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My dad works here and when i was little he would bring us to work with him. I have fallen in love with the campus.
I love the small campus at Dakota Wesleyan. There is always a friendly face to say hi to. I also love how nice the professors are. They care not only about your success as a student but also in life.
Dakota Wesleyan University is a great college that allows one on one time with the professors. The academics are excellent and everyone treats each other like family.
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DWU is great! The teachers are very helpful and want you to do great. I am in football and the teachers do an awesome job of working around your schedule. The campus scene is really cool as well. New buildings are in the new future and DWU continues to grow each and every year.
The college was great for it pushed a student to try their best and drive harder to have great expectations. Although some professors did not encourage a student but discouraged them, telling them they were not good enough or they were not fit to the degree they were achieving. The certain professors were very negative.
I think DWU is a very nice school. The staff is so nice and friendly. They will help you with any problem you may face while in college.
The professors all have great credentials for their topics
My Accounting advisor is very active in helping students
The safety on campus is great, it is when the students go off campus that the problems occur
I am a light sleeper so living in the dorms is not ideal for me
There are no greek housing available and I don't think there is a Greek life club
Almost every student that attends Dakota Wesleyan is involved in some sport, sometimes multiple.
Dakota Wesleyan is small and almost every student is involved in some way
We do a lot of hands on projects, where we integrate what we are learning in the classroom into a project in the community. I love the opportunity of getting to work with organizations in my field of study. I am very confident I will find a job post graduation or at least have a quality enough resume to get into graduate school.
Our gen ed classes have 20-25 students. Depending on your major there are class sizes of 5-6 students. The small class sizes holds the student and the professors more accountable. It also assures we can slow down or speed up the course depending on the students needs.
Perks of a small town and a small campus, Dakota Wesleyan is a very safe space to be. I still lock my car doors at night, but I can leave my door room unlocked and never fear walking home from the library at midnight.
The vibe of the freshman dorms are amazing. Doors are open, there are always opportunities to socialize. Upper classman dorm, it is still clean and welcoming, but doesn't have the same freshman energy..
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Basketball and football games are great to go to, both teams are fairly successful. Some of our more successful sports on campus don't draw a huge fan base, but they bring in a lot of wins - golf and track.
Staff and faculty will go out their way for you. The don't treat you like just another student paying their paycheck, in no time you become family. The faculty goes out of their way to make it to sporting events, musical concerts,and theater performance.
Throughout my time at Dakota Wesleyan University, I have seen sicknesses come through the dorms, and have even seen death visit the dorms. However, it is of paramount importance to point out how these unavoidable things were dealt with. They were dealt with professionalism and speed. Campus security is tight as to provide safety but not so tight as to restrict your lifestyle. The police are always ready to come and take care of a situation if the need be, but in the end, it's not needed because the community of the college regulates itself.
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