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I love that DSU is a small campus, and the professors really care about the students. They are relaxed and willing to tell when ever a student needs it. I would like to see DSU have better meal plan options for students, especially for students living off campus.
The classes are great, and most of the teachers are really good. The food in the cafeteria is sub-par, but livable, and the boy to girl ratio is not the greatest.
Dakota State is a great school if you want small class sizes and a small town feel. Great technological facilities and opportunities with quality professors with field experience.
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Dakota State University is a very great university with the number of students in class being 20-25 or more. You can close with the professors for help and there are tutoring services to help you out.
I went to DSU right after graduating high school and it was the perfect college for me. I think that it is a smaller college where the professors know who you are and you get to know the students in your grade. I like that they are big into computer science whereas the other colleges that I was looking at did not have a big computer science program.
I was a transfer student going in, and the administrators were all super helpful in getting me situated back into school. The students are a mix of those going into some form of computers, and teachers. The teachers are all pretty good, with the exception of a few who are either too new so they haven't gotten their bearings yet, or some who are too stubborn to change the way they teach. But as I said those are only a few.
I am getting my Bachelors in Computer Science online and this will be the first time and I would like to say the advisors are fantastic in helping.
I took a tour and it's a good, small school. Seems like a good school with good academics. The people are pretty friendly there too.
I like that DSU is smaller and you can connect with your professors. Something I would like see change, is the campus. Having it grow would impact the school in a good way.
I love it here because it is small and everyone knows everyone and its easy to talk to your professors. its like a big happy family!
I transferred to Dakota State University before my sophomore year in college. The ONLY reason I came was to play football for this University. The overall campus is not that bad but there are many reasons why being here sucks. I have to eat the same food every single day and it is horrible. Some of my professors do not even know how to do their own example problems. The town of Madison, SD, where the college is located, is very small and does not have many options for things to do. Overall I am currently dissatisfied with my experience at Dakota State University.
Dakota State University is a great School for anyone looking to go into a tech or teaching career. The campus is beautiful and all the building are close together, making it an easy walk to get to all of your classes. The teachers here are wonderful and are here to see you succeed. The school offers help to those who need it and lots of tudoring opportunities also. Overall, the school is friendly and welcoming to all, and I highly recommend this school for those who are looking for a smaller campus and smaller class sizes.
Dakota state is a great place to come for an education but very male dominated and not a lot to do on campus
Here, it's really easy to feel at home, and everyone has similar interests so it's easy to find a groups you got into.
The only thing I would change is a greater importance of art to those in charge. It seems to be on a backburner more often than not, but the art teachers do amazing things with what they're given.
I first heard of this college from a cyber camp with my friends. The camp made me really want to go there with the professors being very nice and helpful. The campus was very nice. After the camp i looked into the prices and majors and was only further in love with it, highly recommended.
This college is most famous for it's Cyber Security degree. All the others computer related degree are also among the best in the US. The Cyber Security degree is nationally recognized by the NSA and DHS. This is one of the most technologically integrated universities. The professors are really friendly and among the best at what they do. There are a lots of major to choose from. The environment is quiet,friendly and secure but there is not a lot to do around campus.If you're someone who's used to partying a lot and hoping to enjoy college life as they show in the movies, then you might wanna consider other options. The food is fresh and healthy but it's almost the same thing everyday and not so tasty. But then again, I am an international student who's not used to American foods.
If you're planning to pursue a computer related degree, you'll have a hard time finding better university than this, at this affordable price and level of education.
At Dakota State, the education is excellent and the campus is beautiful. Dakota state is the size of a community college, with the education of a high end University.
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I liked how small the college is. It makes it easier for me to talk to my professors. The biggest change that needs to be done to the school is the food. The food is not always good, and is always the same.
I liked how all the teachers were very helpful and kind. Everyone at the school knew almost everyone. The school year was a bit messy because of all the construction that was going on but the campus was still beautiful! I change I wish there could be would have to be all the construction and adding more parking to the campus. Other than that Dakota State University is a great school!
The campus is small so its easy to get from class to class as its less than 5 minutes beween the fathest apart builings on campus.
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