready and willing to help, when help is needed. They are very professional And friendly. Their professors and staff care about education and helping students reach their best potential. Tutoring is always available. Computer labs, and libraries are always accessible. I would definitely recommend this school to anyone that asks about it.
Overall my online learning experience went very well. Professors did a great job with transitioning from a traditional classroom to an online classroom. Cedar Valley made sure that Their students get the help they need even at home. Advisors are great with answering their emails in a timely manner. The staff is willing to help students with their FASFA and Any other questions they may have about classes.
The online classes are great!!! The professors are available if you need clarification on assignments and they also available at the campus during office hours! I took my statistics Math class with Professor Crandell and He helped me break down a problem by email, but He also offered to help me in person. The online class was great!!!
I have gotten the most supportive help from my disability counselors. Which helped me to achieve all my college goals because of the accommodation that allow me to have longer test time!!!
Being that I'm only in for a digital art certificate, I can't say i'm an expert on the general education quality of the entire school, heck, most all my classes were literally in the same hallway. But for what it's worth I had a fairly good time and the campus isn't so bad, a lot of places to take a nice stroll and a good quiet library.
I don't attend classes there but, I called up there for 1 month straight and no one ever answered or returned my calls. I will be seeking my education elsewhere.
Cedar Valley College is an overall decent 2 year community college. I barley had problems with any of my professors and when i did it was a simple fix. The campus is very small and easy to navigate and the campus police make the campus feels pretty safe.
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Cedar valley is a great school for first time students. I really love how helpful the advisors are and the online classes are nice!
Amazing school with an amazing campus view. Science/ Math courses are well thought out and taught. There are many pre- professional clubs and volunteer work.
Pretty decent school. Most of the professors are great, and will work with you, but there are some that can be a pain.
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