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Terrible college don't go here unless you want to waste time and money. I transferred as soon as i could.
Transferring credits from my AP high school classes were easy. Academic advisors were very helpful.
Workload is manageable and teachers are understanding. I love the flexibility of online classes.
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Again, Rosealee is a great professors. Classes offered in the program are fun and educational.
Rosealee is the best professor for this program. She's so passionate and willing to help each student get where they want to get. I love that classes are offered both online and in class.
Teachers are awesome and experts in their area. Programs offer classes to really start your career.
I thought it was easy to pick classes that would fit with my daily schedule.
My online course I took this summer was great! We interacted with the other students all the time.
Willing to help you get the classes you need in order to complete your degree
  • 8 months ago
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My teacher I've had so far was fast at grading and gave me advice on how to make my papers better.
The staff here cares about you and wants to make sure you get the most of your time here.
  • 8 months ago
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The staff is willing to help me pick the best classes I need to further my education.
I truly enjoy the environment at DCTC. Very welcoming.
While most is great there are some frustrstuons
Price is right. A couple of fantastic programs and instructors.
The quality of the post-graduate service s at Dakota tech is great! During career day there are many different company's that attend and recruit. I think that's the best part of the school. Is to have jobs come to you. That makes it convenient.
  • Dec 31 2015
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Even though I'm not exactly working on my major. I feel like it would be a great feeling.
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DCTC is a great school! My overall experience with DCTC has been awesome. DCTC is a unique school, since it really stands out and is well known among the community. I know some out of state students that are students here at DCTC.

I would definitely choose this school again because it's located in a nice quiet and calm location south of the metro. Just enjoying and minding your own business is relaxing. It's a different feeling.
My experience with DCTC transferring my credits was very successful, they were added, when I first started class. But calculating my credit has been very frustrating, because all you need is 60 credits to graduate, I have 75, and the dean said I still need two more. Working on this now with my advisor Harold, he's great.
I have taken all my courses online, Which I think you have to be a self worker in order to be successful when taking online classes, because unlike the traditional classroom where you have the professor to help you right than, you have to figure it out your self. Or wait until you email them to get back to you. I think the relationship I had was best with only three of my professor's where they would reach out to help you in any way that they can.
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