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I love the small campus personally. Being at a school that contains about 250 students is a lot easier for me academic wise. I went to a large high school so coming here is a nice change for my personal preference.
The professors are great and very caring. They want the students to do well and be successful. The food is pretty good on campus. The dorms seem to be too hot or too cold.
The school has a great environment and is also on the outskirts of Dallas. Helps people build character and has good security on the campus. The home visits the students take are great because they teach people about getting to know god and show them what he has done in their life.
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Dallas Christian College is a very spiritual college where everyone here is more like a family. If there's a problem they will all be there for you.
My roommate is the best
We only have a few sports.
I love chapel. It gives me a different perspective on my faith.
Haven't really experienced that side of school.
This school changed my whole view of college.
I've had fun here and met some of my best friends here.
Housing is not the best but it is not the worst either. It's okay.
My school is pretty cool, close to family.
The athletic teams are very good but its too strict and it doesn't challenge me enough.
It could be better, but it could also be worse.
Our athletic teams are really good.
Most eating places right by campus are fast food. There are better options further away, but you have to find a ride.
The main transportation are cars. If someone needs to go somewhere and don't have a car, they usually can find someone to give them a ride. We are within walking distance of food places and a Walmart, so a car isn't necessary. We are even close to a train/bus station, so people can walk there if they want to get to somewhere further away.
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It's mostly very nice, but can change in a split-second. It can go from cold to hot to freezing in one weekend. You just never know for sure what it's going to do.
The faculty and staff here are decently strict, but they just want to help us be the best we can be.
DCC is very diverse in everything.
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