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I love it here. Professors truly care about you as a human and take the time to get to know you outside of an academic stance.
The school is beautiful and the professors are very passionate about the courses they teach. Being able to discuss our Christian views was great and overall this has been a great experience. I've met some smart and talented people during my journey here. If you have to take Literature make sure you take Professor Leigh Hickman she's the best I loved her class.
I love the campus, it is a very beautiful campus. As soon as you walk on the campus you can feel the Holy Spirit radiating off of it. Everyone is very friendly, and you are able to make friends very quickly.
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The professors are very involved and committed to seeing students succeed. They are available through multiple outlets for questions or concerns.
Everyone is very welcoming and as a senior in High School, my visit made me feel like I was home. I really love how everything is centered around Christ and how willing the professors are in putting an effort in your success. I really see Dallas Baptist as an amazing school.
My Experience with Dallas Baptist so far has been exceptional, I am going to attend the University in the fall to study and play soccer and I'm super excited! The campus is gorgeous with first class facilities, all the coaches that I've met are great as well as the professors and the all around feeling I get when I'm on campus is amazing. The students there have been super helpful to me with any questions I've had so far and seem like great people that I can't wait to be around for the next four years. All in all Dallas Baptist University is a lovely place with a great campus and even better people and I'm super excited I picked them to be the place I spend the next four years at.
I went on a college and the campus was beautiful. It was also a sunny day that day so you could really see the beauty in the sunlight. The tour guides were very nice and gave us the full Dallas Baptist experience. And the fact that it’s religious and moral based lets me know that they are more than a college. I totally recommend going on a tour.
The majority of DBU professors work with students to ensure their knowledge and understanding of the material. Most all of the professors have had prior work experience or currently working in the field of study.
It has such a positive atmosphere. Blessed to be here. My initial goal was nursing. But, after taking psychology classes based off of a Christian environment, I absolutely fell in love with this school.
Great environment that promotes spiritual growth. The faculty and staff are there for you. Everyone wants to see you succeed in your Christian walk, academics, and life.
Very beautiful campus . People are friendly EVERYWHERE ! And a very very very safe environment, security everywhere . And teachers make sure you get the help you need .
While I visited Dallas Baptist University, the staff made me feel like it was already my home away from home. The campus is big, but the staff do not treat you like you are just a number. They want you succeed in every way possible. In my search for my perfect college I found that DBU is the best place not just for my academics but it is not so far away from home that I will get homesick. The bad apart attending such a big university is that it can get overwelming at times. A small town girl like myself is not used to the city life yet. But with the help of my fellow peers and teachers, I know that my home away from home can be perfect.
From the moment I applied as a transfer student, DBU made the process very easy and welcoming. I am grateful for their support in that process as well as helping find grants and scholarships. I would like to see communication between staff and students to improve. There were so many changes in staff, that it made it hard to keep up with. At one point I was not aware that my advisor had retired.
I went to a camp during the summer of 2017 for student athletes and I have to say I was really impressed with the school. Although I was just visiting for that week, I felt like I was a part of the school. I was staying in the dorms and actually walking around the campus, and sometimes wander off to walk around and admire the view. The buildings are just gorgeous and the fact that I got to get a taste of what my mother saw when she went to DBU. I would definitely consider going here in the future.
Dallas Baptist is an extremely Christain school. One should know this when applying to this campus. I grew up in the church and have practice the Christain religion my entire life. After 19 years, it is easy for one to naively think that they know all there is to know about something. That is kind of what I thought about Christainity. But of course, I was very wrong and if you decide to go to Dallas Baptist University you will gain an extraordinary ability to grow in your faith.
Dallas Baptist University is a great school that has a lot to offer. First of all, it is one of the most beautiful campuses I have ever seen and not many campuses can compare to the beauty of their campus. They have a ton of high-quality programs that are well respected all around the world and their Professors are very kind and they are very willing to help answer any questions you have. On multiple occasions, I have been able to ask my Professors for clarification or help on a project and they have helped me succeed every time I needed help. The Student Life on campus is excellent as well. There are so many incredible people who love God and are very friendly towards everyone they meet. It makes for a great atmosphere and allows me to feel at home when I am on campus. It is an expensive school and there is not much around campus unless you drive a bit, but it is an excellent school and I am proud to be a student a Dallas Baptist University.
Going to DBU has been one of the greatest decisions I ever made. I am receiving a great, Christ-centered education from faculty who really care about me. The students are friendly and it is unlike any college I have ever been to or heard about.
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I transferred into DBU this past fall semester and so far it has been a great experience. I have made many friends that share my same values. There are many ways to get involved on campus and other programs.
I have been blessed to receive three degrees from DBU. My most memorable moment is seeing how Christ-centered the entire college is.
DBU is Home! The people are so welcoming, the atmosphere is so relaxing, and the campus is gorgeous!! DBU is a Christ centered school, that desires and helps their student's strive to seek the Lord not just in school, but their future careers. Attending DBU allows me to gain a Christ Centered education that will one day advance my career in Christian Counseling!
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