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Dakota College at Bottineau Reviews

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I have not yet started but they are extremely helpful when it comes to the enrollment of the college. I have called multiple times and they are always able to answer my questions and ease my nerves.
I enjoy the smallness of the college and the staff at the school are very helpful and you really make great relationships with them and grow close to them. The community is also very involved with the school and with Bottineau being so small you get the chance to meet many people of the community. The only downfalls I see to the college are the fact that the school is very old and needs updating, the food isn't always the best, and the dorm visiting hours aren't the best. Dakota College is a place that I will never forget. I have made friendships that will last a lifetime and am receiving an education that will help push me towards where I want to be.
It's been amazing and I love the passport program. I feel as though they should have a club or activities and passport roo. That people can hang out with.
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The teachers and staff are helpful. The class size is small and good for learning.
I wish there was more to do outside of school here.
We had access to everything. We had great facilities that provided to all needs.
My schedule with classes and sports was planned really well. They made sure nothing over lapped and that I made it to every test and game.
It was a one on one environment. You are a name and not a number here. The staff treats you like their own kids and want to see you succeed.
Our network was very efficient. It was easy to use and understand. We had easy accessible Internet access around the whole campus.
It's a lot more work but you can work at your own pace.
It fairly decent just cost a little bit more for out of state students but it's not to expense.
It's awesome I love the small classes it helps you know your teacher better and you can also gain a lot of help that way in a small classroom set.
I chose the Grade B because of the all around atmosphere isn't to well but the classes and or classrooms and teachers are helpful to students who aren't good in larger size classrooms it'll help them learn better.
Some of the classes have been on line and one teacher would never respond to email. All other classes have be good.
They are very friendly and everyone gets along with eveyone so its easy to make friends
They throw topics at you that you have to do for yourself but some Professors dont go over what they wanted you to know so its like your teaching yourself.
My major is pharmacy. They don't really offer the courses for my particular major here, so I'm just taking my generals first, then transfer to a bigger University.
The classroom is small, so there are a lot of one-to-one opportunities with the professors if a student need help. All the falculty and staff are nice, understanding people. Lastly, in this small comunity, residence here are ready to help anybody.
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Mostly, my experience at my school consists of working-class people with full-time jobs or families. They often juggle many different roles in addition to being students. While they are happy to socialize and make friends, this is not a priority. They are getting an education so they can seek a different life or career. Especially for our online students.
The education at DCB that I'm getting is worth the money. I got a little bit of financial aid through MYCAA because I am a military spouse, which helps, but I'm fine with the expense because I know my degree will make a difference in my career. I learned the hard way that it's very important to get all the right financial aid forms in on time-so don't make that same mistake! The only thing I wish the school would do differently is make its fees and the amounts for the classes better known.
The education i'm getting is definitely worth the money, and the financial aid is great. Good grades means more grant money, and I'm very pleased with what I'm offered. The people who deal with questions on financial aid helped me a lot, even if I seemed to be calling everyday to ask a question or make sure my information was correct.
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