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the school is small enough that you can get a real good education to start out for the first two years of college bc the professors are able to teach you and know who you are as a person and not just a name on a paper they grade
there is no application fee and the school has an easy way of figuring out how much the tution is going to be and the admissions office is very forthcoming with help
this college helps out with getting started and helps you find a school to transfer to
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I've enjoyed my time at DSLCC & look forward to being an Alumni who can donate time & money to my Alma Mater in the future!
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I had to start my classes late this spring because of financial aid. The Teachers had no problem with that and were helpful to me to catch up on what I missed.
Our campus activities director has received awards for her accomplishments. All activities are a lot of fun and you never want to miss one. Our library has recently been renovated and it accommodates so many different student needs. Its the perfect place for students to hang out, as long as you whisper.
We've incorporated a Wepa printer and there are many options for it. The computers sometimes are a little slow, but the staff are great to assist in any problems, and they are speedy.
Its just like high School. Everyone has there on clicks.
The teacher was great, provided good study material
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Online courses have expanded my study abilities, and challenged me to learn self discipline.
Im still new at the classes so I really havent gotten far into my major yet. But I seem to like it very well.
I really like the online classes because I can do my studies when i have time during the week. I work full time and sometimes it is very hard to get a class room.
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