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I love this college it's nice and small and I really get all the help that I could possibly ask for!
If you are looking for a small, quiet campus in a city setting, then Daemen is the place for you. The main thing I like about Daemen is how small it is, I feel like this allows for more personal interaction with many different people on campus. Also I have not met one mean or nasty person at Daemen, everyone comes into work and has a positive attitude everyday.
Daemen has a very calm and collective culture. If you’re coming to party and have fun this isn’t the school for you. The courses and the professors are really great. It’s not very diverse just yet but they’re getting there. They don’t tolerate any form of bullying or hate crimes so if you’re a person of color or part of the LGBTQ community you’ll be fine here. Overall this is a great place for introverts to flourish.
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I like that the professors get to know you by name and that they try to help you as much as possible. More parking would be great. Better food should be provided for students!
Overall, I have had a positive experience at Daemen College. I was a warm and welcoming environment with very small class sizes (never more than twenty). The professors care about you academically and as an overall person. The Education Department is small and a great place to be! I had a great time.
I love the tight nit community and the professors.The school is 100% worth your time, attention, and schooling responsibilities. The people are friendly and happy all the time, they are not rude or snotty. I have made many friends by going to this college and love it.
I will be attending Daemen in the fall of 2018. I am very excited about this next step in my life and I feel like at Daemen I will be able to step outside of my comfort zone and explore new things.
It is a very academic focused school, and the classes are very challenging. The departments are small, and faculty focus on helping you understand concepts. That being said, social life is boring and the food is awful. Also because coursework is so rigorous, you really have to apply yourself otherwise you will find it very difficult to succeed here.
I decided to go to Daemen College since it was very far away from my hometown . I wanted a new scenery and Daemen was perfect for it! It's a small campus fit for introverts and extroverts . No one is judged , everyone is fully accepted and I was able to be an Orientation Leader for it ! I absolutely adore Daemen and the professors . The professors are splendid and care for each of their students . Daemen tries their best to make everyone happy and I appreciate it . Plus , the food is pretty good .
Daemen has great faculty and staff who are committed towards your education and future success. With small class sizes, professors are able to give you the attention you deserve. The campus is quite small and has a very modern feel. Daemen has a family element that most college/universities simply can't offer due to size and scope of students.
Daemen has incredible educational programs that prepare students very well for their future. However, this campus is not very large and does not have the best food, student life, or opportunities to get involved with clubs and activities. This is overall a good school, I would just like to see more opportunities created for students to engage in extracurricular activities.
D.C has a nice student to professor ratio. The student center helped me out a lot throughout my college career. The cost of attendance is high, still left with high debt after financial aid and scholarships.
Daemen College is a very safe, small, friendly campus. Although there are not a lot of scholarship options for art students. Under an art degree, academics are on the more challenging side for me. Keeping an academic scholarship is a struggle since there are limited art scholarships available.
I believe Daemen College is a fantastic school, I personally like that it is smaller, and close to home. One of the best things about Daemen is the Diversity and the assortment of activities on campus every day. As a physical therapy student, the available resources at the library are a great convince.
They offer no help at all
nothing has happened so far
1. They stuck roomates together by majors and not by using the survays that they had instructed us to take.

2. The rooms are so little, many rooms are cramped and hot
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The greek life here has like 5 members in each group
There is no football team, no school spirit whatsoever
Daemen college is absolutely terrible! There is nothing to do to keep students active, the school is significantly small. Everybody has class in the same building, and they put effort into the PA and PT majors but disregard anybody else. They will find anything that they can to reduce financial aid. The school is very disorganized and small. Many people end up transferring outof there because it is not a college that students should be in. Just a terrible school
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