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Love the school currently attending the nursing program. I will be graduating October 30,2018. I’m excited for this new career I’m about to take. I’ve learned so much about nursing and caring for people that I can’t wait to get out into the Field. I always wanted to be a nurse and I’m excited
D.G. Erwin Technical Center is a excellent at helping individuals achieve their goals. The school does not sit on a big campus, it is a small college located in east Tampa, not far from my home . The curriculum for the program in which I am in role is not expensive. Also, the college goes above and beyond to help student find jobs after graduation.
I am a returning student. The instructors have been helpful and patient during the learning process. My educational experience have been nothing but positive so far at Erwin Vo Tech.
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They help prepare a lot
Faculty cares a lot about your future
I am a self paid student who hasn't communicated with the financial aid office but I will without a doubt say I have gotten my money's worth out of attending this program and would do so again.
We have no athletic programs. Student centers are okay. I'm not quite sure I have no need to be there since I'm in another building. Same goes for campus activities, and etc.
We have access wireless internet and our own computers. Our speeds our lacking however but the ability to print is accessable
My school's layout can be basically described as a "grown up" version of a high school's layout is Florida. The best part of my school is the Automotive Tech garage which is separate from the main building.
I am a first time student so I had nothing to transfer. Class scheduling is very good for me since its from 8-2 Monday-Friday. This allowed me to pursuit a job that I could work in the afternoons and also allowed me to work out other things such as doctor appoints and etc. The teachers are very flexible and understanding. I am able to reach them when necessary and even when I have to request time off from school for an extended period of time it is easy to just jump right back in.
Online course had proved to me just how easily distracted I could actually be. I often found my self in situations where a few well placed people here and there could often allow me to complete a course with out actually being involved at all. Although I retained information on each course I did, it all felt so mechanical. It later occurred to me after going back to a more traditional set up that I was no doubt more focused in a classroom set up than staring at a computer pretending to actually give a crap. I never cared about my peers online. I never even considered them being living beings just some program made to compete with my scores. Teachers in these online course seemed like the talk navigational systems some cars have so I didn't care about there opinions. I only liked the work load cause I could have paid some one to do all my work while I took all the credit
My school is a giant size melting pot. Literally there isn't a course offered at my school that isn't diverse. its amazing how little such things as ethnicity, religion, or sexual preference play a role at my school. Even stereotypes pertaining to gender roles are broken as women can even be seen in male dominated courses such as carpentry and plumbing
Erwin Technical Center offers numerous program from carpentry to nursing. We have numerous professors who are no less than experts in their field of teaching. Workload depends on the courses and style of the teachers in charge. Registration happens year round and varies with each individual course and even some having both day time and evening scheduling.
Aside from the reader or readers; the general population is stupid. Or rather ignorant. This one how one of my three teachers in my automotive program introduced himself to my class. Currently it is a forty student class filled with some of the most intelligent minds I have ever met. Our program is designed to cover eight major courses in Automotive Technologies over the course of twenty-two months. We have classroom sessions in the morning which preps us for our hands on experience in our fully operation shop where we actually take on customer work that teachers, other students and even the general population can make use of. Our teaching staff has combined over 70 years of work experience in the field and are constantly making sure that their credentials and certifications are up to standards. Job opportunities are plentiful as well since were highly recommended over other schools that offer the same program.
school has a great reputation
The school does not have bells and whistles
Everyone seems career driven and determined
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The tuition is the best I've found in the area
Student resources are somewhat outdated
The classroom atmosphere is very supportive
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