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At Dakota State, the education is excellent and the campus is beautiful. Dakota state is the size of a community college, with the education of a high end University.
I liked how small the college is. It makes it easier for me to talk to my professors. The biggest change that needs to be done to the school is the food. The food is not always good, and is always the same.
I liked how all the teachers were very helpful and kind. Everyone at the school knew almost everyone. The school year was a bit messy because of all the construction that was going on but the campus was still beautiful! I change I wish there could be would have to be all the construction and adding more parking to the campus. Other than that Dakota State University is a great school!
Review Dakota State University
The campus is small so its easy to get from class to class as its less than 5 minutes beween the fathest apart builings on campus.
A really good school if you are going into something tech. Downside is they have Sodexo for food and the first year dorms do not have AC. But, other than that really good.
There is no pressure when checking the school out. They are helpful in your questions. It's a small university and everyone I've come across is friendly.
Dakota State University is a small college in a small town in a small state in the greater United States. However, there are students from all around the world, teachers and professors from all around the country, and staff who are kind and know exactly what to do in any situation.
I believe it is good.
I had a good experience.
Im not sure, I do online classes.
I do not know, I don't go to school on campus.
I'm not a traditional student so I don't know.
I have had a good experience at DSU.
They take a very active role in making sure students have a safe space to go in case something happens. They also provide a lot of awareness for students.
The admissions process was great! As a transfer student, you were put into a separate section than other incoming freshmen. They also gave you a separate advisor to help you through the transition process and checked up on you repeatedly throughout the first semester.
I don't participate much in the athletic programs, but they are enjoyable to watch and taken very seriously here.
Best transfer decision I ever made. A much better fit.
Review Dakota State University
we don't have Greek life
Its small but very detail oriented
My preference was a small and quiet college with a small student to teacher ratio, and DSU was it. The teaching staff here are very keen to what they teach, and each student receives the help they need in order to maintain high grades. The variety of classes offered was actually pretty good considering this is a smaller college. Technology and teaching education are what make DSU stand out.
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