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If you're looking for a good education without going bankrupt then DBU is not the place for you. The cashier's office and financial aid will screw you over and do everything in their power to make you pay for their mistakes. Some of the teachers truly do care about you and because of that I'm giving 2 stars instead of 1 star but some of the worst teachers I've ever seen teach at DBU and make me think to myself "I paid three credit hours for this???" Chapels are a hit and miss because sometimes DBU gets crazy people to give crazy sermons. And a lot of the people are shallow and self obsessed hypocrites. This is the most expensive church camp you'll ever go to. Plus the food is terrible, Sodexo does all catering and runs every food outlet on campus even the CHIC FIL A (which is obviously a sin).
DBU is a great university. The teachers there are absolutely wonderful. The Christ-centered education makes school a lot more enjoyable and it helps you grow in your faith along with getting an top tier degree from a quality university.
With the exception of the cost, my experience has been okay. I think I am a pretty good student and work very hard to get the best possible grade so I've only had one bad experience where I felt I received the wrong grade.
Review Dallas Baptist University
DBU is so amazing! I feel so lucky to be here! Everyone is so nice and helpful. The professors actually care about you and your life. The campus is so beautiful there's no way you wouldn't fall in love with it!
Great school, where you get the chance to learn from professionals that are currently working in their field. The networking opportunities are great! Small school where everyone knows and cares about you as a student, and an individual.
I have made some of the best friends I've ever had at DBU. The campus is very safe, and there's a lot to do in Dallas. The annual traditions like Mr. Big Chief and the Christmas Tree Lighting are really fun. Would recommend!
It's a great school but some teachers do not teach well but others are great that students praise them.
Love the Campus and the Community Can't wait to attend in the fall. Once I get there I will Major in forensic Accounting.
I am a freshman at Dallas Baptist University. My first semester there has been very enjoyable. The professors are very nice and they do well implementing Christian values and beliefs in their lectures. Something that I think would better the DBU experience is if they had more upbeat contemporary worship songs during chapel.
Dallas Baptist University is a private Christian university that is 'a city on a hill.' The atmosphere of Dallas Baptist University is very welcoming and loving. I really was accepted and I hope to attend the university in the near future.
Overall, I have enjoyed my time here but the way this university handles certain situations, especially those having to do with TITLE IX situations. They always want to brush everything under a rug and treat victims like its their fault and not the predator because they're afraid of something ruining their "perfect" image. To me, that's horrible, if you're a parent think about that how would you feel if your daughter is getting sexually harassed at work, she reports it to her higher ups and they do nothing.. instead they deny all reports and LIE, to cover up for that person who is at fault.. what a shame honestly. This and for a couple other reasons I would never recommend this university. This school cares more about their image and money than the wellbeing of their students.
Really love that the professors and faculty actually want you to succeed. Also, they make sure to incorporate Christ into their education.
I love the atmosphere of the school in general. It is a great school if you are looking for a school to enjoy and be a part of Christian community. Also, it academically stacks up against other schools, and it's sports programs are in the most competitive conference in the nation in NCAA Division II.
I just wanted to get into Baylor Medicical University
For a mostly white Texan-Baptist-Private university it's not bad.
It's pretty safe. The police our nice but ask qustions
Random horrible roommates and crappy laundry rooms
Review Dallas Baptist University
Christian university so... it's pretty blah
Sports are not big at all unless it's baseball
DBU's campus is amazing but people are people.
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